is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 19,473,936 habitants. The capital of Romania is Bucharest.
Members: 1,371 (Browse all)
Sent: 199,110 postcards
Received: 202,392 postcards
Ranking: 42nd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Romania

Most active members

1. eumihai2003, Romania Postcrossing Supporter eumihai2003
12,891 postcards sent
2. alcatraz, Romania alcatraz
11,649 postcards sent
3. Anca, Romania Anca
5,638 postcards sent
4. daniela_dmp, Romania daniela_dmp
4,541 postcards sent
5. Bazalai, Romania Bazalai
3,412 postcards sent
6. catalin, Romania catalin
3,290 postcards sent
7. mihneaR, Romania Postcrossing Supporter mihneaR
3,127 postcards sent
8. rejtvenydoki, Romania rejtvenydoki
2,942 postcards sent
9. Schumi99, Romania Schumi99
2,930 postcards sent
10. Bluriel, Romania Postcrossing Supporter Bluriel
2,269 postcards sent

Random members

elenoiul, Romania Simina, Romania eumihai2003, Romania Bucovina, Romania Eufrosina, Romania aleris, Romania dragos_adc, Romania Anca, Romania grace5156, Romania crissy, Romania madalina22, Romania acolytedog, Romania MarilenaB, Romania sevardinio, Romania Kandreea, Romania chestii_trestii, Romania Demmi, Romania omamb, Romania ady777, Romania rejtvenydoki, Romania mircealaslo, Romania manencov, Romania lilkillah, Romania SiminaAndDaughters, Romania bunika, Romania roxanastanokang, Romania Bluriel, Romania alcatraz, Romania WFD2017, Romania lamelemon, Romania Ale-bia, Romania Florentina_Flor, Romania Rocsina, Romania MargaAncu, Romania RaduSt, Romania Madalina0304, Romania
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