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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,428,704 habitants. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.
Members: 2,025 (Browse all)
Sent: 102,567 postcards
Received: 104,261 postcards
Ranking: 43rd (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Slovakia

Most active members

1. gulocka, Slovakia gulocka
1,827 postcards sent
2. zuzulik, Slovakia zuzulik
1,764 postcards sent
3. Ivann, Slovakia Ivann
1,427 postcards sent
4. Jimy99, Slovakia Jimy99
1,158 postcards sent
5. frapi1, Slovakia frapi1
1,127 postcards sent
6. freyr1, Slovakia freyr1
1,097 postcards sent
7. martin512, Slovakia martin512
1,079 postcards sent
8. dodoben, Slovakia dodoben
1,012 postcards sent
9. JarmilaMadarova, Slovakia JarmilaMadarova
985 postcards sent
10. MirkaPatka, Slovakia MirkaPatka
955 postcards sent

Random members

bublinka, Slovakia Zahornacky, Slovakia Richik, Slovakia yamk55, Slovakia Dassa, Slovakia KatarinaK, Slovakia TheGingerOne, Slovakia Kate899, Slovakia mokus, Slovakia NatyH, Slovakia pavol215, Slovakia P_Huska, Slovakia IvkaA, Slovakia vonlewentz, Slovakia Myzma, Slovakia Bondula, Slovakia Majka_Tomas, Slovakia srnky, Slovakia ucitel13, Slovakia Viera68, Slovakia cia26, Slovakia rastino29, Slovakia MarioValek1, Slovakia creative_jane, Slovakia alicak, Slovakia Evica213, Slovakia sophiassw, Slovakia alag77, Slovakia peter_sk03, Slovakia asylum77, Slovakia monika21, Slovakia Liptacka, Slovakia JLivingston, Slovakia CherryKiss, Slovakia freyr1, Slovakia tanuska19, Slovakia
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