is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 66,987,244 habitants. The capital of France is Paris.
Members: 16,461 (Browse all)
Sent: 1,117,313 postcards
Received: 1,133,267 postcards
Ranking: 13th (by sent postcards)

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1. didieroux2, France Postcrossing Supporter didieroux2
14,046 postcards sent
2. jean-mimi, France Postcrossing Supporter jean-mimi
11,167 postcards sent
3. yabiz, France Postcrossing Supporter yabiz
9,981 postcards sent
4. enfantfleur, France enfantfleur
8,758 postcards sent
5. chris_in_burgundy, France chris_in_burgundy
8,351 postcards sent
6. Fleurdunord, France Fleurdunord
8,168 postcards sent
7. davidr, France davidr
7,268 postcards sent
8. AnnickBlin, France AnnickBlin
7,200 postcards sent
9. york1987, France york1987
5,873 postcards sent
10. Francky, France Francky
5,102 postcards sent

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ildikoo, France mellie87, France Alinoe, France aspho, France adeline88, France Cindynico, France MINAKI, France Sandra0603, France morgazhenn, France titilamarchandise, France Madmadgirl1982, France isado80, France mat813, France bleupale, France MauricetteDeFrance, France guy222, France DianaBa, France DELPHINE18, France mirabelle, France Mimi60800, France alain54, France tatiatelle, France Fleurdunord, France breizh, France Petitesmerveille, France Wommy, France GAOyanxin, France GloriaVictis, France Anuta4ka, France Kassandra, France Fabie, France Nanou-41, France derinyilmaz, France Gersophile, France mapetitepicerie, France mitoumi, France
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