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A special call for postcards

Thank you!

After only a week, we've already received an overwhelming amount of postcards, so we've decided to take down the address. We're preparing an update for later this week, so keep an eye on the blog! Seriously, you guys are THE best! :)

...pretty please?

Dear postcrossers,

This is Ana, your community manager speaking. I'm usually the writer behind the posts that you read on this blog... but today I'm writing this one as myself, to personally ask for your assistance.

You see, in about a month, I will be in Portugal, standing in front of an audience of several hundred people from various backgrounds, to tell them about Postcrossing and the simple pleasures of receiving mail. The problem is... I'm willing to bet that 99% of them have probably never received a postcard, or don't remember the last time that they did. How can you empathize with something you've never experienced? While brainstorming a plan for making this work, I reached the inevitable conclusion: I have to show them!

So, inspired by Oprah, my idea is to surprise many of the conference attendees with an unexpected postcard written just for them, which they would receive during the talk!

I could write all the postcards myself... but I think it would be much more interesting if the postcards came from different people all around the world, with their own stories and details.
So I wanted to ask... would you mind writing a postcard, and giving me a hand? I would be really grateful, and you'd be helping all these people re-discover the magic of postcards! :)

Interested? Got a neat card that you don't mind sharing? Then mail it to:

We've received sooooo many cards in just a week, that I've decided to remove the address, as I think they'll be more than enough. Thank you so much! :)

What should you write on it? Whatever you like, really, but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • How do you feel when you find a postcard on your mailbox at the end of the day?
  • What does Postcrossing mean to you?
  • What have you learnt or discovered through postcards? What would you teach this person?
  • What was the most inspirational talk you've ever attended or listened to?
  • What is special about your city or country?
Thank you!

Or you could just describe what you did today and what the weather is like where you are... anything goes, really! :)

That's it! Those who know me, know that I'm a bit shy and not particularly comfortable with the spotlight... I'd like to think that, by carrying your postcards with me, I'll have a little bit of your support on that stage.

Thank you so much in advance! :)


I thought I'd add a couple notes to clear up some of the questions that have come up in the comments:
- Please don't put my name on the postcard - the cards are not for me, they'll all be delivered to the attendees. The address is a PO box, it works fine without a name.
- If you want to write a salutation on the message, keep it simple and flexible with an "Hello" or "Dear attendee"
- The event takes place on March 8th... so please send your cards soon! :)

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Posted by on 3 Feb, 2014
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494 comments so far

Tellmewhat, Germany
Just a little side remark:
Postcrossing is one of the reasons I just started learning Portuguese. Also to read some literatur in the original. Hope I'll succeed. Love the language.

I'll get some postcards on their way to you! Promised!
Rainer (Tellmewhat)
Posted by Tellmewhat on 3 Feb, 2014

burned, Germany
You can be sure of my help!
Posted by burned on 3 Feb, 2014

radiofan, Austria
Exactly 2 years and 1 day ago I received my first postcard by was such a great experience! And today it's still the same magic!

I'll send some postcards, of course!
Posted by radiofan on 3 Feb, 2014

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
I will send you a postcard, Anna! Hope you will make a deep impression towards your audience! :D

Great ideas! :D
Posted by nisnoopy3 on 3 Feb, 2014

Nordbaer, Germany
of course I'm in!
You really have great ideas!
Posted by Nordbaer on 3 Feb, 2014

rutterfamily, United States of America
What a perfect idea - tempt the participants with the joy of random postcards to give them a taste of how much fun postcrossing is. I've got a postcard in the mail for you!
Posted by rutterfamily on 3 Feb, 2014

BOOGIE_PIPPIN, United Kingdom
What a marvellous idea, Ana. I'm sure you will make a great impression on the people of Portugal, maybe lots of new members too.
It will be a great pleasure to send you a card.
Posted by BOOGIE_PIPPIN on 3 Feb, 2014

MeerM, Czech Republic
Dear Ana, thank you for your work! (And of course I´ll send you a card!)
Posted by MeerM on 3 Feb, 2014

gran10, United Kingdom
I'm in! Good luck, Ana, I'm sure you'll charm them!
Posted by gran10 on 3 Feb, 2014

CharlesLing-chihWong, China
Excuse me,but I'm not very clear about the operation.Should I get the card written inside an envelop?Or just written and stamped to you?Sorry for disturbing.Happy Lunar New Year to all!
Posted by CharlesLing-chihWong on 3 Feb, 2014

gforp, Denmark
Happy to be with you in Portugal (at least in a postcard)
Posted by gforp on 3 Feb, 2014

lafaseawolf, Brazil
Boa sorte no trabalho de divulgação. Conte comigo. Enviarei algiuns postais amanha. Favor informar se coloco seu nome na direção. Abraços
Lafaiete Costa(em Minas Gerais /Brazil)
Posted by lafaseawolf on 3 Feb, 2014

ALV, Italy
I'm in. Who are the participants? Kids, students, post employees..?
Posted by ALV on 3 Feb, 2014

jessytavares, Brazil
Oh yeah! You can coun't on me!
Posted by jessytavares on 3 Feb, 2014

kamikazeherz, Germany
Postcard written - will be on its way tomorrow :)
Posted by kamikazeherz on 3 Feb, 2014

Hilla_, Finland
Love that idea! I'm absolutely in.
Posted by Hilla_ on 3 Feb, 2014

matulka2000, Slovakia
written, will be send tommorrow....with little pep talk to join in :) it's such magic to find something except bills in your mailbox....I'm always skipping like my 3 years old daughter ;)
Posted by matulka2000 on 3 Feb, 2014

zuzanabed, Slovakia
You can count on me. It´s a good way how to promote postcrossing.
Posted by zuzanabed on 3 Feb, 2014

Baronin, Germany
Two are on their way ..... Good succes!
Posted by Baronin on 3 Feb, 2014

krishnaraosridhar, India
Advance wishes... I'm in... Will send you a card from India...
Posted by krishnaraosridhar on 3 Feb, 2014

Antigoni, Greece
That's a smart idea for promoting our great hobby and giving the participants an idea of how it really feels to receive a card! Greek cards are coming to you:)!
Posted by Antigoni on 3 Feb, 2014

petrini1, United States of America
Great idea! I'll be happy to send a card.
Posted by petrini1 on 3 Feb, 2014

vonxblood, United States of America
Postcard will be on it's way to you tomorrow. Happy to help! :)
Posted by vonxblood on 3 Feb, 2014

cathie515, Canada
Happy to help with this, it's a great idea!
Posted by cathie515 on 3 Feb, 2014

9teen87, United States of America
I love it! And you will do awesome!! Who better to talk about postcrossing than Ana???? My cards are on their way today.
Posted by 9teen87 on 3 Feb, 2014

paraiha, Finland
I'm happy to help, and the idea is very good :) Thank you for the great and interesting blog, too!
Posted by paraiha on 3 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
YAY! You guys are brilliant! I wish I could high-five each one of you :)

So, a few notes to clear things up:

- No need for envelopes!
- The theme of the conference is "emotions". The attendees are really from all sorts of backgrounds, but definitely not children - more like university students, professionals, experts in different fields and people who are curious and open to new ideas.
- You should write the address as it is without a name (it's a PO box).
- I plan to deliver the cards during the conference, so they're not for me - they're for the attendees. If you'd like to write a greeting, just write "Hello!" or "Dear attendee", to keep it flexible, and write the card as you would to any other Postcrossing member :)

Hope that helps!
Posted by meiadeleite on 3 Feb, 2014

sparkly-, Germany
Sending you some!!! :)
Good opportunity to practice Portuguese!
Posted by sparkly- on 3 Feb, 2014

dogma7911, Germany
For you: everything :)
Posted by dogma7911 on 3 Feb, 2014

SarahLin, Taiwan
When is the deadline?
Posted by SarahLin on 3 Feb, 2014

MarinaMaia, Portugal
I'm portuguese, I'd love to know where the conference is going to be.
Posted by MarinaMaia on 3 Feb, 2014

dacotahsgirl, United States of America
This is great! I am in! :)
Posted by dacotahsgirl on 3 Feb, 2014

catiapodence, France
:) Vou mandar ja amanhã!
Posted by catiapodence on 3 Feb, 2014

ramsteentje, Netherlands
I'm in, great idea! I'll send them tomorrow
Posted by ramsteentje on 3 Feb, 2014

Khanh, France
Very good idea, I'll post a postcard tomorrow.
Posted by Khanh on 3 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@SarahLin: the cards need to arrive before the conference day, which is 8th of march.
@MarinaMaia: no porto, a 8 de março! :)
Posted by meiadeleite on 3 Feb, 2014

nyassa, United Kingdom
You can count on one from me. :)
Posted by nyassa on 3 Feb, 2014

Fridagombos, Hungary
This is such a good idea! I'm sending you 2 postcards from Hungary and I'm sure you will just do fine. Good luck :))
Posted by Fridagombos on 3 Feb, 2014

gettysburgbob, United States of America
an absolute pleasure to help you.....mine will be mailed tomorrow - if the snow here ever stops.
Posted by gettysburgbob on 3 Feb, 2014

lynhzb, United Kingdom
I d like to send one of the attendees a Where s Wally card ! Brilliant plan you came up with !
Posted by lynhzb on 3 Feb, 2014

Littledaff, Hungary
I'm in :)
I'll send a card this week, just to be sure it arrives in time.
Posted by Littledaff on 3 Feb, 2014

MissPatitaV, Spain
I love the idea! Tomorrow my postcard will go your way!
Posted by MissPatitaV on 3 Feb, 2014

ironseafish, Germany
I'd be happy to help/participate! Just one question - could you tell us a 'due date'?
Posted by ironseafish on 3 Feb, 2014

PostcardPerfect, United States of America
will send my card tomorrow :)
Posted by PostcardPerfect on 3 Feb, 2014

