Korea (South)

is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 51,466,201 habitants. The capital of Korea (South) is Seoul.
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Sent: 177,362 postcards
Received: 177,243 postcards
Ranking: 34th (by sent postcards)

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1. danieleastwood90, Korea (South) danieleastwood90
4,503 postcards sent
2. dlwlsl, Korea (South) dlwlsl
3,244 postcards sent
3. eunjiiin, Korea (South) eunjiiin
2,195 postcards sent
4. Hosu, Korea (South) Hosu
1,475 postcards sent
5. Arinazmi06, Korea (South) Arinazmi06
1,446 postcards sent
6. Lorakapulova, Korea (South) Lorakapulova
1,408 postcards sent
7. blueica, Korea (South) blueica
1,325 postcards sent
8. lora_k, Korea (South) lora_k
1,138 postcards sent
9. cinnac, Korea (South) cinnac
1,095 postcards sent
10. usersoyoung, Korea (South) usersoyoung
1,093 postcards sent

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hikaru5955, Korea (South) wonseok, Korea (South) YuriPark, Korea (South) bluemoonn, Korea (South) SeungHye, Korea (South) hyejeong222, Korea (South) sabtha, Korea (South) appleup, Korea (South) Tom1950, Korea (South) ysyoo45, Korea (South) daonp, Korea (South) Su_Hyun, Korea (South) yugene, Korea (South) polli777, Korea (South) yeonjuan, Korea (South) kristiinkorea, Korea (South) Clumsyguy, Korea (South) Kevi, Korea (South) dlwlsl, Korea (South) zr420cha, Korea (South) canon2018, Korea (South) laziest, Korea (South) the1975matty, Korea (South) ctssakura, Korea (South) usersoyoung, Korea (South) Chaen, Korea (South) weekend_korea, Korea (South) Yolandawang, Korea (South) Tychus, Korea (South) lee5320405, Korea (South) paradance, Korea (South) Irim, Korea (South) eunjiiin, Korea (South) goodstranger, Korea (South) simplydeep1, Korea (South) plantm, Korea (South)
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