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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 9,903,122 habitants. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.
Members: 1,594 (Browse all)
Sent: 134,275 postcards
Received: 137,285 postcards
Ranking: 39th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Sweden

Most active members

1. akalle, Sweden akalle
6,506 postcards sent
2. qwert, Sweden qwert
5,708 postcards sent
3. hvpim, Sweden hvpim
3,367 postcards sent
4. hannaahl, Sweden hannaahl
3,040 postcards sent
5. anettespostcards, Sweden anettespostcards
2,898 postcards sent
6. laikis, Sweden laikis
2,801 postcards sent
7. Miki, Sweden Miki
2,630 postcards sent
8. Meulikki, Sweden Meulikki
2,097 postcards sent
9. Jarmo, Sweden Jarmo
1,954 postcards sent
10. InP, Sweden InP
1,807 postcards sent

Random members

karinoswald, Sweden Mosshumla, Sweden Kaarja, Sweden Evertsdotter, Sweden spaceninja, Sweden Valdt, Sweden Maj-Britt, Sweden Ametilia, Sweden Thpx, Sweden scrapeeva, Sweden emda1038, Sweden spenatknarkare, Sweden gullviva, Sweden Rosmarie, Sweden mail_bite, Sweden Sjuultje, Sweden Bibbi1, Sweden BrilliantDisguise, Sweden Dianamoi, Sweden Jessica1995, Sweden henrik_rrb, Sweden Sverige, Sweden -JP-, Sweden icamon, Sweden ei-jaa, Sweden Tomba, Sweden hanna_g, Sweden KungMAX, Sweden Jarmo, Sweden Solan, Sweden CelDara, Sweden trobbe, Sweden Majbritt, Sweden bittami, Sweden Giggi, Sweden Alvhyttan, Sweden
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