is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,518,050 habitants. The capital of Finland is Helsinki.
Members: 17,756 (Browse all)
Sent: 3,762,341 postcards
Received: 3,792,077 postcards
Ranking: 5th (by sent postcards)

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1. Minna71, Finland Minna71
27,168 postcards sent
2. artlover, Finland Postcrossing Supporter artlover
19,039 postcards sent
3. laban, Finland laban
16,015 postcards sent
4. dotdotPC, Finland dotdotPC
13,384 postcards sent
5. MillaMagia, Finland MillaMagia
13,042 postcards sent
6. konkajo, Finland Postcrossing Supporter konkajo
12,535 postcards sent
7. sarmas, Finland sarmas
12,385 postcards sent
8. Piipi22, Finland Piipi22
11,969 postcards sent
9. arjaliisa, Finland Postcrossing Supporter arjaliisa
11,963 postcards sent
10. Karra-44, Finland Karra-44
11,773 postcards sent

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elinann1ka, Finland johkii, Finland Sanfrid, Finland kassandrik, Finland Saint, Finland Rohtola, Finland ElliOlivia, Finland -Isa-Maria-, Finland Staqu, Finland MarikaW, Finland Kaaka, Finland T2, Finland Rommirusina, Finland emnina, Finland Katajainen_B, Finland Liisa16, Finland pinnanalla, Finland Kilpis, Finland TiinaT, Finland pipris1, Finland PTS-lola, Finland flora, Finland Smass_03, Finland janchi, Finland LauraHelena, Finland Lailahelen, Finland Minna71, Finland Nakendorf, Finland Talvi, Finland tanttara, Finland MiktuM, Finland leiper, Finland Nelli, Finland Eiju, Finland maybehumming, Finland Ville_Niko, Finland
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