is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 6,982,084 habitants. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade.
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1. wruzka, Serbia wruzka
2,825 postcards sent
2. gavran, Serbia gavran
2,114 postcards sent
3. balberov, Serbia balberov
1,697 postcards sent
4. veverica, Serbia veverica
1,608 postcards sent
5. Olga_Magda, Serbia Olga_Magda
1,539 postcards sent
6. SofjaAndrevna, Serbia SofjaAndrevna
1,410 postcards sent
7. bcsikar, Serbia bcsikar
1,268 postcards sent
8. Jelena_Herz, Serbia Postcrossing Supporter Jelena_Herz
1,085 postcards sent
9. Galinka63, Serbia Galinka63
1,007 postcards sent
10. Anje4ka, Serbia Anje4ka
976 postcards sent

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