Cello_77, United States of America
This is a fantastic idea and the best way to help them experience the wonder that is PostCrossing first-hand! I'll send one!
Posted by Cello_77 on 3 Feb, 2014

devc, Portugal
Hey Ana! You can count me in!
Btw, can't we also watch the conference? I would love to go! :D
Posted by devc on 3 Feb, 2014

bellissima, Portugal
I am Portuguese and will gladly send a postcard myself too :D this should be funny!
Posted by bellissima on 3 Feb, 2014

Saouri, Spain
Sure!. I will help too, Ana.
Posted by Saouri on 3 Feb, 2014

Lucy156, United Kingdom
I will send one!
Posted by Lucy156 on 3 Feb, 2014

minnasusanne, Finland
Yay, a perfect idea to show what Postcrossing is about: receiving a card from a friend you don't know yet!
I'm in. :-)
Posted by minnasusanne on 3 Feb, 2014

Byurakn, Denmark
Awesome! I will send one from Armenia and I hope my fellow Armenian postcrossers will join, too :)
Posted by Byurakn on 3 Feb, 2014

vgaiduk, Russia
I'll send one!
Posted by vgaiduk on 3 Feb, 2014

Jaju, Belgium
One from Belgium will be soon on its way! :-)
Posted by Jaju on 3 Feb, 2014

Val38, France
postcard ready! will fly tomorrow! :D
Posted by Val38 on 3 Feb, 2014

Mama-Bear, United States of America
Mine is going out to you today! Good luck!
Posted by Mama-Bear on 3 Feb, 2014

kleinemoek, Netherlands
I'm in!
Posted by kleinemoek on 3 Feb, 2014

Shadia74, United Kingdom
Already in the post! Have a nice time in Portugal, best wishes from London !
Posted by Shadia74 on 3 Feb, 2014

mere5oh, United States of America
Ana, you helped me out last year by sharing my Mom's story on Facebook and my request for birthday cards for her came in droves! I'd be happy to send some cards out. I will get on it later today - my hubby is having surgery tomorrow on his back :(, so we're a little busy right now.

I hope you get hundreds of cards!!!
Posted by mere5oh on 3 Feb, 2014

boutondor, Netherlands
I'm in!
Posted by boutondor on 3 Feb, 2014

boutondor, Netherlands
Your mailman will be stunned! lol
Posted by boutondor on 3 Feb, 2014

SaskiaL, Germany
Ana, of course I will help you!
I send you one from Germany!
Posted by SaskiaL on 3 Feb, 2014

Sophie54, Netherlands
I'll send a postcard, love the idea.
Posted by Sophie54 on 3 Feb, 2014

elbe, Germany
Have fun! Cards will come! :)
Posted by elbe on 3 Feb, 2014

Bivi, Netherlands
Great idea, Ana! I hope it will feel like we are all standing on that stage beside you, supporting you :) A card and a hug on the way from the Netherlands.
Posted by Bivi on 3 Feb, 2014

whiti, Indonesia
I'm writing one now! Good luck for your presentation!
Posted by whiti on 3 Feb, 2014

JulieMary, Canada
Oh, I want to send one, and I will. The thing is that it won't reach you in a month, thanks to Venezuelan sucky postal service. :( Well, you'd get to keep it then. :)
Posted by JulieMary on 3 Feb, 2014

keluka, Portugal
Hi! When and where in Portugal will be the conference?
Posted by keluka on 3 Feb, 2014

amylyn, United States of America
Posted by amylyn on 3 Feb, 2014

nurse0ncall, United States of America
ill send one too :)
Posted by nurse0ncall on 3 Feb, 2014

Spanishliz, Canada
One from Canada, ready to send! Great idea :)
Posted by Spanishliz on 3 Feb, 2014

ukhty, Russia
I hope many postcrossers from Russian-speaking league will support this great initiative. I'll do!
Posted by ukhty on 3 Feb, 2014

Camelia-TSAI, Taiwan
It's time to share with many other people.✌(*≧∇≦*)
Posted by Camelia-TSAI on 3 Feb, 2014

sunny12981, Taiwan
What a great idea! One will be one the way! Good luck on the presentation ! I hope you could share the result and the audience's reaction with us. :)
Posted by sunny12981 on 3 Feb, 2014

marigg, Germany
Great idea, mine is on its way!
Posted by marigg on 3 Feb, 2014

Shakujii, Japan
My card is on the way from Tokyo!
Posted by Shakujii on 3 Feb, 2014

KAS, Norway
Great idea, card from Norway written tonight, will be posted tomorrow morning!
Posted by KAS on 3 Feb, 2014

Iryna1, United States of America
What a great idea! Thank you for this! I'm in!
Posted by Iryna1 on 3 Feb, 2014

rossana_95, Slovenia
I'm in ! :D
Posted by rossana_95 on 3 Feb, 2014

Rizzopat, Switzerland
Postcard is (almost) on it's way...!
Posted by Rizzopat on 3 Feb, 2014

Maijuski, Finland
Great idea, I'm in!
Posted by Maijuski on 3 Feb, 2014

nayak14, India
hope this inspires many to start post crossing :)
sending a card today !
Posted by nayak14 on 3 Feb, 2014

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Lovely, Ana! I will send from Brazil! In Portuguese!hahahaha
Posted by Luziaceleste on 3 Feb, 2014

annibaer, Luxembourg
I am in too, wonderful idea :)
Posted by annibaer on 3 Feb, 2014

Zwergi, Germany
Count me in! I will write one or two postcards for the people.
Posted by Zwergi on 3 Feb, 2014

moozicfreak, India
I just wrote the post card.
Reading your postcards gave me goosebumps in a very good way. ;) :D Im sure they would feel so good :D
Posted by moozicfreak on 3 Feb, 2014

ohnetitel, Germany
soooooo cool, i'm totally in!!!!! :):)
Posted by ohnetitel on 3 Feb, 2014

se1959, Canada
I'm sending one from Halifax, NS, Canada. It's written just have to put stamps on it:)
Posted by se1959 on 3 Feb, 2014

Pucite, Latvia
written. will send tomorrow! :)
Posted by Pucite on 3 Feb, 2014

foxfires, United Kingdom
Posted by foxfires on 3 Feb, 2014

PortugalPost, Portugal
It's an honor to have in my country, hope everything works out :D
Posted by PortugalPost on 3 Feb, 2014

sovreader, United States of America
I love the idea! Choosing a postcard now!
Posted by sovreader on 3 Feb, 2014

Romy0910, Netherlands
I will do that, you will receive a lot of cards as I see.
Posted by Romy0910 on 3 Feb, 2014

FlagGazer, United States of America
Posted by FlagGazer on 3 Feb, 2014

crossingoceans, Germany
No need to be shy! It´s such a great project! My card is written!
Posted by crossingoceans on 3 Feb, 2014

Memaw, United States of America
Mailed mine today! Great idea! A picture is worth a thousand words! Love Postcrossing!!
Posted by Memaw on 3 Feb, 2014

foxfusion, Spain
great, tomorrw i'll send one, hope you have a big success!!!
Posted by foxfusion on 3 Feb, 2014

nanapoli, Mexico
I'll definetelly doing it! Hope the postcard gets there in time :(
Posted by nanapoli on 3 Feb, 2014

Dijks65, Netherlands
Postcard written and sent.! Wonderful idea. Wish you a lot of success!!
Posted by Dijks65 on 3 Feb, 2014

Lujzee, Hungary
Posted by Lujzee on 3 Feb, 2014

moonlight24, United States of America
Count me in! Happy to help!
Posted by moonlight24 on 3 Feb, 2014

skoggy, United Kingdom
I'll send one!
Posted by skoggy on 3 Feb, 2014

mondkind, Germany
i will send one too :)
Posted by mondkind on 3 Feb, 2014

tsvetana, Bulgaria
One from Bulgaria on its way ;)
Posted by tsvetana on 3 Feb, 2014

Nani_, Finland
One on the way!
Posted by Nani_ on 3 Feb, 2014

Papusz, United Kingdom
Postcard written, I'll send it tomorrow :)
Posted by Papusz on 3 Feb, 2014

jisve, Czech Republic
Hi Im just beginner with Postcrossing but I like the idea very much. Just sending a card to support you :-)
Posted by jisve on 3 Feb, 2014

Mimi1_2, Germany
I sent you one from Germany!
Posted by Mimi1_2 on 3 Feb, 2014

Zwergi, Germany
Two cards ready to go.
Posted by Zwergi on 3 Feb, 2014

DanielleSabine, Netherlands
I'll send one from Holland!
Posted by DanielleSabine on 3 Feb, 2014

icerca, Portugal
Olá Ana! Enviarei um postal para Braga e escrito em português ehehe! Boa sorte para o TED!! :)
Posted by icerca on 3 Feb, 2014

Annika0711, Germany
I'm totally in!
Go for it, Ana!! :)
Posted by Annika0711 on 3 Feb, 2014

devc, Portugal
É para o TedxOporto? Que espectacular! Boa sorte!
Posted by devc on 3 Feb, 2014

Philgelico, France
I did it right now !
Posted by Philgelico on 3 Feb, 2014

fallingrockinct, United States of America
It will be done
Posted by fallingrockinct on 3 Feb, 2014

Orrismb, Germany
I'm in. Maybe you could post a wall of all of the postcards that you get! I'd love to see them.
Posted by Orrismb on 3 Feb, 2014

Alane, United Kingdom
Yep, a postcard will be send tomorrow. That's a great idea, good luck! ^__^
Posted by Alane on 3 Feb, 2014

Hugsonpaper, United Kingdom
What a good idea, I'm in!
Posted by Hugsonpaper on 3 Feb, 2014

JanineL, Netherlands
Good luck Ana, you can do this! I'll post a card this evening!
Posted by JanineL on 3 Feb, 2014

TessaSparky, Netherlands
From the Netherlands Northern part (Fryslân ) I 'm sending one tomorrow :)
Posted by TessaSparky on 3 Feb, 2014

