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Korea (South)

is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 51,245,707 habitants. The capital of Korea (South) is Seoul.
Members: 4,781 (Browse all)
Sent: 158,086 postcards
Received: 157,701 postcards
Ranking: 35th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Korea (South)

Most active members

1. danieleastwood90, Korea (South) danieleastwood90
3,855 postcards sent
2. dlwlsl, Korea (South) dlwlsl
3,087 postcards sent
3. eunjiiin, Korea (South) eunjiiin
1,754 postcards sent
4. Hosu, Korea (South) Hosu
1,283 postcards sent
5. Amien06, Korea (South) Amien06
1,237 postcards sent
6. blueica, Korea (South) blueica
1,227 postcards sent
7. Lorakapulova, Korea (South) Lorakapulova
1,178 postcards sent
8. cinnac, Korea (South) cinnac
1,041 postcards sent
9. okapifire, Korea (South) okapifire
996 postcards sent
10. lora_k, Korea (South) lora_k
949 postcards sent

Random members

coconutbaby, Korea (South) NINAkim, Korea (South) gmlrud5438, Korea (South) seungyun, Korea (South) lolylane, Korea (South) Clumsyguy, Korea (South) yerinchoi, Korea (South) kimboss, Korea (South) YuriPark, Korea (South) Oooooh_, Korea (South) 1990angela, Korea (South) mkfy1992, Korea (South) sinaekim, Korea (South) sa3yia, Korea (South) dot_dot, Korea (South) hikaru5955, Korea (South) amycho, Korea (South) KarenYI, Korea (South) Mayyblin, Korea (South) Lorakapulova, Korea (South) eunjiiin, Korea (South) DuckHee, Korea (South) danieleastwood90, Korea (South) ShallyPark, Korea (South) usersoyoung, Korea (South) HJK, Korea (South) geumdan2, Korea (South) periobei, Korea (South) Hanyo, Korea (South) nosick, Korea (South) Songhee, Korea (South) Taeyoon, Korea (South) seungju, Korea (South) east_s, Korea (South) subak, Korea (South) lora_k, Korea (South)
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