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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 78,665,830 habitants. The capital of Turkey is Ankara.
Members: 8,986 (Browse all)
Sent: 228,325 postcards
Received: 229,778 postcards
Ranking: 28th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Turkey

Most active members

1. bodrumlu, Turkey bodrumlu
3,884 postcards sent
2. cucuk74, Turkey cucuk74
1,958 postcards sent
3. ksezin, Turkey ksezin
1,641 postcards sent
4. g0blin, Turkey g0blin
1,332 postcards sent
5. nihan, Turkey nihan
1,237 postcards sent
6. sirzat, Turkey sirzat
1,222 postcards sent
7. Hasenwinkel, Turkey Hasenwinkel
1,083 postcards sent
8. galatali, Turkey galatali
1,021 postcards sent
9. mbea, Turkey mbea
972 postcards sent
10. lale, Turkey lale
920 postcards sent

Random members

sercanu, Turkey ceydapoet, Turkey Nurseli, Turkey FreeFaller, Turkey zynpsaribas, Turkey Uysal, Turkey fatima22, Turkey Tanuki74, Turkey elizlion, Turkey scopemouth, Turkey sibelbektas, Turkey melolifarm, Turkey Yakuph, Turkey busra614, Turkey nilayg, Turkey melodia_, Turkey Bombadil, Turkey Yazel, Turkey kadercavga, Turkey rasma, Turkey burakkarakus, Turkey dogac, Turkey Fatihdagli, Turkey feyzakara, Turkey omer61, Turkey nuritunctas, Turkey ecmxx, Turkey asudenaz, Turkey matmazel, Turkey burraktas, Turkey scales, Turkey sozgurx, Turkey cerenruya, Turkey altugpolat, Turkey constantinie, Turkey ceylanrojda, Turkey
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