is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 67,118,648 habitants. The capital of France is Paris.
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1. didieroux2, France didieroux2
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2. jean-mimi, France jean-mimi
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3. yabiz, France yabiz
8,838 postcards sent
4. enfantfleur, France enfantfleur
7,776 postcards sent
5. chris_in_burgundy, France chris_in_burgundy
7,750 postcards sent
6. Fleurdunord, France Fleurdunord
7,426 postcards sent
7. AnnickBlin, France AnnickBlin
7,170 postcards sent
8. davidr, France davidr
6,296 postcards sent
9. york1987, France york1987
5,231 postcards sent
10. Francky, France Francky
4,731 postcards sent

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