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About Daniel...

HELLO! Welcome to my profile. I'm Daniel and I live in north London. You will make me very happy if you can send me a tourist postcard of your beautiful country. I like both single and multiview, but please not black & white, drawings, paintings, ad, or homemade.

In my 'Favourites' are some of the cards that I would love to receive. If you can send me one of those, or something similar, it would make my day! You will find some from your country: http://www.postcrossing.com/user/danielc/gallery/favourites

It would be great if you could also check the cards that I have already received from your country:
OR my collection is here, organized by continent, country, place:

Some more detail...

Human Habitats »»»»»
*Cities, towns and villages, your home town
*Beautiful architecture
*Street scenes
*Old religious buildings (exterior view)
*Old or new buildings, skyscrapers etc
Nature »»»»»
*Coast views
*Native animals in their natural environment
I Also Love »»»»»
*UNESCO World Heritage Sites
*Aerial views
*Maps (especially if they are combined with photographs)

NO THANK YOU! :-( (please save these for someone else)
Art, drawings, paintings
Ad or hand-made postcards, self prints
Your photographs
PLEASE NO Postcrossing meetup cards
Folded cards
Easter, Christmas etc.
Food and drink
Famous people (film stars, presidents, royalty etc)
Cute postcards of animals or children
Zoos, hunting, animal cruelty
Black and white or sepia
Nameless places
Old views or old yellowed postcards, DDR, USSR
UK postcards

These are just a big disappointment. I try hard to send people what they ask for.

As for the message, if it doesn't say where the place on the postcard is, perhaps you could tell me, I enjoy finding unfamiliar places on the map and learning more about this wonderful world. You could also write about you, where you live, the weather, or something else. But please write the date. Nice stamps are always welcome!

About Me:
I was a college IT teacher but now I cannot work due to disability and chronic pain. I enjoy reading and studying languages. I also love travel and visiting historical places, but this has become impossible as I have difficulty walking. I received my first overseas postcards from Finland, when I was about 10 years old and I still have them. As a teenager, I exchanged many postcards and my collection grew a lot. Since then I have bought many postcards while travelling - I have visited 38 countries.

Warm regards

(I think the UK should stay in the EU!)

Expired: 31 (China x6, Russia x4)

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