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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 7,127,822 habitants. The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia.
Members: 1,354 (Browse all)
Sent: 100,242 postcards
Received: 101,482 postcards
Ranking: 45th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Bulgaria

Most active members

1. klyukva, Bulgaria klyukva
3,415 postcards sent
2. fca777, Bulgaria fca777
2,327 postcards sent
3. simeon, Bulgaria simeon
2,175 postcards sent
4. arsinoa, Bulgaria arsinoa
1,834 postcards sent
5. rfi, Bulgaria rfi
1,485 postcards sent
6. rdsyvlg, Bulgaria rdsyvlg
1,323 postcards sent
7. antoanet, Bulgaria antoanet
1,144 postcards sent
8. Abyss, Bulgaria Abyss
1,037 postcards sent
9. mariyanka, Bulgaria mariyanka
1,021 postcards sent
10. Cherneva, Bulgaria Cherneva
932 postcards sent

Random members

simeon, Bulgaria Helena_Marek, Bulgaria IvCholakova, Bulgaria Bojidara, Bulgaria dkn359, Bulgaria vessy1992, Bulgaria tendiwa, Bulgaria Nina_BG, Bulgaria Raya_Yoan, Bulgaria Mila_Kaleva, Bulgaria julitoo, Bulgaria Nestinarka, Bulgaria aureyr, Bulgaria rdsyvlg, Bulgaria lqnabi, Bulgaria alexandar, Bulgaria klyukva, Bulgaria Cepheus, Bulgaria Petkova, Bulgaria rudy_sc, Bulgaria tsani, Bulgaria PetinkaTN, Bulgaria Hrissi, Bulgaria MiraMM, Bulgaria kristiana_runteva, Bulgaria martina_d, Bulgaria elitka, Bulgaria -Nevena-, Bulgaria ICHF, Bulgaria Bookfig, Bulgaria dakich, Bulgaria Boriana, Bulgaria 6napiii, Bulgaria krush, Bulgaria ina_chelebieva, Bulgaria Djidji, Bulgaria
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