FleurigeBloem, Netherlands
From Holland, Zeewolde is a card on his way to Portugal!!!!
Posted by FleurigeBloem on 3 Feb, 2014

gettysburgbob, United States of America
i managed to get down the driveway and out through the snow to the post office....your two cards are sent....good luck at your talk! this is a great idea.....
Posted by gettysburgbob on 3 Feb, 2014

Vaironique, France
Très bonne idée. Ma carte partira demain de France.
Posted by Vaironique on 3 Feb, 2014

fallingrockinct, United States of America
you will have to post pictures of the event.
Posted by fallingrockinct on 3 Feb, 2014

anemone1, Finland
Count me in!
Posted by anemone1 on 3 Feb, 2014

tulp57, Netherlands
A small card can make a big difference! I will mail my card tomorrow.......
Posted by tulp57 on 3 Feb, 2014

nugget, United States of America
Great idea! I'll get one sent to you this week. And I pray that you'll be confident and composed when you make your presentation. Please share with us how it goes.
Posted by nugget on 3 Feb, 2014

H1ldeke, Belgium
YES ! this is great !
Posted by H1ldeke on 3 Feb, 2014

xtlera, Germany
That is an awesome idea, Ana :) I am going to send a postcard, of course.
Posted by xtlera on 3 Feb, 2014

ankehans, Netherlands
One from Utrecht coming up! :)
Posted by ankehans on 3 Feb, 2014

Speicher3, Germany
I think you'll need a wheeled suitcase. One?! Sending a postcard from Lower Saxony, Germany.
Posted by Speicher3 on 3 Feb, 2014

mousetoxic, Russia
Almost ready. :) I'll mail a card from Russia tomorrow in the morning. Good luck!
Posted by mousetoxic on 3 Feb, 2014

Vivre, Netherlands
Posted by Vivre on 3 Feb, 2014

OVERIJSSEL, Netherlands
OVERIJSSEL sent a postcard too.
Posted by OVERIJSSEL on 3 Feb, 2014

eri_alejandra, Argentina
Absolutely, Anna! I'll send a beautiful postcard from the lovely Argentina. :)
Posted by eri_alejandra on 3 Feb, 2014

steffim, Germany
Great idea, Ana! I am definitely in, too!
Posted by steffim on 3 Feb, 2014

jetlag, Germany
Olá Ana, é uma idéia magnífica. Acabei de mandar um cartão postal. Boa sorte e um abraço!
Posted by jetlag on 3 Feb, 2014

Gaenseliesel, France
Great idea! Let us know how many cards you received and tell us about the reactions!
I'll send one tomorrow from France. :)
Posted by Gaenseliesel on 3 Feb, 2014

vosbourn, United States of America
I'm on it! You'll be getting one from New Mexico :)
Posted by vosbourn on 3 Feb, 2014

anneopie, United States of America
Count me in! Postcrossing rocks! : )
Posted by anneopie on 3 Feb, 2014

crazyaboutpostcard, Canada
Absolutely! Canadian postcard on the way!
Posted by crazyaboutpostcard on 3 Feb, 2014

Liondancer, Germany
Saúdes da Alamanha written on a winter landscape
Posted by Liondancer on 3 Feb, 2014

Cicasi, Hungary
I'm in! :) Card is ready, I'll send the card on Wednesday with prioritaire. You are great and You will be great on that special day too!
Posted by Cicasi on 3 Feb, 2014

marica_t, United States of America
Sending a postcard to you tomorrow! :)
Posted by marica_t on 3 Feb, 2014

Joffley, Germany
I'm in! Today is my little Postcrossing anniversary - 365 days since I found this amazing community. I'll be glad to let other people feel the joy of receiving 'live' mail :)
Posted by Joffley on 3 Feb, 2014

eyedraw, Switzerland
Mine will be on the way tomorrow ;D
Posted by eyedraw on 3 Feb, 2014

honzuki, French Polynesia
I'm in too ! As others said, you won't be alone on that stage !
Posted by honzuki on 3 Feb, 2014

manxious, Finland
Count me, too, in
Posted by manxious on 3 Feb, 2014

Evilynn, Finland
I just wrote mine and it will be in the mail tomorrow :) Thanks for this great idea! There will be many postcards from Finland I assume, mine is just one of those. ;) Good luck there!
Posted by Evilynn on 3 Feb, 2014

Tony_Arashony, Belarus
It's a great idea! I'm in too=)
Posted by Tony_Arashony on 3 Feb, 2014

MissKnoben, Netherlands
Another card is on it's way. Have fun at the congress. You'll rock!
Posted by MissKnoben on 3 Feb, 2014

zachary, Canada
Card on the way from Canada. Good luck with the speech.
Posted by zachary on 3 Feb, 2014

Protea, Germany
Of course I'll write a card, too.
I am pretty sure your speech will be just perfect Ana. Toi,toi toi
Posted by Protea on 3 Feb, 2014

kyrain, United States of America
printing the address as we speak :) I like this idea.
Posted by kyrain on 3 Feb, 2014

cleopatra-matta, Italy
Great idea! I'm in!
Posted by cleopatra-matta on 3 Feb, 2014

cilekokusu, Turkey
Yeap, i'm in, too :)
Posted by cilekokusu on 3 Feb, 2014

adriennegarry, New Zealand
Coming from. New Zealand, leaving today !
Posted by adriennegarry on 3 Feb, 2014

bm123i, United States of America
I will send a card :) the Portuguese people are the nicest people :) My Grandmother came from Madeira
Posted by bm123i on 3 Feb, 2014

Damounette, France
I'm in too ;)
Posted by Damounette on 3 Feb, 2014

Quincy_cards, Netherlands
Quincy cards is in too!
Marvelous idea.
Posted by Quincy_cards on 3 Feb, 2014

stjohnsgirl, Australia
You can count on me!
Posted by stjohnsgirl on 3 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
Thank you everyone! Your outpour of support is really overwhelming and incredibly nice. Postcrossers sure are the best! :)

I will definitely be updating you with photos of the postcards (provided by my brother, who I'm bribing with chocolate in order for him to empty his PO box regularly), and I'm quite certain there will be video evidence of the talk to share later... I'll keep you posted! :D
Posted by meiadeleite on 3 Feb, 2014

Gesch, Germany
Count me in. I think it's a wonderful idea. They sure will enjoy that. :)
Posted by Gesch on 3 Feb, 2014

anna44, United Kingdom
It's on its way x x a
Posted by anna44 on 3 Feb, 2014

Trenker, Germany
A card is on its way to Portugal.. and good luck :)
Posted by Trenker on 3 Feb, 2014

teru_akira, Ukraine
Already waiting for a postman!
Posted by teru_akira on 3 Feb, 2014

amyvnwijk, Netherlands
A card from Holland is on the way! Good luck with the presentation, I'm sure you'll do great! :)
Posted by amyvnwijk on 3 Feb, 2014

Nana805, France
I'm in !
Participo com gosto..
Boa conferência .
Posted by Nana805 on 3 Feb, 2014

EliLinde, Netherlands
My card is on it's way too. Portugal is one of my favourite holiday destinations, have spent many summers basking in the sunlight. So enjoy !
Posted by EliLinde on 3 Feb, 2014

Entz, United States of America
Sending a postcard from OKLAHOMA
Posted by Entz on 3 Feb, 2014

verucas_chaos, United States of America
Consider it done.
Posted by verucas_chaos on 3 Feb, 2014

tumbleweed, Germany
I will send one, too. I am a Portuguese-speaking German, so I hope my card will be a nice little "surpresa" for an attendee! :-)
Posted by tumbleweed on 3 Feb, 2014

venzo, France
I'm in, sending a postcard from Corsica (France). Great idea and I'm sure it will be a great moment, good luck !
Posted by venzo on 3 Feb, 2014

ankehelene, Germany
I'll add my address, so the receiver has the possibility to write his/her first postcard ;-)
Posted by ankehelene on 3 Feb, 2014

abbyaguas, Philippines
That's great :D

I'm willing to help!
Posted by abbyaguas on 3 Feb, 2014

pixiebc, Canada
A card from Vancouver on its way to you now :)
Posted by pixiebc on 3 Feb, 2014

zuyor, Spain
the card is on way...of course I'm in ;)
Posted by zuyor on 3 Feb, 2014

Nilkaras, Germany
I've also just finished writing a card :)
I should have picked a bigger one though, I wanted to write so much more than what actually fit on the card :(
Well, I wish you luck with the talk and really hope there will be many happy faces afterwards :)
Posted by Nilkaras on 3 Feb, 2014

RalfH, Germany
My one is on its way now! Good luck!
Posted by RalfH on 3 Feb, 2014

geminiscp, Portugal
awesome! :) Boa sorte!!! :D
Posted by geminiscp on 3 Feb, 2014

Alison65, Spain
Just written mine the post tomorrow
Posted by Alison65 on 3 Feb, 2014

Eimamu, Finland
Consider it done!!
Posted by Eimamu on 3 Feb, 2014

Fireant667, United States of America
It's in the mailbox! :D This is great, I hope you inspire many more to join our community!
Posted by Fireant667 on 3 Feb, 2014

die-Dusche, Canada
Posting mine after I send in this comment XD
Posted by die-Dusche on 3 Feb, 2014

moose64, Germany
I just sent mine to your address. It's such a good idea to share all these cards.
Posted by moose64 on 3 Feb, 2014

paradonym, Germany
OMG I received a postcard from Ana month ago ;D Crazy that I don't remember which card on my room-wall, but the user behind that cards.
Just printed an own photo as a big card (maximum postcard sizes from our post office) to send it, and I don't know whether it'll stay only that card. Probably I'll send much more cards. Expect more than one. Normally if I'm writing postcards I can't stop it.
Posted by paradonym on 3 Feb, 2014

