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About Robyn...

Hi! I am 60 years old and I have one son. I love to knit or crochet, read --I'm a big fan of Harry Potter-- collect stamps (and now postcards), and I admire handmade things (including postcards!), craftsmanship and creativity. When outside I enjoy letterboxing, walking, biking and camping.

In June, 2015, I retired from my teaching career of 36 years and moved to Florence, Italy. I earned my Certificate in TEFL and have found part-time work here, while studying Italian. I love traveling around Europe and the Mediterranean, and have visited Amsterdam, Paris, Helsinki, Prague, London, Vienna, Zurich, and Istanbul, as well as Venice and Rome, and some smaller towns in Italy. Please share recommendations on places I should visit in your country!

If you write to me, I challenge you to list 3 to 5 everyday things you enjoy. Here's an example: 1) hot, buttered cinnamon toast, 2) the light on an overcast day, 3) fuzzy socks, 4) a favorite song on the radio, and 5) unique descriptions in a book I'm reading.'s easy! Just think "What simple,low-cost things/activities give me a lot of pleasure?" Seems like people all around the world enjoys their first cup of coffee in the morning!

I'd also love to learn a proverb or common saying from your country, such as "Break a leg" as a wish for good luck meant to fool the evil spirits. In Italian it is "in bocco al lupo" which means "into the mouth of the wolf!"

If you also enjoy reading, I would love to learn what you are reading now, or what books (in English) you would recommend.

I would love to receive postcards showing something about your location, such as:
--UNESCO World Heritage sites or other historical sites in your country,
--interesting architectural details in your area (doors, windows, trims or
brickwork or carvings),
--traditional celebrations or clothing or foods in your country
--handicrafts or items famously manufactured in your country
--nature scenes, landscapes. art or special places in your city or country
--mailboxes or stamps in your country,
--a map of your country
................I am also interested in cards with:
--postcards, letters, stamps or other mail
--"happy postcrossing from __(your country)__" cards
--any of the "wordcloud" nation cards from
-- images by Inge Look, Carl Larsson, Andy Goldsworthy, Angelos
Giallinas, and Camille Pissarro
--knitting, weaving, spinning wheels, yarn, felting or other fiber arts
--water: beach, river, stream, waterfall, fountains...whatever!
--clouds or sunsets in your area
--Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen, Anne of Green Gables, Thursday Next, or The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles trilogy)

If your country has printed Postcrossing stamps I would LOVE to receive one on your card! :-)

Of course, all cards are welcome and appreciated! Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and for making my mailbox happy

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