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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 9,798,871 habitants. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.
Members: 1,554 (Browse all)
Sent: 120,777 postcards
Received: 123,556 postcards
Ranking: 40th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Sweden

Most active members

1. qwert, Sweden qwert
5,446 postcards sent
2. akalle, Sweden akalle
5,176 postcards sent
3. hvpim, Sweden hvpim
3,105 postcards sent
4. laikis, Sweden laikis
2,794 postcards sent
5. anettespostcards, Sweden anettespostcards
2,788 postcards sent
6. Miki, Sweden Miki
2,630 postcards sent
7. hannaahl, Sweden hannaahl
2,409 postcards sent
8. Meulikki, Sweden Meulikki
2,047 postcards sent
9. noctivagus, Sweden noctivagus
1,484 postcards sent
10. Jarmo, Sweden Jarmo
1,360 postcards sent

Random members

hannaahl, Sweden gealach24, Sweden swischmc, Sweden qwert, Sweden noctivagus, Sweden ei-jaa, Sweden inyni, Sweden Bibbi1, Sweden BeckyThatcher, Sweden Neo60, Sweden lazybee, Sweden Giggi, Sweden Meulikki, Sweden Sverige, Sweden liepziede, Sweden Beritkga, Sweden sejawas, Sweden -JP-, Sweden Spittan, Sweden NordicFlamingo, Sweden Sixel, Sweden Viljem, Sweden Evertsdotter, Sweden Mosshumla, Sweden Tovan2006, Sweden Tenaj, Sweden amrosendal, Sweden earthling, Sweden Rosmarie, Sweden trobbe, Sweden ctim, Sweden akalle, Sweden Evaupp, Sweden Selambs, Sweden TinaMi, Sweden TantZ, Sweden
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