IDonCarlos, United States of America
I really enjoy your blogs, Ana. I was amused that you thought of writing the postcards yourself - allowing us to join in is the whole purpose of Postcrossing. You can be sure I will be writing at least one card. Or maybe a half dozen!
Posted by IDonCarlos on 3 Feb, 2014

chrissybaby, Ireland
Just read about this a moment ago - surely there will be a postcard from Ireland. It will be in the post tomorrow :)
Posted by chrissybaby on 3 Feb, 2014

Magdolfi, Netherlands
Tomorrow my card will be on its way to Portugal. Lots of success! :)
Posted by Magdolfi on 3 Feb, 2014

kickkiki, Netherlands
Helping you for sure! Such a good idea, and good luck with the event...after you've done it you'll probably feel even stronger than before :)
Posted by kickkiki on 3 Feb, 2014

MrDonut, Poland
FEELINGS - it is an essence of postcards and Postcrossing.
Posted by MrDonut on 3 Feb, 2014

MrsBirds, Netherlands
Another one from the Netherland comming your way. Succes with your presentation and let us know how many card arrived there in Braga. Love to hear how the reactions are.
Posted by MrsBirds on 3 Feb, 2014

Friz, Italy
tomorrow I'll send a card from Italy. The main reason why guys must know postcrossing is about geography. I have 3 kids...they don't know where the countries are in this world, they don't study the capitals of the countries at school. East, West, North, all identical. The beauty of getting a card from a far country is to understand where it comes from and to check on the world map where that city is situated...Great occasion really. ciao from Italy. Alfredo.
Posted by Friz on 3 Feb, 2014

sumares, Puerto Rico
Expect multiple postcards from me! :) I love the idea!
Posted by sumares on 3 Feb, 2014

Soapqueen, Germany
What a great idea! I´m in!!!!
Posted by Soapqueen on 3 Feb, 2014

fiddlesticks, Germany
Count me in, Ana!
Posted by fiddlesticks on 3 Feb, 2014

puspawardani, Netherlands
did it! tomorrow a postcard will be on its way to Portugal
Posted by puspawardani on 3 Feb, 2014

Shar65, United States of America
Two cards from South Carolina are on the way! Great idea...thanks for letting us be a part of it!
Posted by Shar65 on 3 Feb, 2014

FennaHarma, Netherlands
My postcard is on his way to Portugal. Greats Fenna
Posted by FennaHarma on 3 Feb, 2014

Willi, Germany
Hi Ana,

great idea! Cad is written and on the way...
Posted by Willi on 3 Feb, 2014

ESD, United States of America
Absolutely, Ana! Mine will go out tomorrow! :)
Posted by ESD on 3 Feb, 2014

Fleurdunord, France
card written. I'm pleased to help you :)
Posted by Fleurdunord on 3 Feb, 2014

jr11577, Ireland
Sending tomorrow too.
Posted by jr11577 on 3 Feb, 2014

Coralynx, France
With pleasure, but who do I address it to? Have your name on the card makes you feel so special.. So if you have a list of names of people invited that would be een better!! Giving them bags of mail destined for them, with THEIR name on the card!!
Posted by Coralynx on 3 Feb, 2014

Ynnoc, United States of America
Consider it done..... my pleasure. Ynnoc from the USA
Posted by Ynnoc on 3 Feb, 2014

shiguzman, Costa Rica
Sending one... or two...
Posted by shiguzman on 3 Feb, 2014

Kirsji, United States of America
Sending a card tomorrow :)
Posted by Kirsji on 3 Feb, 2014

AnthonyDS, Portugal
Calro que sim, ainda por cima tão pertinho. Eu so de Guimaraes.
Boa Sorte Vizinha!
Posted by AnthonyDS on 3 Feb, 2014

zete1960, United States of America
Sending one out tomorrow from Kansas!!
Posted by zete1960 on 4 Feb, 2014

sinta, Indonesia
I'm sending my support from Indonesia! ^_*
Posted by sinta on 4 Feb, 2014

joy9430, Hong Kong
Love to join this! I will find a nice one and send out tomorrow! :D
Posted by joy9430 on 4 Feb, 2014

susandg, Philippines
I'm in! Hope my postcard from the Philippines makes it in time for your presentation. Best of luck! :-)
Posted by susandg on 4 Feb, 2014

uniek, Indonesia
I'll be very glad to send a postcard for this nice project, Anna. Hope my postcard will be received before the event held.
Posted by uniek on 4 Feb, 2014

moonlessnite, Canada
Break a leg, ANA! Card sent.
Posted by moonlessnite on 4 Feb, 2014

purpleferret, Canada
Ana, it is in the mail!
Posted by purpleferret on 4 Feb, 2014

Kho4th, United States of America
Postcrossing has brightened my days and I can't wait for the mail to come. So much better than bills, and my little help in keeping writing alive.
Posted by Kho4th on 4 Feb, 2014

MATC, Japan
Great idea! I'll send a couple of postcards (from Japan and Philippines). Hope they reach you before the event. Good luck, and I hope you will be able to encourage more people (especially young people) to participate in this wonderful project.
Posted by MATC on 4 Feb, 2014

mayred, Australia
I'd love to be a part of this, i will send you the cards tomorrow :) Cheers from the Philippines
Posted by mayred on 4 Feb, 2014

Sreisaat, Cambodia
I may be inactive here but I'd love to help you out. Hope it reaches you soon!
Posted by Sreisaat on 4 Feb, 2014

Wei_Yi, Malaysia
Great! Will send you a card asap :)
Posted by Wei_Yi on 4 Feb, 2014

blesstheladybug, Philippines
Just hope the cards reach you in time for the event. God bless you Ana! Way to go. Cheers from the. Philippines!
Posted by blesstheladybug on 4 Feb, 2014

Shanty8, South Africa
I will send one today, I hope it reaches you in time!
Posted by Shanty8 on 4 Feb, 2014

Ushanga, Kenya
I'm a relative new member of postcrossing and already my office wall has about 20 cards to brighten up my day... A card from Kenya is on its way :)
Posted by Ushanga on 4 Feb, 2014

Nzqu, Finland
I'm happy to help! A card is on its way already. :)
Posted by Nzqu on 4 Feb, 2014

Vitkogan, Georgia
Sending you a postcard from Republic of Georgia! :) Cheers!
Posted by Vitkogan on 4 Feb, 2014

smeusje, Belgium
I send IT today
Posted by smeusje on 4 Feb, 2014

Lpd, Russia
Please wait for my postcard! And GOOOOOD LUCK!
Posted by Lpd on 4 Feb, 2014

robert1, United States of America
Marvelous idea! I'll try to have mine mailed by the end of this week or early next week at the latest. Have a wonderful time at the conference Ana!
Posted by robert1 on 4 Feb, 2014

Help777, Russia
It's really a wonderfull idea!!!! I'd like to join, but I don't catch one thing, if you are not in portugal right now, who will get & collect all these cards that have been alredy sent? Won't they be lost?
Posted by Help777 on 4 Feb, 2014

erdalkara, Turkey
This is a perfectly well-intentioned invitation. I prepared a card immedialtely and going to send it today... Come on folks lets show the power of postcrossers.. :)
Posted by erdalkara on 4 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@Help777 my brother promised to empty the PO box regularly! :)
Posted by meiadeleite on 4 Feb, 2014

nuni_moldovan, Romania
I am in with a card from the heart of Transylvania :)
Posted by nuni_moldovan on 4 Feb, 2014

pucky, Netherlands
yes Ana, I will join this great event and send my card today!
Posted by pucky on 4 Feb, 2014

Pohuenui, Germany
I'm in :-)
Posted by Pohuenui on 4 Feb, 2014

hooker, Australia
I'm in too. I've put a few together and written on all of them .. hope the talk goes well!
Posted by hooker on 4 Feb, 2014

CJSW, United States of America
Great idea! I'm in,too!
Posted by CJSW on 4 Feb, 2014

milongo, France
Hello Ana, I'll send a postcard from France :)
Best wishes!
Posted by milongo on 4 Feb, 2014

Zimany, Switzerland
We will send one, too. It will be also interesting to know how many cards you can collect. Good luck for the presentation
Posted by Zimany on 4 Feb, 2014

DinaW, United Kingdom
Hi Ana, will send something:) What is the event? What is the theme of your talk/ presentation? What outcome are you hoping to achieve? Lots of love, D.
Posted by DinaW on 4 Feb, 2014

Luzsoul, Russia
I'm defenitely in! Hope all the cards will be presented to the attendees as there can be really many cards based on the comments above from the postcrossing prticipants:))))
Posted by Luzsoul on 4 Feb, 2014

apignata, Brazil
I'm in! Just wrote the text in the postcard and I'll send it today. Good luck in the conference. It will be great!
Posted by apignata on 4 Feb, 2014

snertje1972, Netherlands
Great idea!
I'll post mine today!

Wishing you a lot of succes

Posted by snertje1972 on 4 Feb, 2014

rotviolett, Austria
Postcard written and stamped - it will start its journey today from Austria to Portugal :)
Posted by rotviolett on 4 Feb, 2014

friedsparrow, United States of America
Done. Sent. Postcard from Chicago headed your way. I addressed it to "Ana" but I hope that whoever reads it knows that it was written for them. I just wanted to make sure that it reached your mailbox alright.
Good luck at the conference/seminar/speaking engagement! There need to be more proselytizers for real mail in this world :)
Posted by friedsparrow on 4 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@GnuD I don't want to say the name of the event for fear it will spoil the surprise when the attendee's google it... but I can say it's a regional version of a big worldwide conference.

