is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,439,892 habitants. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.
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1. gulocka, Slovakia Postcrossing Supporter gulocka
2,281 postcards sent
2. zuzulik, Slovakia Postcrossing Supporter zuzulik
2,267 postcards sent
3. dodoben, Slovakia dodoben
1,934 postcards sent
4. Ivann, Slovakia Ivann
1,607 postcards sent
5. JarmilaMadarova, Slovakia JarmilaMadarova
1,523 postcards sent
6. freyr1, Slovakia freyr1
1,480 postcards sent
7. slavius, Slovakia Postcrossing Supporter slavius
1,443 postcards sent
8. martin512, Slovakia martin512
1,378 postcards sent
9. Otto1972, Slovakia Otto1972
1,306 postcards sent
10. majaba, Slovakia majaba
1,249 postcards sent

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