is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,518,050 habitants. The capital of Finland is Helsinki.
Members: 21,849 (Browse all)
Sent: 3,392,346 postcards
Received: 3,412,850 postcards
Ranking: 5th (by sent postcards)

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Most active members

1. Minna71, Finland Minna71
24,212 postcards sent
2. artlover, Finland Postcrossing Supporter artlover
17,537 postcards sent
3. laban, Finland laban
13,851 postcards sent
4. konkajo, Finland Postcrossing Supporter konkajo
11,811 postcards sent
5. MillaMagia, Finland MillaMagia
11,745 postcards sent
6. dotdotPC, Finland dotdotPC
11,032 postcards sent
7. Piipi22, Finland Piipi22
10,919 postcards sent
8. Karra-44, Finland Karra-44
10,491 postcards sent
9. Saint, Finland Saint
10,432 postcards sent
10. lelu, Finland lelu
10,398 postcards sent

Random members

Liisa16, Finland Annikazit, Finland fairytale89, Finland eldanka, Finland Ihanelma, Finland groke, Finland Viipukka, Finland MrsMidsomer, Finland Piukkuli, Finland Elmanaakka, Finland LadyM51, Finland Emmuliini, Finland minkero, Finland candyqueen, Finland Eppana, Finland Ina68, Finland heikru, Finland Minttuinkeri, Finland A_V, Finland caijsa, Finland mami67, Finland upyre1, Finland jarnopetteri, Finland Kaitoivo, Finland JaKa71, Finland Muruluru, Finland onneli78, Finland mltenu, Finland pivi21, Finland Sipi, Finland Paita, Finland S_Tuulia, Finland Kanerva, Finland MarjaK, Finland Tepestaika, Finland Karra-44, Finland
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