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About Anneke...

My name is Anneke and I live with my husband since 2007 on Vancouver Island in Victoria, the Capital of BC Canada.
We moved from The Netherlands to here, because we felt in love with the country.
It's so beautiful here and people are so nice.

I work my whole life and still with elderly people, I enjoy working with them!
I sing, swim, walk, dance and color pictures for adults.

I'm member of the Victoria Soul Gospel Choir, you can find us on you-tube, if you watch + listen to us, you fall in love with the music and us!
Our music is, where R&B, motown and Gospel meet each other.

I love having postcards from over the whole world, I'm looking everyday in mail-box for a surprise!
It doesn't matter what kind an card you mail me, only thing is I hope that I notice where it come from. So please write something with the name from your town/village or country.

Tell me about your nickname, what it means to you....!

I'm an HUGE fan of Disney, so Disney cards are always Welcome!
Or from Warner Bross Studios a card from the movies; Harry Potter and The Minions.

If you live in a place with the same name as my city; "Victoria", neighborhood; "Fairfield" or with our street name; "Chester Avenue", please send my a card from there....that's very Special for me too, Thanks!

You can give a smile on my face if you send me a card with a Hummingbird!

The only thing is, I can't upload cards, not my own or yours, so please -if possible- do it for me, You make me Happy with that!


PS. my goal for 2018 is learning to play Ukulele. Do you have tips for me? Thank you.