is a special territory in the continent of Asia with a population of 22,894,384 habitants. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.
Members: 88,315 (Browse all)
Sent: 2,181,771 postcards
Received: 2,150,347 postcards
Ranking: 6th (by sent postcards)

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Most active members

1. Chiu-Chiu, Taiwan Chiu-Chiu
9,563 postcards sent
2. iris723, Taiwan iris723
7,726 postcards sent
3. Iris0723, Taiwan Iris0723
6,866 postcards sent
4. ericdeng, Taiwan ericdeng
5,198 postcards sent
5. WY, Taiwan WY
5,094 postcards sent
6. Chsiuying, Taiwan Chsiuying
4,683 postcards sent
7. chabg3, Taiwan chabg3
4,485 postcards sent
8. yntsou, Taiwan yntsou
4,287 postcards sent
9. vivienlien, Taiwan vivienlien
4,253 postcards sent
10. Jerry_Weng, Taiwan Jerry_Weng
4,004 postcards sent

Random members

Emmamom, Taiwan locker, Taiwan weilin0405, Taiwan ailychung, Taiwan yaya949, Taiwan bumblebees, Taiwan alley0988, Taiwan Michelle_che, Taiwan samlin19971210, Taiwan cynn_, Taiwan EuniceChen123, Taiwan maggie23143, Taiwan Yingyao, Taiwan ChouMayLing, Taiwan jimmy-wang, Taiwan lady-chiachia, Taiwan zhenhe, Taiwan hedy1986927, Taiwan JuanChen, Taiwan sandy0113s, Taiwan ripple7832, Taiwan secretplace_yw, Taiwan kris1225, Taiwan Judy_Huang, Taiwan yingak, Taiwan rroychang, Taiwan Yikun_Lin, Taiwan yellow0125, Taiwan WTZU, Taiwan ericdeng, Taiwan GinaCheng, Taiwan Akaka, Taiwan sammi18, Taiwan Big-Emma, Taiwan AmyLee311, Taiwan poi1283, Taiwan
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