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is a special territory in the continent of Asia with a population of 22,894,384 habitants. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.
Members: 83,380 (Browse all)
Sent: 2,041,858 postcards
Received: 2,015,073 postcards
Ranking: 6th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Taiwan

Most active members

1. Chiu-Chiu, Taiwan Chiu-Chiu
8,607 postcards sent
2. iris723, Taiwan iris723
7,069 postcards sent
3. Iris0723, Taiwan Iris0723
6,388 postcards sent
4. ericdeng, Taiwan ericdeng
4,833 postcards sent
5. WY, Taiwan WY
4,808 postcards sent
6. chabg3, Taiwan chabg3
4,107 postcards sent
7. ChangHsiuYing, Taiwan ChangHsiuYing
4,088 postcards sent
8. yntsou, Taiwan yntsou
4,067 postcards sent
9. Jerry_Weng, Taiwan Jerry_Weng
3,838 postcards sent
10. vivienlien, Taiwan vivienlien
3,769 postcards sent

Random members

jonasdawn, Taiwan GreatOaksStudents, Taiwan KuanLingChou, Taiwan kakiko, Taiwan asiantraveler11, Taiwan ___91112, Taiwan chabg3, Taiwan ping0526, Taiwan ambivert, Taiwan kukujoy, Taiwan Chen-I-Chen, Taiwan sophia85109, Taiwan gabrieltsai, Taiwan Hollin, Taiwan changcindy, Taiwan kingpeiling, Taiwan ShiangShiang, Taiwan SophiaLien, Taiwan hyoyue0418, Taiwan howard7939, Taiwan ripple7832, Taiwan piggiemei, Taiwan yudechen, Taiwan LeaHuang, Taiwan Sheng-Wen, Taiwan bumblebees, Taiwan Chiu-Chiu, Taiwan 19961207, Taiwan imshofe, Taiwan sheter, Taiwan ameria, Taiwan DreamaChen, Taiwan Chien_Yu, Taiwan hsuanweihuang, Taiwan leowang, Taiwan abc91162, Taiwan
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