Korea (South)

is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 51,635,256 habitants. The capital of Korea (South) is Seoul.
Members: 5,205 (Browse all)
Sent: 266,105 postcards
Received: 263,447 postcards
Ranking: 35th (by sent postcards)

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Most active members

1. dlwlsl, Korea (South) dlwlsl
3,461 postcards sent
2. yoyo7755, Korea (South) yoyo7755
2,388 postcards sent
3. heewonushka, Korea (South) heewonushka
2,289 postcards sent
4. kristiinkorea, Korea (South) kristiinkorea
2,260 postcards sent
5. usersoyoung, Korea (South) usersoyoung
2,240 postcards sent
6. cinnac, Korea (South) cinnac
2,004 postcards sent
7. Arinazmi06, Korea (South) Arinazmi06
1,955 postcards sent
8. yun-jeong, Korea (South) yun-jeong
1,660 postcards sent
9. Hosu, Korea (South) Hosu
1,633 postcards sent
10. Rhye, Korea (South) Rhye
1,527 postcards sent

Random members

y3rin_, Korea (South) Saewon, Korea (South) buriburi, Korea (South) minnielee333, Korea (South) hyang, Korea (South) hannahchoi, Korea (South) likepur, Korea (South) nalynn, Korea (South) HanNataliya, Korea (South) yoyo7755, Korea (South) warmblue, Korea (South) dada320, Korea (South) vasilla, Korea (South) okksusu, Korea (South) Oooooh_, Korea (South) _DH, Korea (South) joyce0290, Korea (South) iinthe8, Korea (South) Nadia_Jang, Korea (South) brianseoul1986, Korea (South) spacus, Korea (South) nurish, Korea (South) JihunKu, Korea (South) clinsky, Korea (South) Nok-cha, Korea (South) sylphwitch, Korea (South) booyewon, Korea (South) bloomcloud, Korea (South) kemo, Korea (South) humanus, Korea (South) gwn, Korea (South) YH_Postcards, Korea (South) serenos, Korea (South) hkaffee, Korea (South) klue522, Korea (South) heewonushka, Korea (South)
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