Logo Usage Guidelines

Over the years, Postcrossing’s logo has become a flag for a community of people who make the world a happier place, one postcard at a time. We welcome the creativity and enthusiasm of all postcrossers, and love to see our logo used to celebrate their Postcrossing activities.

But before you can use the Postcrossing logo, there are some important things that you need to keep in mind, as it is copyrighted and part of the Postcrossing trademark. We have made this page to give you the necessary permissions and set some rules that you must follow when using it.

Postcrossing Logo
Download Postcrossing's Logo Kit

By downloading this Logo Kit you agree with the usage guidelines on this page.


  • Do use the Postcrossing logo for your personal use (we love the cakes!) and to spread the word about the project.
  • Do use it on your own Postcrossing meetup postcards but make sure that the meetup has been added to the meetups list first.
  • Do use it to write articles, websites, blog about, or talk about Postcrossing, as long it’s clear to everyone that you are simply referring to Postcrossing and in no way speaking for us or the project.
  • Do give credit:
    • When using the logo on a webpage or other digital content, link it to www.postcrossing.com.
    • On meetup postcards or other non-digital content, include the text “The Postcrossing logo is a registered trademark in it. The only exception to this is in meetup badges/stickers, due to their small size.
  • Do use only the high quality logo files we provide in the logo kit above and follow the manual that comes with it, so that it can truly shine!
  • Do reply promptly to any request from us to remove the logo or update the way it’s being used.
  • Do check this page regularly for updates.


  • Don't change our logo in any way, even if the change seems insignificant — we love it just the way it is.
  • Don't use our logo in any commercial context, nor on anything to be sold or with advertisement on it.
  • Don't use it to support any cause without checking with us first.
  • Don't use the logo in any way that may imply an endorsement, partnership or sponsorship. For example, on a webpage, don’t make our logo bigger than your own, nor make it the biggest element.
  • Don't use the logo to refer to any service or product other than Postcrossing.
  • Don't put the logo on a red or blue background. Please see the Logo Kit for examples.
  • Don't make the logo available for download on your own website nor link directly to the images on Postcrossing's website.

For any use beyond what is allowed here, please get in touch with us.