The theme of this year's conference is "emotions" and the things that move us. I'll be focusing on the small pleasures of receiving mail, and the difference that small moment can make. I'm hoping many people will realize the power of postcards, and who knows... perhaps join Postcrossing too (and make the world a better place!) :D
Posted by meiadeleite on 4 Feb, 2014

duam78, France
Written and stamped - From France to Portugal :)
Posted by duam78 on 4 Feb, 2014

fidelma, Netherlands
Good luck Ana. I'll send you a card from the Netherlands.
Posted by fidelma on 4 Feb, 2014

zenyth, Germany
My card is written and on the way.
May your speech show the audience that postcrossing is a pleasure...
Posted by zenyth on 4 Feb, 2014

kotschka, Germany
Hello Anna, card is in the mailbox. Good luck and all the best from Germany.
Posted by kotschka on 4 Feb, 2014

ekofan, Netherlands
of course I will do this. It's a splendid idea!!!
I would like to see there faces when the here about how it comes. i really would like to do that myself That must be great telling about this fabulous hobby. And please just be yourself and tell them alll about the postcrossing just the way you do.I wish you a lot of succes.
Yes you can!
Posted by ekofan on 4 Feb, 2014

Brilly, Germany
The postcard is on its way!
Ana, we're with you. You can do this. Stay confident - you're supporting a wonderful project!
Posted by Brilly on 4 Feb, 2014

rosieam, Australia
What a great idea! A postcard on its way from Australia :)
Posted by rosieam on 4 Feb, 2014

hilima, Finland
Postcrossing brings so much happiness!I'm definitely sending a card.
Posted by hilima on 4 Feb, 2014

CorivomSee, Germany
You had a woderful idea :) I need to support this. My card is on its way!
Posted by CorivomSee on 4 Feb, 2014

indianfriendszone, India
Postcard from India... on its way...
Happy Postcrossing..
Best of Luck and Enjoy..
Posted by indianfriendszone on 4 Feb, 2014

gilthoniel0322, Taiwan
as one of postcard lover, I will definitely support this wonderful idea!
My card will on its way after Chinese New Year because post offices in Taiwan are also on vacation for this lol.
Go Ana!
Posted by gilthoniel0322 on 4 Feb, 2014

konkajo, Finland
Where are all my postcrossing stamps - ok, found and cards are on the way
Posted by konkajo on 4 Feb, 2014

Sajury, Lithuania
ofcourse i am in :)
Posted by Sajury on 4 Feb, 2014

Lindesimpino, Russia
Done! Best luck with it!
Posted by Lindesimpino on 4 Feb, 2014

Aussie55, Australia
What a fantastic idea, my card is on it's way. Good luck and don't worry you will do just fine. We just love Postcrossing
Posted by Aussie55 on 4 Feb, 2014

danielc, United Kingdom
Great idea! A London postcard is on its way from me.
Posted by danielc on 4 Feb, 2014

Drielandenpunt, Netherlands
We are in too! And since there´s three of us, we will send three cards. Ana, do keep us posted how it went... we keep our fingers crossed!
Posted by Drielandenpunt on 4 Feb, 2014

crazyranga, India
Will Handmade cards do...???
Posted by crazyranga on 4 Feb, 2014

PauloFerreira7103, Portugal
Well, i´m from Portugal and didn´t knew that you were going to be im my country. Where you will be?
Posted by PauloFerreira7103 on 4 Feb, 2014

Cheryll, Suriname
Ana, just posted a card :) , with pleasure too!!
you are one of the main persons in postcrossing too :) so i feel honored. i hope i can ask if the meeting has something to do with International Woman's Day , anyway success on stage!
Posted by Cheryll on 4 Feb, 2014

AngeliReid12, Philippines
Sending a postcard by tomorrow morning
Posted by AngeliReid12 on 4 Feb, 2014

guineafowl, South Africa
I'm sending one from South Africa, hope it will be there in time.
Posted by guineafowl on 4 Feb, 2014

McGinger, United States of America
Consider it done. In this world of intangible communication it is so nice to be able to feel the words on the postcard. The indentations made by the words as they are written. The thrill of making contact with someone far away. It's a small adventure every time I receive a postcard. Thanks for making our worlds collide in such a beautiful way.
Posted by McGinger on 4 Feb, 2014

sumares, Puerto Rico
Using my investigative skills, I figured out the exact details of this secret event :P

I already mailed one postcard yesterday, and am preparing more today! :) ... from PR to PO!
Posted by sumares on 4 Feb, 2014

manme, Finland
I'm sending a card from Finland :)
Ana, this is great idea! I wish you good luck!
Posted by manme on 4 Feb, 2014

isagv, Germany
I'm in Ana. :) Hugs!
Posted by isagv on 4 Feb, 2014

Aussiebear, Australia
Good luck with your speech Ana! I'm sure it will go well! I'll mail a card from Australia later today!
Posted by Aussiebear on 4 Feb, 2014

-Candice-, United States of America
I'll be happy to send a card, Ana. Enjoy the conference!
Posted by -Candice- on 4 Feb, 2014

Duplevista, United Kingdom
One in the mail tomorrow dear Ana - you will be fantastic, they will love you :)
Posted by Duplevista on 4 Feb, 2014

YiliLoh, Malaysia
It's a wonderful idea! Good luck for your conference! :)
Posted by YiliLoh on 4 Feb, 2014

claudia_s, Portugal
Olá! Sendo a conferência em Portugal posso escrever em português? Ou trata-se de uma audiência internacional?
Posted by claudia_s on 4 Feb, 2014

Sprinkledonut, Canada
Hi Ana! I'm happy to send a card for your conference. Great idea! Good luck. Smile and enjoy all those people who are there to learn about Postcrossing. Share your passion and enthusiasm and you will be great! Picture them naked if it helps!
Posted by Sprinkledonut on 4 Feb, 2014

Lips, United States of America
Another is on its way from Colorado.
Posted by Lips on 4 Feb, 2014

mapa, Belgium
One from Belgium and good luck to you on stage!
Posted by mapa on 4 Feb, 2014

DocRoc, Germany
Hallo Ana, sure you can count on me.
I think, that it is a great idea to show the magic behind Postcrossing or getting postcards in general.
We all back you on stage with our thoughts & cards!
Posted by DocRoc on 4 Feb, 2014

castledane, Ireland
I have already posted a postcard from Ireland, Good Luck Ana, wishing you all the best.
Posted by castledane on 4 Feb, 2014

encus625, Hungary
From Hungary, Eger an another with a beautiful landscape! :)
Posted by encus625 on 4 Feb, 2014

zzz, Serbia
One from Serbia is (almost) on its way to you :)
Posted by zzz on 4 Feb, 2014

icamon, Sweden
I'll send one from Sweden.
Posted by icamon on 4 Feb, 2014

blacklisted, Germany
I've already send a card :-)
Posted by blacklisted on 4 Feb, 2014

PaulineChristine, Germany
My card from Germany is on the way.
Posted by PaulineChristine on 4 Feb, 2014

kaylee91, Canada
I will send one from Canada :)
Posted by kaylee91 on 4 Feb, 2014

rini_rinrin, Indonesia
Another one from Indonesia will accompanying you Ana ^_^
I'll send tomorrow ^_^
Posted by rini_rinrin on 4 Feb, 2014

JoaoNogueira, Portugal
Great Idea - Of course I'll send a card!
(Amanhã já segue um postalzinho do Fundão! :) )
Posted by JoaoNogueira on 4 Feb, 2014

cbayha, United States of America
Ana - I know you will have a great time and do a great job! I've mailed off 5 different postcards today! I hope you are overwhelmed with postcards!
Posted by cbayha on 4 Feb, 2014

renheek, United Kingdom
I'll get one in the post tomorrow. Great idea.
Posted by renheek on 4 Feb, 2014

merryrose22, Canada
I am sending 3 from Canada. :)
Posted by merryrose22 on 4 Feb, 2014

LanaBuzok, Ukraine
One card from Ukraine is on it way to you. Good luck!
Posted by LanaBuzok on 4 Feb, 2014

creoledreamer, United States of America
A card is on the way.
Posted by creoledreamer on 4 Feb, 2014

DAHwoman, United States of America
post crossing is really fun for me as Im disabled and no longer able to travel. And making friends along the way is a big PLUS! Its so nice to get "HAPPY MAIL" in my post box instead of only bills. So grateful for this hobby!
I will send a card for this effort. Make it bigger!
Posted by DAHwoman on 4 Feb, 2014

ALr, Germany
Will do! Could you tell us about this event at this place afterwards? I don't always have time to study the news forums, but always check the blog. Good luck!
Posted by ALr on 4 Feb, 2014

inPhobos, Germany
Card going to Braga - been there too, some years agao. :)
Posted by inPhobos on 4 Feb, 2014

Laurentina, Portugal
Olá, Ana,
Seria óptimo se conseguisse mais aderentes. Postcrossing dá vida à nossa caixa do correio. Conte com um postal meu. Abraço,
Aida Veloso
Posted by Laurentina on 4 Feb, 2014

Taatje, Netherlands
One cards to Portugal coming up!
Posted by Taatje on 4 Feb, 2014

Katshuis, Netherlands
Vandaag Balverts fruitbar gepost.
Posted by Katshuis on 4 Feb, 2014

DumitruCatalin, Romania
One postcard from Romania sent today. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great! Wonderful idea! :)
Posted by DumitruCatalin on 4 Feb, 2014

Sjaan__tje, Netherlands
Two cards on their way from Leiden! Good luck!!
Posted by Sjaan__tje on 4 Feb, 2014

AnniePost, United States of America
Well, of course I'll send a few cards!! This is going to be fun.
Posted by AnniePost on 4 Feb, 2014

rikspacs, Finland
Poor mailman who has to carry all these cards to you and you take them to congress :) card coming.
Posted by rikspacs on 4 Feb, 2014

T-essa, Netherlands
Written one today! I'll post it tomorrow or thursday! :)
Posted by T-essa on 4 Feb, 2014

wattwanderin, Germany
Dear Ana, I love your spotlights, hope to see all your received cards- my card will get there in time!I'll keep my fingers crossed for your presentation!
Posted by wattwanderin on 4 Feb, 2014

Mariette2, Netherlands
Hello Anna. Love to help! Your are getting a lot of help from all the postcrossers, but I will also contribute from the Netherlands!
Posted by Mariette2 on 4 Feb, 2014

Hildegarde, Belgium
You can do it, Ana !! Two cards of Belgium on their way, with beautiful stamps of course (part of the fun).
Posted by Hildegarde on 4 Feb, 2014

