is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 6,982,084 habitants. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade.
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Sent: 41,557 postcards
Received: 42,244 postcards
Ranking: 53rd (by sent postcards)

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1. wruzka, Serbia wruzka
2,151 postcards sent
2. gavran, Serbia gavran
1,765 postcards sent
3. SofjaAndrevna, Serbia SofjaAndrevna
1,410 postcards sent
4. veverica, Serbia veverica
1,302 postcards sent
5. Olga_Magda, Serbia Olga_Magda
1,189 postcards sent
6. SashaBG, Serbia SashaBG
1,053 postcards sent
7. bcsikar, Serbia bcsikar
1,004 postcards sent
8. proba32, Serbia proba32
880 postcards sent
823 postcards sent
10. Anje4ka, Serbia Anje4ka
814 postcards sent

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