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is a special territory in the continent of Asia with a population of 22,894,384 habitants. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.
Members: 78,769 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,910,398 postcards
Received: 1,889,936 postcards
Ranking: 6th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Taiwan

Most active members

1. Chiu-Chiu, Taiwan Chiu-Chiu
7,714 postcards sent
2. iris723, Taiwan iris723
6,043 postcards sent
3. Iris0723, Taiwan Iris0723
5,387 postcards sent
4. ericdeng, Taiwan ericdeng
4,832 postcards sent
5. WY, Taiwan WY
4,461 postcards sent
6. yntsou, Taiwan yntsou
3,898 postcards sent
7. chabg3, Taiwan chabg3
3,737 postcards sent
8. ChangHsiuYing, Taiwan ChangHsiuYing
3,703 postcards sent
9. janet000, Taiwan janet000
3,500 postcards sent
10. vivienlien, Taiwan vivienlien
3,352 postcards sent

Random members

janice214, Taiwan kimyang, Taiwan PetrIris, Taiwan Ying0316, Taiwan cement, Taiwan WeiLing_927, Taiwan S-Prince, Taiwan Redbeans, Taiwan Baikeli, Taiwan vul3vup, Taiwan Defe, Taiwan jimmy0529, Taiwan AmberFeng, Taiwan Sally_Chen_, Taiwan q9111881024, Taiwan __jhongzih, Taiwan happygirl12345, Taiwan vm3grace, Taiwan AlinaChuang, Taiwan diegotsao, Taiwan chenpeiyou, Taiwan chuanH, Taiwan ZR_Lin, Taiwan march_wolf, Taiwan Chun_Mi, Taiwan evalin1113, Taiwan feng0808, Taiwan Iris0723, Taiwan xxs001122, Taiwan joycechen019, Taiwan duncanchen, Taiwan xlaws04, Taiwan s625250, Taiwan Bonnie9928, Taiwan ejru, Taiwan sophie30514, Taiwan
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