PerovaT, Russia
Good idea! I'll send a card tomorrow :)
Posted by PerovaT on 4 Feb, 2014

hmthompson, United States of America
This is the least I can give back to a person who has managed an incredible site.
It will be a pleasure to put the postcard in the mail tomorrow morning.
Posted by hmthompson on 4 Feb, 2014

minix, Slovakia
dear Ana,

I love this idea, two on their way from Slovakia tomorrow. :)
Posted by minix on 4 Feb, 2014

CanadianMagPie, Canada
Great idea! Will mail my Canadian postcard tomorrow!
Posted by CanadianMagPie on 4 Feb, 2014

delenn_mir, Poland
I will definitely send one :)
Posted by delenn_mir on 4 Feb, 2014

Janina74, Germany
Postcard is written and will be on its way tomorrow. :-) Good luck for your presentation, Ana!
Posted by Janina74 on 5 Feb, 2014

Jenni2014, Australia
Just written a postcard which I will post today.It is a great idea Ana.
Posted by Jenni2014 on 5 Feb, 2014

MarySt, United States of America
What a wonderful idea! I've got a card on it's way! Good luck with your talk!
Posted by MarySt on 5 Feb, 2014

TandemStoker, United States of America
dear ana,

wonderful idea!!! i'll put several in the mail tomorrow :)

Posted by TandemStoker on 5 Feb, 2014

CHRISTYHOLDEN, United States of America
I'm in! I love too!!
Posted by CHRISTYHOLDEN on 5 Feb, 2014

tayadorog, Belarus
I'm in! I have one last stamp for this weekend, and I will be glad to spend it THAT way! Wish you good luck in Portugal!
Posted by tayadorog on 5 Feb, 2014

Robbielynn, United States of America
Sent mine from Nashville, Tennessee USA naturally with a picture of a guitar!
Posted by Robbielynn on 5 Feb, 2014

Sylvette, Switzerland
Hello Ana, I'll send a postcard from Switzerland.
Posted by Sylvette on 5 Feb, 2014

smehlskow, Germany
Hello Ana!
Poor postman in Braga. Thousands of Cards will reach you
at Portugal. I´m in.
Greeting from Duisburg
Posted by smehlskow on 5 Feb, 2014

Vicky_B, Belarus
I'm in! Wait a postcard from Belarus!)
Posted by Vicky_B on 5 Feb, 2014

iphoto, Australia
Done deal Ana ;^}
Posted by iphoto on 5 Feb, 2014

Roadrunner73, Germany
Hello Ana
This sounds very good, and a card from me will go on its way to Portugal today.
And I bet the postman in Braga will have a lot of work soon ;-)
Posted by Roadrunner73 on 5 Feb, 2014

CaatjeS, Netherlands
And also a postcard from Holland with love...
Posted by CaatjeS on 5 Feb, 2014

eveke, Netherlands
2 postcards sent from the Netherlands
Posted by eveke on 5 Feb, 2014

Mynta, Finland
Postcard coming from here too.
Posted by Mynta on 5 Feb, 2014

Sutomi, Germany
..a fantastic idea, I just wrote postcards..all good things come by in threes ;o) ... ANA you will do it ;o)
Posted by Sutomi on 5 Feb, 2014

KoszmarnaKarolcia, Poland
It's a great idea, you have my support! ^^
Posted by KoszmarnaKarolcia on 5 Feb, 2014

TheBusyLibrarian, Netherlands
We also like to help. Card is written and on its way! Greetings from the complete team of The Library of Reuver!
Posted by TheBusyLibrarian on 5 Feb, 2014

Sisko1, Finland
What a great idea! A card coming from Finland. :)
Posted by Sisko1 on 5 Feb, 2014

nisnoopy3, Malaysia

Is there a way to tell if my postcard have reached your mailbox? Do you make a list for the received postcards? :)
Posted by nisnoopy3 on 5 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@nisnoopy I think it will be impossible to make a list of all the postcards, but I will certainly be taking pictures, and perhaps you'll be able to spot your own card there! :)
Posted by meiadeleite on 5 Feb, 2014

Blauwvinger, Netherlands
My card is on it's way from Zwolle in The Netherlands
Posted by Blauwvinger on 5 Feb, 2014

LiinaT, Germany
Sent:)! and good luck to you!
Posted by LiinaT on 5 Feb, 2014

vitaminD, Belarus
My card sent today! =) Hope it arrives in time!
Posted by vitaminD on 5 Feb, 2014

AdirondackJoe, United States of America
Postcard going in today's post. Enjoy!
Posted by AdirondackJoe on 5 Feb, 2014

PostcardPerfect, United States of America
Sent a meet-up card yesterday. good luck,Ana!
Posted by PostcardPerfect on 5 Feb, 2014

Irsabir, Russia
I'll send my postcard from Moscow, Russia tomorrow definitely. Good luck!
Posted by Irsabir on 5 Feb, 2014

Kika, Croatia
Great idea! One from Croatia is coming!! :)
Posted by Kika on 5 Feb, 2014

YOIYUMTEWA, United States of America
Ana, my postcard is getting mailed out today. (I noted it on the facebook page as well). Good luck with the project. I hope you get TONS of cards!!! Rick
Posted by YOIYUMTEWA on 5 Feb, 2014

hanna_515, Belarus
I am with you! Anna, good luck to you!)))
Posted by hanna_515 on 5 Feb, 2014

navi, Taiwan
Sent today. :-)
Posted by navi on 5 Feb, 2014

Goyesca, Germany
My card left today! Great project! :)
Posted by Goyesca on 5 Feb, 2014

teaball, United States of America
I sent my postcard out yesterday. Good luck with your presentation Anna.
Posted by teaball on 5 Feb, 2014

animismi, Finland
A wonderful idea; I'm in, too!
Posted by animismi on 5 Feb, 2014

ned44440, Ireland
I am so in on this. What a wonderful way to spread a wonderful hobby. I am looking forward to hearing all about your presentation and the receptions these postcards get in a future blog. Have fun!!!!!
Posted by ned44440 on 5 Feb, 2014

alexisarus, Canada
Sending three today, I really hope they get there in time (come on, Canada Post, be on my side...)!!
Posted by alexisarus on 5 Feb, 2014

knetty, Germany
Gorgeous idea! I'm in - written today!
Posted by knetty on 5 Feb, 2014

berthakuiken, Netherlands
Like that idea! Sent my card in today.
Regards from The Netherlands.
Posted by berthakuiken on 5 Feb, 2014

sitiaishah, United States of America
Hi Ana,
Will drop two postcards in a mailbox tomorrow.
Have a lovely trip.

Posted by sitiaishah on 5 Feb, 2014

savannahsmiles4u, United States of America
Sending out 8 from Sunny Florida in the United States! Good Luck, I'm sure it will be great! Love postcrossing, I'm a newbie, and am hooked! God Bless you! Charmaine
Posted by savannahsmiles4u on 5 Feb, 2014

melilot, France
An idea or two, sent tomorrow :)
Posted by melilot on 5 Feb, 2014

Gypsebo, United States of America
Most certainly I'll send some postcards! I think this is a lovely idea and, although new to Postcrossing, I am loving it quite a bit. More than happy to help out and spread the enjoyment of receiving friendship in the form of a postcard. All the best for your trip!!!
Posted by Gypsebo on 5 Feb, 2014

Knerq, United States of America
I sent two. I hope you get a lot of postcards for the presentation.
Posted by Knerq on 6 Feb, 2014

9ri, Philippines
Count me in! I'll send a card today :)
Posted by 9ri on 6 Feb, 2014

jonaks, Philippines
count me in!
Posted by jonaks on 6 Feb, 2014

padreveloso, Brazil
I agree it! I'll post it tomorrow, at English and Portuguese!
Posted by padreveloso on 6 Feb, 2014

sunshineforlife, Philippines
i am preparing two now and i hope to post it today if not tomorrow! =)
Posted by sunshineforlife on 6 Feb, 2014

dlipsey, United States of America
Into the mail it goes - what is the date?
Posted by dlipsey on 6 Feb, 2014

mukundc, India
I am mailing you a postcard today (6 Feb '14)
Posted by mukundc on 6 Feb, 2014

meduza-o, Ukraine
I sent a postcard 5.02. Good luck.
Posted by meduza-o on 6 Feb, 2014

emoffdayz, United States of America
i will mail you a postcard and keep brainstorming keep your head up high and be happy with postcard :) :)
Posted by emoffdayz on 6 Feb, 2014

ulrich1955, Germany
Hej Ana,
Will the card reach you with only the name Ana on it? And what date is that conference?
Posted by ulrich1955 on 6 Feb, 2014

Ingegunawan, Indonesia
Interested! Will be sent some from Indonesia! :-)
Posted by Ingegunawan on 6 Feb, 2014

Isway54, Netherlands
I send one to, with love!!,
Posted by Isway54 on 6 Feb, 2014

minako85, Germany
I'm sending a card, too! :)
Posted by minako85 on 6 Feb, 2014

Norway_girl, Norway
postcards have been sent :)
Posted by Norway_girl on 6 Feb, 2014

Mila_Elma, Turkey
Mine is ready, too. It will be on its way to Portugal soon! :) With Love from me and Istanbul! :)
Posted by Mila_Elma on 6 Feb, 2014

KahvatuKrahvinna, Estonia
Great idea! And here is one card coming from Estonia :))
Posted by KahvatuKrahvinna on 6 Feb, 2014

sedna, Germany
Will sent one from France today! I'm the attendees will be amazed!
Posted by sedna on 6 Feb, 2014

Trios, Netherlands
Of course I'll send one too!
Good luck with the presentation, Ana. :-)
Posted by Trios on 6 Feb, 2014

Oteke, Belgium
Hi Anna,
Excited to be spreading the joy of postcrossing around the world! Card ready to go. You'll be fantastic, don't be afraid, be proud to be presenting postcrossing, we're all up there with you cheering you on!!
love from Belgium
Posted by Oteke on 6 Feb, 2014

