is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 19,473,936 habitants. The capital of Romania is Bucharest.
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1. alcatraz, Romania alcatraz
6,873 postcards sent
2. eumihai2003, Romania eumihai2003
5,987 postcards sent
3. daniela_dmp, Romania daniela_dmp
4,541 postcards sent
4. Anca, Romania Anca
3,108 postcards sent
5. Bazalai, Romania Bazalai
3,030 postcards sent
6. ralu_m, Romania ralu_m
1,994 postcards sent
7. rejtvenydoki, Romania rejtvenydoki
1,974 postcards sent
8. zaco, Romania zaco
1,907 postcards sent
9. catalin, Romania catalin
1,895 postcards sent
10. gabrielamihaela, Romania gabrielamihaela
1,824 postcards sent

Random members

alexcurcean, Romania Bluriel, Romania grace5156, Romania Stefi, Romania dicherie, Romania catalina_v, Romania mihneaR, Romania ralu_m, Romania Andreea05, Romania elenoiul, Romania eumihai2003, Romania criskros, Romania serasttto, Romania monikaknrd, Romania halco, Romania Tabbiz, Romania timeaforro, Romania LucaDante, Romania peti93, Romania RuxandraCristescu, Romania InaBruch, Romania helga_hedi, Romania catalin, Romania CristinaCristescu, Romania AlinaGD, Romania Allyandra, Romania MGMagdalena, Romania ady777, Romania ciprianolaru, Romania alcatraz, Romania rejtvenydoki, Romania Ale-bia, Romania lamelemon, Romania ValGo, Romania Francesca_24, Romania EmilStefan, Romania
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