is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 19,473,936 habitants. The capital of Romania is Bucharest.
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Sent: 154,371 postcards
Received: 156,463 postcards
Ranking: 42nd (by sent postcards)

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Most active members

1. alcatraz, Romania alcatraz
7,411 postcards sent
2. eumihai2003, Romania Postcrossing Supporter eumihai2003
6,998 postcards sent
3. daniela_dmp, Romania daniela_dmp
4,541 postcards sent
4. Anca, Romania Anca
3,302 postcards sent
5. Bazalai, Romania Bazalai
3,090 postcards sent
6. rejtvenydoki, Romania rejtvenydoki
2,154 postcards sent
7. catalin, Romania catalin
2,002 postcards sent
8. zaco, Romania zaco
1,907 postcards sent
9. gabrielamihaela, Romania gabrielamihaela
1,824 postcards sent
10. Schumi99, Romania Postcrossing Supporter Schumi99
1,684 postcards sent

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LucaDante, Romania SorinaM, Romania marius_adrian, Romania Rocsina, Romania msmadu, Romania denisaaa, Romania Andreea05, Romania codruteco, Romania AndreeaG, Romania Ohnuca, Romania GabyM, Romania Criss_cross, Romania EmilStefan, Romania alcatraz, Romania borealisz, Romania grace5156, Romania serasttto, Romania OanaMaira, Romania Nazareanu, Romania Kandreea, Romania RuxandraCristescu, Romania Schumi99, Romania Stela_A, Romania eumihai2003, Romania Bardamu1964, Romania ValGo, Romania ady777, Romania Demmi, Romania rejtvenydoki, Romania talentumhat, Romania halco, Romania Bluriel, Romania GregusForisBalazs, Romania mihneaR, Romania CristinaCristescu, Romania barbmontgomery, Romania
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