Kamertab, Russia
Posted by Kamertab on 6 Feb, 2014

bandia, United States of America
Will do!
Posted by bandia on 6 Feb, 2014

nekr0z, Russia
One from Russia is already waiting to be put in the mailbox on my way to work tomorrow. Hope it gets delivered in time, Russian Post is known to be erratic at times.
Posted by nekr0z on 6 Feb, 2014

Riutsi, Finland
Keep looking into your mailbox ;)
You have my support :)
Posted by Riutsi on 6 Feb, 2014

carina-cappuccina, Germany
...sending a postcard as well!!! From the Black Forest...:D
Hope, you can carry them all!?
Posted by carina-cappuccina on 6 Feb, 2014

adrimanfre, Brazil
Sending a card from Brazil to lovely city of Braga.
Posted by adrimanfre on 6 Feb, 2014

Robisa, Italy
Card sent, I hope it will arrive soon! :) Bye! :)
Posted by Robisa on 6 Feb, 2014

KBQ, United States of America
What a great idea! I'll be happy to mail the card tomorrow. Good luck!
Posted by KBQ on 6 Feb, 2014

svetlanamax, Ukraine
You are done! I want my card also managed this miraculous event.
Posted by svetlanamax on 6 Feb, 2014

Cyri, Netherlands
My card is on the run!
Posted by Cyri on 6 Feb, 2014

Rachel22, United States of America
I'm lurker of the blog and I sent a card today from Miami, Fl today.
Posted by Rachel22 on 6 Feb, 2014

sophiabeekhuizen, Netherlands
Í just wrote a card and I'm going to mail it tomorrow!!
Love your country!
Posted by sophiabeekhuizen on 6 Feb, 2014

PaniYurinska, Ukraine
I'm in too. Postcard and greetings from Ukraine are traveling to you.
Posted by PaniYurinska on 6 Feb, 2014

Kraftykj, United States of America
Am sending one from Oklahoma! What a fun ideal!
Posted by Kraftykj on 6 Feb, 2014

Carmestra, Germany
sent today
Posted by Carmestra on 6 Feb, 2014

teleclem, Philippines
Sending from the Philippines!
Posted by teleclem on 6 Feb, 2014

Ca11mecupcake, United States of America
Mine should be in the mail tomorrow from Michigan USA! :) Brilliant idea!
Posted by Ca11mecupcake on 7 Feb, 2014

csvolford, Canada
Just mailed my postcard! :)
Posted by csvolford on 7 Feb, 2014

vivienlien, Taiwan
Gee! I LOOOOVE this plan. Got to find a cool card to impress a future postcrosser:D
Posted by vivienlien on 7 Feb, 2014

lilysunny, United States of America
I'm totes sending a card right now! :P
Posted by lilysunny on 7 Feb, 2014

gymason, United States of America
Great idea Ana, will send my postcard sometime this week :)
Posted by gymason on 7 Feb, 2014

xyzaspeaks, Philippines
oh yeah
Posted by xyzaspeaks on 7 Feb, 2014

masito, Switzerland
A postcard from Switzerland will be sent soon :)
Posted by masito on 7 Feb, 2014

fitziane, Egypt
Sent you one from China wishing the recipient a very happy Year of the Horse, and much joy in joining Postcrossing.

Wonderful idea, Ana, I'm sure you are going to be a motivating speaker.
Posted by fitziane on 7 Feb, 2014

Horace_Pickles, Japan
I sent mine today from Japan. It's on a thinner card than normal postcards (but it is a postcard), so I hope it gets there all right. I put my address on it in case the recipient wants to write back.
Posted by Horace_Pickles on 7 Feb, 2014

Mundoo, Australia
I have posted my postcard.
Posted by Mundoo on 7 Feb, 2014

sandrapostcards, Spain
Sending several cards from Barcelona, Spain :) What a great idea!!! I hope you will share all with us the moment all those attendees will get their mail, it will be amazing!!!!
Posted by sandrapostcards on 7 Feb, 2014

OyayubiHime, Poland
Such a great idea~! I love it ♥
Let me join :D
Posted by OyayubiHime on 7 Feb, 2014

hateheat, Indonesia
I'll send a card from Indonesia tomorrow :D I really hoping that it will reach Braga on time. It's so interesting to share with other people.
Anyway, how if the card don't arrived yet on March, 8th?Thanks and good luck for the brilliant idea, Ana!
Posted by hateheat on 7 Feb, 2014

Mavegyver, United Kingdom
Hi Ana, this is a really great idea. I will post one today. By the way how big is the audience? I am sure you will have more cards than participants. Sounds to me like you are attending a TED talk and if not that might be an idea to bring some more happiness to people via their postboxes.
Posted by Mavegyver on 7 Feb, 2014

ChristineC, Canada
You can coun on me.
I'll have a Portuguese friend help me translating my text.
The card will leave Montreal today.
Posted by ChristineC on 7 Feb, 2014

turtles, Germany
done :D
Posted by turtles on 7 Feb, 2014

adorkableceline, China
Wonderful idea, I will be part of you little project, too:)
Posted by adorkableceline on 7 Feb, 2014

WiJi, Netherlands
Cards on their way!

should we send some chocolate to your brother as well.. ;-)
Posted by WiJi on 7 Feb, 2014

tante_bruni, Germany
I've written also a card and it will be on the way tomorrow! Wonderful idea!!!
Posted by tante_bruni on 7 Feb, 2014

siobhan, Germany
Card sent. :)
Posted by siobhan on 7 Feb, 2014

NynkeK, Netherlands
I'm in!! How many cards do you actually need??
Posted by NynkeK on 7 Feb, 2014

JonathanChua, Singapore
Cards tell them the joy n happiness when one sees a card in their mailbox.......happier if they see more cards.....cheers...
Posted by JonathanChua on 7 Feb, 2014

JonathanChua, Singapore
4 cards sent n done with a sense of accomplishment that I have done my part to make somebody in the world rgds.......
Posted by JonathanChua on 7 Feb, 2014

Fiona-, China
sure i will send a card to confirm them the magic that postcards bring to us!!
Posted by Fiona- on 7 Feb, 2014

pefawm, Norway
I really hope people like it and we get a lot of more Postcrossers.I think it is a fabelous idea. My card is already in the mail.
Posted by pefawm on 7 Feb, 2014

martha66, Netherlands
love the idea, I am totally for it, the more the better.
I will write some this weekend and mail it to Portugal. Lots of success and looking forward to your story afterwards.
Posted by martha66 on 7 Feb, 2014

TaiChier, United States of America
My postcard will be in the mail today! This is a great idea, Ana!
Posted by TaiChier on 7 Feb, 2014

springyw, Taiwan
One postcard from Taiwan is on the way to Portugal today! Hope it'll reach there in time! Great idea, Ana!
Posted by springyw on 7 Feb, 2014

rosenbusch, Germany
It´s a great idea. I sent today a postcard to Portugal and hope, the person who receives my card is happy about it....
Posted by rosenbusch on 7 Feb, 2014

Habajosa, Netherlands
My postcard is on its way to Portugal, what a great idea!
I wish you lots of succes!
Posted by Habajosa on 7 Feb, 2014

Schnuppi, Germany
Hi Ana, I´ve sent a card from Kiel, Germany today.
You´ll do a great job in march - with all that support ;)
Posted by Schnuppi on 7 Feb, 2014

ctr, Germany
Ana, you can be proud of what you have done and do. Good luck! (My two cards are already sent.)
Posted by ctr on 7 Feb, 2014

LitladyBluestocking, United States of America
My card is going in the mail today. Bravo, I wish you great success!
Posted by LitladyBluestocking on 7 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@NynkeK: if I were to give one to each person in attendance, I would need around 700 postcards. I was a bit skeptical of whether I could get that many, but right now I'm "cautiously optimistic" and my fingers are crossed! :D
Posted by meiadeleite on 7 Feb, 2014

Goyesca, Germany
Another card posted! Fingers crossed that all cards arrive in time, would be an amazing amount :D
Posted by Goyesca on 7 Feb, 2014

KAS, Norway
700 cards... That's a lot. I'm going to send another card or two tomorrow! :-)
Posted by KAS on 7 Feb, 2014

mallory1993, United Kingdom
Count me in!
Posted by mallory1993 on 7 Feb, 2014

FairyFoot, United Kingdom
Postcard written and ready for posting tomorrow or Monday.
Posted by FairyFoot on 7 Feb, 2014

podgirl, Russia
Loved the idea, it is amazing :) Just finished writing a beautiful Moscow card for the event. Hope it gets to you in time!
Posted by podgirl on 7 Feb, 2014

Family_Fry, United States of America
Just sent a card from Cincinnati, OH USA !!
Posted by Family_Fry on 8 Feb, 2014

midoritoraha, United States of America
Sending a hummingbird card from North Texas, USA!
Posted by midoritoraha on 8 Feb, 2014

JonathanChua, Singapore
Ana, 10 cards sent from Singapore to support the project you are doing.............hope the cards reached you in time for your regards to the attendees n CHEERS!!!!!! from Jonathan Chua n Peggy Loh, Singapore
Posted by JonathanChua on 8 Feb, 2014

willyly, Hong Kong
Just finished writing a card... from Toronto!! New postcrosser here and I hope more people will join!! =D
Posted by willyly on 8 Feb, 2014

riazkhan4880, India
Anna, that's really an innovative method. Expect postcards from me too!!!! I still remember my first postcard.

