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About Anna...

Hello :)
my name is Anna, I live in Linz, located about 200 km west of Vienna, Austrias capital.

My favourite hobby is singing in choir, I've got the "virus" since I have been a child, and I still can't imagine to stop singing... A day without singing is a lost one! :)
I like hiking in beautiful, quiet nature, riding my bike, reading books, gardening, listening to "my" radiochannel (try: www. February 13 is World Radio Day :)
I enjoy cultural activities: going to (Classical Music) concerts, theatre, cinema, museums,... and collecting stamps from all over the world - and of course postcards!

About cards:
I love to get surprised, there are so many beautiful and interesting cards out there on the planet! Our planet is so amazing, share the best from your part of the world :) I enjoy tourist cards with amazing landscape and cities or village, places of interest and historic sites (UNESCO Heritage) but also from "common places". Please, send a card from YOUR country! Maybe you can send one from my favorites wall (it is a kind of a wish list ;) - and: I enjoy Postcrossing-Meeting cards :)

!!! Please, do not send touchnote card or similar: these are no real postcards! I don't like them! And please NO folded cards...

Drop me a line! I love to read your personal words :)!
You'll make me really glad, if you use special, unusual STAMPS! Stamps can be little pieces of art! If you have others than self adhesive, please send those! I'd like to get a large variety :)
If your post office can't offer you special stamps, maybe you can get them in the online shop of your Post :)

I always register postcards as soon as possible, usually the same day I receive them. I appreciate, if you do the same! Waiting is so sad. We all love sending out another one, don't we?

Happy postcrossing to everybody, and peaceful spirit for the world! :)

P.S.: Could you send me a postcard that shows one of your best liked places near your residence? and maybe tell, what makes it so special for you?
PPS: If your country uses a different script, please add your address in your own script into the settings. Too many cards are lost, maybe because the postman is not able to read your address in unknown script ... THANKS!

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