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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,482,013 habitants. The capital of Finland is Helsinki.
Members: 20,073 (Browse all)
Sent: 2,773,536 postcards
Received: 2,790,982 postcards
Ranking: 5th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Finland

Most active members

1. Minna71, Finland Minna71
18,334 postcards sent
2. artlover, Finland artlover
15,359 postcards sent
3. leyla, Finland leyla
13,352 postcards sent
4. plp, Finland plp
13,128 postcards sent
5. MillaMagia, Finland MillaMagia
10,832 postcards sent
6. dotdotPC, Finland dotdotPC
10,771 postcards sent
7. konkajo, Finland konkajo
10,528 postcards sent
8. eevaanneli, Finland eevaanneli
10,200 postcards sent
9. lelu, Finland lelu
9,760 postcards sent
10. laban, Finland laban
9,434 postcards sent

Random members

Tarjanneli, Finland candyqueen, Finland Mari52, Finland Noux, Finland Hillewi, Finland animismi, Finland Tiiminna, Finland eevakaari, Finland Salmesisko, Finland Tiina1, Finland JuliaanaR, Finland Reprika, Finland Memm, Finland juklea, Finland korttimies, Finland heinatori, Finland Muhkuli, Finland 02lumie02, Finland eerotapio, Finland hehajaju, Finland Martsu, Finland eukkonen, Finland Sinnika, Finland Markiss, Finland Sophe96, Finland Saimi, Finland PihviAndOlivia, Finland nediam_nori, Finland Idmuska, Finland Elizabetham, Finland Vintage_cowgirl, Finland Annlis, Finland minkero, Finland kaisa1, Finland Tarjaana, Finland Lilyofthevalley, Finland
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