is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 10,067,744 habitants. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.
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1. akalle, Sweden akalle
6,817 postcards sent
2. qwert, Sweden qwert
6,160 postcards sent
3. hannaahl, Sweden hannaahl
3,676 postcards sent
4. hvpim, Sweden hvpim
3,615 postcards sent
5. anettespostcards, Sweden anettespostcards
3,144 postcards sent
6. laikis, Sweden laikis
2,811 postcards sent
7. Miki, Sweden Miki
2,630 postcards sent
8. Jarmo, Sweden Jarmo
2,244 postcards sent
9. Meulikki, Sweden Meulikki
2,100 postcards sent
10. InP, Sweden InP
1,924 postcards sent

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