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About Chris...

Mainly I would love to see sights from your part of the world that show why you enjoy living there. I like seeing new places and discovering somewhere I should visit on my next trip. And I would prefer a real stamp over the metered barcode type of postage if possible and convenient for you as I think you can learn a lot about a place by seeing who and what they honor with their stamps.

However, also:

I love animals, especially rhinos and giraffes.
I am an avid reader and especially love Shakespeare and Austen and quotes from their works.
I'm a fan of folk art, especially quilts.
I enjoy silent movies - Harold Lloyd is my favorite.
I like Winnie the Pooh.
I love flowers, especially the bulb flowers - iris, tulips, daffodils.
Baseball is my favorite sport & the Los Angeles Dodgers is my favorite team.
I also like old postcards or a new postcard with an old photo/view.
Coca-Cola is also cool, particularly the vintage Coke ads.
I'm a fan of both Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.
I LOVE vintage travel posters.
I think metro/subway stations are cool.
And, if there is such a thing as a postcard of Richard Madden or Tom Burke, I would be EXTREMELY happy to see one arrive in my mailbox.

No ad or homemade cards please!

And I would LOVELOVELOVE a Postcrossing stamp (or Postcrossing meet up postcard or both)! (Thanks to postkartenmartin, I now have postcrossing stamps from Hungary, Austria, & Czechia, thanks to Bonte & Alla, I now have both Russian ones, Aogswr surprised me with the Polish one, Sari gave me the Finnish one - on a meetup card! - Sarah gave me an Austrian one, and Gioia was kind enough to give me the Swiss one.)

Thank you!

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