is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 10,183,175 habitants. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.
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1. akalle, Sweden akalle
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2. hannaahl, Sweden hannaahl
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3. hvpim, Sweden hvpim
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4. Jarmo, Sweden Jarmo
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5. anettespostcards, Sweden anettespostcards
3,573 postcards sent
6. noctivagus, Sweden noctivagus
3,246 postcards sent
7. Eivor, Sweden Eivor
3,073 postcards sent
8. laikis, Sweden laikis
2,826 postcards sent
9. Solan, Sweden Solan
2,785 postcards sent
10. Miki, Sweden Miki
2,630 postcards sent

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