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is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 79,512,426 habitants. The capital of Turkey is Ankara.
Members: 10,796 (Browse all)
Sent: 262,641 postcards
Received: 262,926 postcards
Ranking: 28th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Turkey

Most active members

1. bodrumlu, Turkey bodrumlu
3,885 postcards sent
2. cucuk74, Turkey cucuk74
1,959 postcards sent
3. ksezin, Turkey ksezin
1,641 postcards sent
4. g0blin, Turkey g0blin
1,552 postcards sent
5. mbea, Turkey mbea
1,340 postcards sent
6. nihan, Turkey nihan
1,288 postcards sent
7. sirzat, Turkey sirzat
1,222 postcards sent
8. Hasenwinkel, Turkey Hasenwinkel
1,089 postcards sent
9. galatali, Turkey galatali
1,021 postcards sent
10. lale, Turkey lale
989 postcards sent

Random members

merve_mrv, Turkey ARGALI, Turkey Aslihanlp, Turkey Ehil, Turkey alaturka, Turkey senanurd, Turkey dyg-blc, Turkey sevimyaman, Turkey yamito, Turkey tubaozdemir, Turkey ozy_017, Turkey zeynepkolcu, Turkey cmr, Turkey leilaerdal, Turkey neslihanim, Turkey Emre24, Turkey simsekaysenur, Turkey ekincerenakbas, Turkey itsmeesen, Turkey ouzgnl, Turkey kevseresen, Turkey Blue_Jasmine, Turkey btlcsm, Turkey GokalpSahin, Turkey rasma, Turkey Motimel, Turkey sevilay, Turkey ozandenizors, Turkey PskMerve, Turkey karadagmerve, Turkey ssariii, Turkey limuluspolyphe, Turkey tprakkemirhan, Turkey ipekling, Turkey azehra, Turkey kubrac, Turkey
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