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is a country in the continent of Africa with a population of 35,276,786 habitants. The capital of Morocco is Rabat.
Members: 152 (Browse all)
Sent: 4,046 postcards
Received: 4,094 postcards
Ranking: 76th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Morocco

Most active members

1. hope97, Morocco hope97
1,046 postcards sent
2. HAFIT, Morocco HAFIT
527 postcards sent
3. chbanyle, Morocco chbanyle
420 postcards sent
4. WAF, Morocco WAF
256 postcards sent
5. MAROW, Morocco MAROW
245 postcards sent
6. femkehamers, Morocco femkehamers
242 postcards sent
7. serraji, Morocco serraji
191 postcards sent
8. INESandFarid, Morocco INESandFarid
92 postcards sent
9. PetitTongTong, Morocco PetitTongTong
90 postcards sent
10. Siham_Wh, Morocco Siham_Wh
84 postcards sent

Random members

Rhita, Morocco rihoney94, Morocco WAF, Morocco Tebrateen, Morocco Abdou-Ahban, Morocco Salmaty, Morocco MeriemJa, Morocco Bhanane, Morocco Assita, Morocco Rimox, Morocco LoubnaZ, Morocco Kaoutar21, Morocco ismail95, Morocco HAFIT, Morocco sydemyzar, Morocco Siham_Wh, Morocco PetitTongTong, Morocco Walid, Morocco saadoun, Morocco salma-soufiani, Morocco
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