Riaz Khan INDIA
Posted by riazkhan4880 on 8 Feb, 2014

SanketOswal, India
Hello Ana!
That's a great initiative! I'll send some cards from India to support this project.
Tomorrow I'll be attending a UNESCO Postcrossers' meet in Mumbai. There I'll spread the word!
All the best for you speech! :)

Sanket Oswal.
Pune, India.
Posted by SanketOswal on 8 Feb, 2014

Poppylicious, United Kingdom
Postcard posted from the UK!
Posted by Poppylicious on 8 Feb, 2014

lovely_card, Czech Republic
What in return? Why I must support your business?
Posted by lovely_card on 8 Feb, 2014

rosna, Belarus
I'll be happy if my cards like in Portugal, there will be many! Belarus supports your idea!
Posted by rosna on 8 Feb, 2014

juli2012, Germany
Written and ready for posting! With greetings from Heidelberg/Germany!
Posted by juli2012 on 8 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@lovely_card: there's nothing to win here, except perhaps the good feelings that come from spreading the word about something we (and i hope you too) like and believe in.

it's absolutely optional though, so don't feel like you must to do anything.
Posted by meiadeleite on 8 Feb, 2014

egodin, Canada
It's in the mail! Just has to cross the Atlantic ocean now...
Posted by egodin on 8 Feb, 2014

toucans, United Kingdom
This is a great idea, Ana. I'll write soon... I hope you'll sign up lots of new Postcrossers!!!
Posted by toucans on 8 Feb, 2014

BraveJ, Serbia
What a great idea! :D I'll send a card, too!
Posted by BraveJ on 8 Feb, 2014

frida_smit, Netherlands
Card is written, post it tomorrow!
Posted by frida_smit on 8 Feb, 2014

nehalennia, Netherlands
Hello Ana, it is a great idea to let your audience experience the magic of Postcrossing! They will have something personal to take home and enjoy. Of course I'll support your project!
You will do well on stage, all positive energies of the community will be with you!
Posted by nehalennia on 8 Feb, 2014

Veeder, United States of America
Sending a couple of cards today! :D
Posted by Veeder on 8 Feb, 2014

Majamail, Germany
Hi Ana, I think your 700 listeners might get more than one card/person.... good luck
Posted by Majamail on 8 Feb, 2014

Mallu, Finland
Hello Ana, I love the idea of surprising the audience with postcards. I'll send a couple of cards.
Posted by Mallu on 8 Feb, 2014

LadyP1964, Germany
I only just saw this. My card will go out with the collection on Monday morning.... and if I can't decide which card to send, then I'll send 2 :D
Posted by LadyP1964 on 8 Feb, 2014

jjajja, Malaysia
new user here.... :D
finally one of the postcard i had sent was registered today... and finally i can leave a comment..

already mailed one postcard from malaysia on feb 7, hope it will reach portugal before the event...
i hope the message that i wrote on that postcard will make anyone who receive it, smile even for just a second.. :D
Posted by jjajja on 8 Feb, 2014

adobe, United States of America
A postcard from Arizona is on it's way to Portugal for one of the 700!
Posted by adobe on 8 Feb, 2014

rosiews, Canada
Sending 4 on Monday from Canada! :)
Posted by rosiews on 9 Feb, 2014

jjajja, Malaysia
Hi Ana,
maybe u can update how many postcards you had received so far...
Posted by jjajja on 9 Feb, 2014

Silokanippe, Japan
I send today.I hope to your success and enjoy your project!
Posted by Silokanippe on 9 Feb, 2014

Alena_Ganina, Russia
I sent ^-^ Good luck with nice idea
Posted by Alena_Ganina on 9 Feb, 2014

Liloutchen, Belgium
Mine will be send tomorrow!!! A pice of my wonderful Belgium !
Posted by Liloutchen on 9 Feb, 2014

knopf-17, Germany
What a good idea, my card is on the way. Good luck for the presentation!
Posted by knopf-17 on 9 Feb, 2014

purplekiwi, United States of America
Ooooohhhh brilliant idea!!!! I will send one.
Posted by purplekiwi on 9 Feb, 2014

JuniperPearl, Germany
I did write a postcard from Germany and put it in the postbox today. So it is on its way now.

Best wishes for your presentation.
Posted by JuniperPearl on 9 Feb, 2014

Kami-chan, Germany
what a great idea! postcrossing has made my life so wonderful! I will surely send some postcards! ^_^

All the best for your presentation :)
Posted by Kami-chan on 9 Feb, 2014

Selbermacherin, Germany
one card more is on the road :-)
Posted by Selbermacherin on 9 Feb, 2014

nanwise, United States of America
Sent 2 yesterday!
Posted by nanwise on 10 Feb, 2014

tristia, Australia
A couple of cards heading your way from Down Under - if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have my favourite hobby :)
Posted by tristia on 10 Feb, 2014

Kat_44, United States of America
Sending 2 postcards in the hopes that the recipients will enjoy them as much as I do! Please be sure to write an article about your experience!!
Posted by Kat_44 on 10 Feb, 2014

paps, Gambia
hello ana,that's a wonderful idea and i really support it,you can count on me as i will try and send you only favorites cards from the gambia in west africa,finally i would like you to write me back.ok bye
Posted by paps on 10 Feb, 2014

browntrout, Germany
Sent one with a snow photo. Stay cool.
Posted by browntrout on 10 Feb, 2014

Geoloewe, Germany
Hello Ana,
great idea! I wrote my postcard today and will send it tomorrow.

Good luck with your presentation!
Posted by Geoloewe on 10 Feb, 2014

Tsadida, United States of America
Hi Ana. I think I know what conference you're going to but I won't spoil the surprise. It's going to be awesome! And a postcard will be on its way tomorrow. Enjoy the experience!
Posted by Tsadida on 10 Feb, 2014

Kami-chan, Germany
6 postcards are on the way to Portugal ;D
Posted by Kami-chan on 10 Feb, 2014

LilyMila, Norway
3 cards already in the post, in one envelope :)
Posted by LilyMila on 10 Feb, 2014

Vasida, Ukraine
Ana, I love your idea! I'm definitely joining and sending a postcard from Ukraine!:)
Please let us know the results of the conference! We are all looking forward to meeting new friends from Portugal here!
Good luck!!!
Posted by Vasida on 10 Feb, 2014

sofiasticated, United States of America
hope it goes wonderfully! one in the mail tomorrow!
Posted by sofiasticated on 11 Feb, 2014

Matthew07, Malaysia
Sending a card to you. Best wishes for the presentation. :)
Posted by Matthew07 on 11 Feb, 2014

martymarty, Czech Republic
Oh, I just left for a week of holidays and nearly missed this project! I´m sending one quickly (well, here in China it is really SNAIL mail, so I hope it will be there on time!). Good luck with the conference!
Posted by martymarty on 11 Feb, 2014

MacKittens, Germany
Postcards in the mail. Have fun!
Posted by MacKittens on 11 Feb, 2014

Ejderha, Netherlands
What a wonderful idea! I'm sending my card today and I hope it will arrive in time. What a nice surprise this will be!!! (^-^)
Good luck, Ana!
Posted by Ejderha on 11 Feb, 2014

guvina, Italy
I'm in :) Good luck!
Posted by guvina on 11 Feb, 2014

Nelia74, Switzerland
Also one on its way from Switzerland.
Posted by Nelia74 on 11 Feb, 2014

Ching6767, China
GREAT ! I am in!
Posted by Ching6767 on 11 Feb, 2014

blondevero, France
my card will be sent from France tomorrow !
Posted by blondevero on 11 Feb, 2014

Pstcrdldy, United States of America
Sending a card from Colorado USA tomorrow.
Posted by Pstcrdldy on 12 Feb, 2014

Danechka-86, Ukraine
I'm in! Hope my card will help a bit to spread The Postcrossing :)
Posted by Danechka-86 on 12 Feb, 2014

Linus58, Germany
Done! (-:
Ana, great idea and a great chance! Fingers crossed!
Posted by Linus58 on 12 Feb, 2014

sokakkedisi, Turkey
Nice! I'm in :)
Posted by sokakkedisi on 12 Feb, 2014

parell, Belgium
A card is going your way tomorrow! :)
Posted by parell on 12 Feb, 2014

stamp_aria, Singapore
Best of luck for your talk! ^^ Postcard on the way!
Posted by stamp_aria on 13 Feb, 2014

Depechechrissy, Norway
I have sent it this morning :)
Posted by Depechechrissy on 13 Feb, 2014

jjajja, Malaysia
Wow... that's great.. but I'm sure my postcard still on its way to portugal..
Posted by jjajja on 13 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@jjajja: that's ok, we haven't reached the goal of one postcard per person yet - we're just trying to avoid having too many extra cards.
Posted by meiadeleite on 13 Feb, 2014

volga-volga, Russia
My card is on its way to Portugal.
Posted by volga-volga on 14 Feb, 2014

hevans, United Kingdom
I've just written and stamped a card - but you've taken down the address! Might you have room for one more card? Could you give the address please (even by sending me a private message). I don't want to waste my stamps and drawings! Thank you!
Posted by hevans on 15 Feb, 2014

cleopatra-matta, Italy
Ana, what about this: you let the address on and then all the extra cards you give to some institution like old people homes or hospital, etc...
Posted by cleopatra-matta on 15 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
@hevans: address sent!

@cleopatra-matta: that's a really nice idea for the extra cards! I would love to do it, but I think most of the cards' messages might be focused on the themes I hinted to above, which would make them a bit strange for those institutions...

With a bit of planning though, I recon we could do a postcard drive in the near future for a few of those! :D
Posted by meiadeleite on 15 Feb, 2014

JulianaRt, Portugal
Olá Ana,
Gostava de saber onde vai ser a tua apresentação.
Posted by JulianaRt on 15 Feb, 2014

meiadeleite, Portugal
Good news, everyone... WE DID IT! :D

In the end there were over 1400 cards... which means most attendants got 2 postcards instead of just one! I'll write a proper post about it when the organization publishes the video of the talk, but I just wanted to let you know that I think it went well, and the people loved the surprise of discovering your postcards! :)

I was quite nervous, but Paulo tells me I didn't mess up the whole thing, so YAY for that! Thank you so, so much for making all of this possible. I wish I could hug ALL of you really tight!
Posted by meiadeleite on 9 Mar, 2014

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