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Caramis, Netherlands


is a member in Netherlands . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,400 days).
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Lat: 53.22, Lon: 6.81 | Google Maps

About Caramis...

Hello, I am a woman, in a 15-year relationship and we have 6 Norwegian Forest cats, 2 adults and 4 babies since May 21, 2017. They're terribly cute... you can see their pictures in the photo album through the link above this text (Website:)
I hope to learn more about all countries in the world. I don't travel much but enjoy receiving mail from all over the world just as much! I hope I can visit southern England, Saint Petersburg, Riga, Munich and Mont St. Michel some day. If you have tips about these places, they're welcome!

It would be great, if you use nice stamps, because I collect stamps. My hobbies are: being creative: sewing my own clothes, sewing fabric animals and bags, gardening, knitting (beginner), crocheting, making scrapbook-cards et cetera.

You can write about anything, please write as much as you like on the card! Please write the date on your card, thank you!

Of course I will be thankful for every card you send me. But my favourites include:

♥ Cards with cats, photos and drawings, like Annet Loginova, Hello Kitty, Vladimir Rumyantsev, Makoto Muramatsu, Rudi Hurzlmeier etc.
♥ Beautiful buildings or the skyline of your city (I like buildings a lot, not a big fan of landscapes without buildings)
♥ Cards from Hanseatic cities: love the old gates and old house rows!
Ich würde mich sehr freuen über eine Karte vom Holstentor Lübeck!
♥ Aerial view cards... beautiful!!!
♥ multi view cards very welcome!!! The more photos, the better ;-)
♥ Inga Paltser owls, please check my Received-wall for the ones I already have...
♥ art nouveau (Jugendstil) and Art Deco; cards that are in the style of the era between 1890 - 1930.
♥ Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, die Biene Maja, Sendung mit der Maus
♥ If you are from Japan, I would be very grateful if you could send me a Nintendo card with Mario, Luigi, Mushroom, Princess...
♥ any card looking like the Favourites in my Postcards wall (I don't have those yet)

Please, do not send me pin-ups, free cards or ad cards. Thank you.


PS. I have the 2011 Dutch Postcrossing Stamps... Send me a message!

♥ Happy Postcrossing! ♥

Expired cards:
NL-1297728 Sent June 27, 2012 to Carmalia, Chile; hasn't logged in since then :-(
NL-3293613, Sent January 16, 2016 to Ylsn, Russia, hasn´t logged in anymore
NL-3672158, Sent December 24, 2016 to sin031126, Taiwan, no response to mails...
NL-3837446, Sent June 22, 2017 to Denisa_H, Czech Republic, does not reply to messages

500th received card: BM-1119 from Griffica in Bermuda😃
500th sent card: birthday card, received September 18, 2017 on her actual birthday: