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Visiting Oslo? Let us know, we'll throw a meetup in your honour ;-) https://forum.postcrossing.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=259

Long-term planning: join the Northern Lights Meetup in Tromsø, Dec 8, 2018! https://forum.postcrossing.com/viewthread.php?tid=116281

Long long-term planning: Lofoten Islands Meetup, September 2019! https://forum.postcrossing.com/viewthread.php?tid=119969

My new thing is travelling for postcrossing. The past two years I've been to Postcrossing Meetups in Sweden (x3), Finland (x3), the Åland Islands, Austria, Estonia, Portugal and Germany. My next stop abroad is the big meetup in Bielefeld, