is a special territory in the continent of Asia with a population of 22,894,384 habitants. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei.
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Sent: 2,499,863 postcards
Received: 2,453,121 postcards
Ranking: 6th (by sent postcards)

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1. Chiu-Chiu, Taiwan Chiu-Chiu
12,179 postcards sent
2. iris723, Taiwan iris723
7,735 postcards sent
3. Iris0723, Taiwan Iris0723
6,867 postcards sent
4. ericdeng, Taiwan ericdeng
6,283 postcards sent
5. chyingtw, Taiwan chyingtw
6,116 postcards sent
6. frankchen, Taiwan frankchen
5,640 postcards sent
7. WY, Taiwan WY
5,487 postcards sent
8. yntsou, Taiwan yntsou
5,327 postcards sent
9. vivienpoet, Taiwan vivienpoet
5,296 postcards sent
10. chuanH, Taiwan chuanH
5,142 postcards sent

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Portarss, Taiwan Baikeli, Taiwan Hollin, Taiwan Chiu-Chiu, Taiwan shihmeisu, Taiwan jefferycg, Taiwan AirNice66, Taiwan RaeTsai, Taiwan shan830th, Taiwan Yanyan17, Taiwan JaniceHsu0203, Taiwan Ariel980921, Taiwan Chen-Cheng-Yi, Taiwan MorraineCheng, Taiwan hana201221, Taiwan Yider, Taiwan immense1319, Taiwan leowang, Taiwan XANDRAHO, Taiwan b0821207, Taiwan kingpeiling, Taiwan kisscute00, Taiwan Meiluuuun, Taiwan Anya_tw, Taiwan yeh, Taiwan yiling1223, Taiwan bumblebees, Taiwan BeckyJournal, Taiwan Dapi, Taiwan peiwennien, Taiwan dannydanny0958, Taiwan bettypeng, Taiwan Pin-Ying, Taiwan Aretha, Taiwan Pei-YiChen, Taiwan hsin1123, Taiwan
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