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teamug, Germany


(or Chrissy) is a member in Germany . She has been a member for over 5 years (1,862 days).
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About Chrissy...

Hello friends all over the world,

I am a Frankfurt girl (48) - although my family name suggests otherwise - living with my two children (18 and 12) and 9 budgies (American Engl.: parakeet) in a lilac terraced house.
I love gardening, but in this weather more indoor decorating and tea drinking, reading, music (folk, classic, world, but also contemporary), hand craft and anything creative.
I love ALL YOUR cards, so the following are just ideas. You may surprise me!

November special: haunted places, mist/fog, Lanterns, dark alleys, bats, crow/raven
December special: Advent, Christmas, snow, icicles, hoar frost, gingerbread and such

your home (town, square, street-life, houses with character (not modern), garden, kitchen, shed, stairs!)
anything about scouts
children of the world
vintage tourist cards, vintage/retro in general
soap bubbles - water in every shape (waves, rain, snowflakes...)
bathing scenes (beach, bath tub, other)
nature - landscape, forests, desert, rivers, rocks, islands
beautiful photography b/w, sepia, colour
anything about tea
snails, lizards, snakes, chicken or wild animals
anything Scandinavian or Asian
steampunk - haunted houses
Andy Goldsworthy (artist)

from the US: state-cards - still space for: Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri (image with state name, not map) Montana (image with state name, not map), Nebraska (no map), New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island (image with state name), Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming - and also the various territories.

Envelopes are welcome - especially if a teabag is included.
Or how about an aero-gram - if still in existence.

I have so many cards in favourites, so I may not enter your card there any more. I am in the process to reduce it to turn them a wish-list. But this still does not make it a list of requirement!

An Bewohner / Reisende in Deutschland: Wenn Du im Umkreis von 30 km von mir wohnst, oder gerade in der Nähe bist, darfst du auch die Karte persönlich abgeben (kurze Terminabsprache). Dann gibt's 'ne Tasse Tee (in Extremfällen auch Kaffee).

favourite quote:

Bread and Water
can so easily be
Toast and Tea.

Write for Rights

Received cards:

No 1 - from Great Britain
No 100 - from Hrvatska (Croatia)
No 500 - from Україна (Ukraine)
No 1000 - from Česká Republica
No 1500 - from 中国 (China)
No 2000 - from Nederland
No 2500 - from Россия (Russia)
No 2600 - from Brasil