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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 66,896,109 habitants. The capital of France is Paris.
Members: 13,669 (Browse all)
Sent: 836,397 postcards
Received: 849,380 postcards
Ranking: 14th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from France

Most active members

1. didieroux2, France didieroux2
11,689 postcards sent
2. jean-mimi, France jean-mimi
10,183 postcards sent
3. yabiz, France yabiz
7,951 postcards sent
4. chris_in_burgundy, France chris_in_burgundy
7,188 postcards sent
5. AnnickBlin, France AnnickBlin
7,122 postcards sent
6. enfantfleur, France enfantfleur
7,027 postcards sent
7. Fleurdunord, France Fleurdunord
6,831 postcards sent
8. davidr, France davidr
5,413 postcards sent
9. martine, France martine
5,183 postcards sent
10. york1987, France york1987
4,660 postcards sent

Random members

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