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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,482,013 habitants. The capital of Finland is Helsinki.
Members: 20,030 (Browse all users)
Sent: 2,752,194 postcards
Received: 2,768,312 postcards
Ranking: 5th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Finland

Most active members

1. Minna71, Finland Minna71
18,123 postcards sent
2. artlover, Finland artlover
15,215 postcards sent
3. leyla, Finland leyla
13,184 postcards sent
4. plp, Finland plp
13,013 postcards sent
5. MillaMagia, Finland MillaMagia
10,824 postcards sent
6. dotdotPC, Finland dotdotPC
10,771 postcards sent
7. konkajo, Finland konkajo
10,486 postcards sent
8. eevaanneli, Finland eevaanneli
10,200 postcards sent
9. lelu, Finland lelu
9,708 postcards sent
10. laban, Finland laban
9,340 postcards sent

Random members

Misuli, Finland Sari79, Finland Eikkis, Finland LHA, Finland VierasTalo, Finland tinaenkeli, Finland Viann, Finland Kuutar, Finland Ttk, Finland kristiina22, Finland Anamummo, Finland kukkapirjo, Finland henttra1212, Finland Emmuliini, Finland SallaHa, Finland telle57, Finland MYYBERG, Finland aluap0, Finland Ringa, Finland Tiina1, Finland ritvapeltola, Finland karlapikk, Finland memmmi, Finland aristarkos, Finland Tuure, Finland Pirjo-Riitta, Finland pampula, Finland Krookus, Finland ta-ru, Finland telekia, Finland laaksonlilja, Finland eukkonen, Finland maruli, Finland Elmanaakka, Finland mummeli48, Finland ansuli, Finland
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