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is a special territory in the continent of Asia with a population of 22,894,384 habitants. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.
Members: 85,731 (Browse all)
Sent: 2,118,071 postcards
Received: 2,087,717 postcards
Ranking: 6th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Taiwan

Most active members

1. Chiu-Chiu, Taiwan Chiu-Chiu
9,098 postcards sent
2. iris723, Taiwan iris723
7,599 postcards sent
3. Iris0723, Taiwan Iris0723
6,774 postcards sent
4. WY, Taiwan WY
4,979 postcards sent
5. ericdeng, Taiwan ericdeng
4,835 postcards sent
6. Chsiuying, Taiwan Chsiuying
4,462 postcards sent
7. chabg3, Taiwan chabg3
4,420 postcards sent
8. yntsou, Taiwan yntsou
4,207 postcards sent
9. vivienlien, Taiwan vivienlien
4,035 postcards sent
10. Jerry_Weng, Taiwan Jerry_Weng
3,844 postcards sent

Random members

Hsuan1010, Taiwan akiyukeke, Taiwan s801111ss, Taiwan yingak, Taiwan Santony, Taiwan AmyLee311, Taiwan Hayato, Taiwan H520584, Taiwan lit_eight, Taiwan Manzan1ta, Taiwan Anniejiang, Taiwan syharnwang, Taiwan Ticklestar, Taiwan minajj, Taiwan purplestarfish, Taiwan maxwellyang, Taiwan nunape214519, Taiwan LiangNien, Taiwan Christine, Taiwan amy40889, Taiwan jimmy-wang, Taiwan Hanni-Chin, Taiwan kiki2110, Taiwan Kennah, Taiwan Kanmj, Taiwan mymk0516, Taiwan YuJoy, Taiwan Caroline0922, Taiwan hsssu, Taiwan lus1104, Taiwan Cassie0813, Taiwan Basia417, Taiwan hamku, Taiwan CHIA-FENG, Taiwan Pennychen0715, Taiwan Dora0827, Taiwan
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