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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,430,798 habitants. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.
Members: 2,228 (Browse all)
Sent: 132,243 postcards
Received: 133,926 postcards
Ranking: 41st (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Slovakia

Most active members

1. zuzulik, Slovakia zuzulik
2,018 postcards sent
2. gulocka, Slovakia gulocka
1,973 postcards sent
3. dodoben, Slovakia dodoben
1,594 postcards sent
4. Ivann, Slovakia Ivann
1,477 postcards sent
5. JarmilaMadarova, Slovakia JarmilaMadarova
1,342 postcards sent
6. freyr1, Slovakia freyr1
1,282 postcards sent
7. martin512, Slovakia martin512
1,247 postcards sent
8. Jimy99, Slovakia Jimy99
1,198 postcards sent
9. MirkaPatka, Slovakia MirkaPatka
1,152 postcards sent
10. frapi1, Slovakia frapi1
1,127 postcards sent

Random members

JarmilaMadarova, Slovakia brusnicka, Slovakia ric70, Slovakia grofka, Slovakia LucyQueen, Slovakia malarik, Slovakia emmulik77, Slovakia Miriam_mirka, Slovakia EkaBalaskova, Slovakia loda84, Slovakia Palisko, Slovakia Majuska, Slovakia Michaela-SK, Slovakia malope, Slovakia petrik777, Slovakia Marianna4791, Slovakia Wildredfox, Slovakia airda, Slovakia Ivann, Slovakia opielki, Slovakia lia79, Slovakia Tusja, Slovakia mickeyeddie, Slovakia murodrap, Slovakia wyska, Slovakia santi84, Slovakia Filco, Slovakia WaterkoBTS, Slovakia bublinka, Slovakia bibka, Slovakia Domko_a_Janka, Slovakia Nathalie13, Slovakia creative_jane, Slovakia vonlewentz, Slovakia slavius, Slovakia alag77, Slovakia
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