is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 1,926,542 habitants. The capital of Latvia is Riga.
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1. Nille, Latvia Postcrossing Supporter Nille
9,809 postcards sent
2. aleksiite, Latvia aleksiite
8,305 postcards sent
3. ingunciks, Latvia Postcrossing Supporter ingunciks
8,047 postcards sent
4. Ziecha71, Latvia Ziecha71
7,559 postcards sent
5. djames, Latvia djames
6,129 postcards sent
6. Froberts, Latvia Froberts
3,714 postcards sent
7. UnaPhoto, Latvia UnaPhoto
3,482 postcards sent
8. indars, Latvia indars
3,295 postcards sent
9. Valerija, Latvia Valerija
3,211 postcards sent
10. vaboliitee, Latvia vaboliitee
3,129 postcards sent

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