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About Andrea...

Hi! I'm Andie.

I'm passionate about art, libraries, travel, volunteering & meeting people.
I like to give Free Hugs.
I'm veggie.
I love treasure hunting at thrift stores.
I love film, photography, illustration & graphic design.
I collect vintage postcards, photographs & letters.
I walked the Camino de Santiago in Sept/Oct 2017.

* My collecting theme for 2018 is happiness. *

* * Stamp Wish List * *

- Mr Rogers (USA)
- Lunar New Year ANY COUNTRY
- David Bowie UK
- Star Wars Han Solo, Princess Leia, Storm Trooper(UK)
- Nutella ITALY
- Postcrossing

Fun, colourful or unusual stamps are always encouraged!

* * Postcard Ideas * *
Check out my favourites for inspiration.
...haha, it would be much shorter to list the kinds I don't like! ; )

- bicycles
- nuns & monks (serious or having fun)
- Buddhism
- snail, bird, tiger, elephant, octopus, jellyfish, owl, fox, bunny
- poppies, wildflowers, lotus, plants, trees, mountains, lakes, forests
- sunrises...sunsets...clouds...sky...stars...universe
- flora/fauna
- tree lined streets or paths
- street scenes
- photos: children from all over the world
- vintage photos: handsome men or women
- photos: men or women in bathing suits (vintage/retro)
- photos: spiral staircase (B+W)
- photos: hands
- ferris wheels & amusement parks on piers
- knitting, yarnbomb
- paper lanterns
- aurora borealis
- doors & windows
- art from Japan
- traditional houses, buildings, costumes, crafts or toys from your country
- an artist or writer from your city or country
- a view of your city/town
- narrow streets & lanes
- subway maps
- train stations or platforms
- indigenous people
- unusual buildings / architecture
- roadside attractions
- suitcases or travel
- vintage travel posters
- funny or strange photos
- any kind of art (drawing, painting, photograph)
- garden gnomes
- Amelie
- postcards w/ the word 'LOVE'
- people kissing, smiling or happy
- cards that promote a positive mental attitude
- neon or funny signs
- Wes Anderson films
- Bill Murray
- Einstein
- Gaudi
- Frida Khalo, Georgia O'Keefe
- tennis player, Andy Murray
- vintage erotic
- coffee, donuts
- typewriters & typography
- vintage or retro (1950s or earlier)
- art nouveau
- a photograph you've taken!
- interesting, colourful, funny or cool ad cards

If you need ideas of what to write on your postcard, I would love to know:

-name of your city + population
-tell me about the neighbourhood where you live or your favourite neighbourhood to visit
-places to visit in your city or country
-your favourite artist
-where you would love to travel
-your favourite bookstore or cafe
-an interesting fact or quote
-does your city or town have fireflies?
-have you seen the aurora borealis? Where?
-a happy memory
-somewhere you like to go camping
-a song that you've just discovered and can't stop singing

Wishing you fun, love & adventures in life! ❤