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Hello from England!

I am a 37 years old girl, originally from Finland but have been living in England for over 10 years now. I enjoy watching movies and tv shows (some of my favourite tv shows include The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Sherlock, Luther and Lucifer), Aikido (in which I am a 3rd Dan black belt), reading, cooking & baking, taking photographs, crocheting... I am also a tea addict and drink silly amounts of tea.

I am happy to receive all kind of cards, so please don't feel like you must send me a card that matches my wishlist - as long as it is a postcard, I'll be fine :). The list below has just some themes I particularly like:

- The Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit/anything Tolkien related
- crocheting, knitting, sewing
- Alice in Wonderland
- Postcrossing meet-up cards
- maxi cards
- bicycles
- trains
- cameras
- typewriters
- marketplaces
- lighthouses
- matryoshka dolls
- Unesco World Heritage Sites
- beautiful nature views
- waterfalls
- books, libraries, people reading
- a house or houses, cottages, windows, doors, narrow streets, street scenes...
- cherry blossoms
- maps
- mail boxes and post offices, anything mail related
- Virpi Pekkala's illustrations
- squirrels, chipmunks, hedgehogs, sheep, penguins, wolves, otters
- tea/coffee, teapots
- sauna
- dragons
- cards from my favourites in my postcard wall

but like I said, anything will be welcome (although if at all possible, I would rather not have advertising postcards or postcards with clowns or extremely religious themes, and I prefer single view cards). I prefer cards written and stamped, not in an envelope. I love pretty stamps as well!

It would be nice if you could write more than just "Greetings from X" on the card, though; I love fully written cards! If you have trouble thinking of what to write, tell me for instance what has made you happy recently, what you see outside your window, what you like the most about where you live, what your favourite food is...

RUSSIAN USERS! I'm trying to collect a viewcard of all different regions of Russia. I already have lots of cards from Moscow and St. Petersburg but not that many from other places. If you have a card from any other place it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! ^_^

If you live in Europe, I would love Europa stamps!

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