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About Caroline...


You can find me on my instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/postcrossing_withlove/

*** if possible for you, could you please upload the card you are sending me? I try to scan every card i receive but it's a lot of work as I receive a lot of cards every day :) thanks a lot in advance!!!! ***

Hello!!! :-D I'm a 39 year old woman living in little Luxembourg. I work as a personal assistant in a bank. In my free time I LOVE travelling - it makes me feel really ALIVE, I also love to read chicklit books,hiking,dreaming,and postcrossing. I also have a huge passion for Finland (my mom is a Finn, that makes me half french half finnish :) ) - also I am a tea drinker! makes me feel good and peaceful:)

Here is my WISH-LIST for postcards i would like to receive (please check my favorite wall to have a better idea - I don't have any of those cards yet).
- please no folded cards - only postcards

♣ Cute / pretty illustrations ( and if it's from an artist from your country it's even better) ♥ ♥ ♥ Those are my TOP favorite cards to receive :-)

♣ CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR postcards! (no folded cards please)

♣ Cute / pretty illustrations on AUTUMN theme

♣ Cards with an illustration of a cute fox ♥ ♥ ♥, cute bear, cute cat, cute bunny, cute squirrels... ( but only illustrations, no photographs please)

♣ Cards that have something to do with baking --> cookies / cakes / pastries / chocolate, jam, berries / tea/ coffee.....(and if it's from your country it's even better) ♥ ♥ ♥

♣ If you are from Finland, I love the illustrations from Kehvola, Minna Immonen, Virpi Pekkala and others + moomin cards! :) but those are just suggestions ;-)

♣ cards that inspire HAPPINESS :-D

♣ Postcrossing MEETINGS postcards

♣ Beautiful single view of landscapes and cities of YOUR country :)

♣ Postcards showing illustrations or pictures of crafts, costumes and traditions from YOUR country.

and I LOVE when people use stickers and masking /washi tapes to decorate the postcards! :-) sooo lovely! it's like receiving a little gift in my mailbox!


i would like to know:

♣ your name, your age, your profession/or what you study
♣ I want to know what do you like about postcrossing :-)
♣ Today's weather and temperature
♣ Tell me your favorite inspirational QUOTE
♣ What is it that makes you very happy? :-)

also don't forget to write the date of the day on the card and the ID of the card!!!:)


I really enjoy looking at beautiful stamps ;)


Thank you very much in advance for your pretty card!!! :-)

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