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About Heidi...

I´m 38 years old woman who is passioned of travel, photograph, ride horses, collect and write postcards. I have traveled over 20 countries and keep going. I live in small city Muurame with my boyfriend and dachshund mix Ruuti. At 29.9.2012 my life took massive change. I felt off horse and got spinalcord injury and i am now in wheelchair. But i have not let that stop me from traveling and pursuit my goals of coming national paradressagerider and international para-badminton player. And thanks to postcrossers and friends i very much enjoy my life as it is. Another sport passion of mine is para-badminton which i play from wheelchair and hopefully one day i can compete in paralympics. This sport is first time in Tokyo2020 paralympicsport!

Please date your card and write your name and postcrossing name. Postcard that you have made from own photograph are welcome. Could you please upload your lovely card if you can.

Cards i have been been collecting since i was 10 years old are horses, donkeys, ponies, riders, carriage and zeebras. I like to see how your place looks in autumn and winter time. If you have same image both day and night on the card that is most welcome.

I love attending to postcrossing meetings. It is great to meet people behind the cards to get to know them better. I recommend it very much to every one, it is lots of FUN! If you are interested about knowing more about meetings in postcrossing, ask and i will tell you all about it.

Tell me how you found postcrossing. I found an article in newspaper and got curious :)

My favorite postcards beside horses, are
-POLARBEARS, penguins, meercats, FOXES, raccoons, badgers
DOGS, specially DACHSHUND AND CORGI, wolves
cats, lions, tigers, lynx, puma
CAMERAS and images where people taking photographs
black and white, vintage,MAIL, MAILBOX
old moviestars, movie posters, tell me what is your favorite movie
BONES, skeletons, x-ray images
(my profession is radiographer, i take x-rays (röntgen)
ISLANDS, lighthouse, windows, doors, MOUNTAINS, national parks, WONDERS OF MOTHER NATURE (ocean, moon, rainbowes, northern lights, autumn, RUSKA, trees, sunflower, poppy and lavander fields)
little details of things, CLOSEUPS
UNESCO places and MAP cards all around the world.
Russian fairytale
Japanese and chinese gardens and shrines, Asian art
Geishas, samurais,
Olympics, paralympics
FunTaiwan and Meet the Cats and A-KUO cards from Taiwan.
Nathalie Chetkova
Irina Zinyuk
Kate Bauman
Anton Pieck
Fiep Westendorp
Lisi Martin
Ansel Adams
Marjolein Bastin
where is Wally /Waldo?
Keep Calm
Krtek, Garfield, SNOOPY, PEANUTS
Alphonse Mucha
Paletti ja Karto
Maarit Ansio
Jaana Aalto
Virpi Pekkala
Minna Immonen
Raija Nokkala
Kaarina Toivanen
Hannu Hautala
Minna Lehväslaiho
katja Saario
Mauri Kunnas
Any other lovely card artist


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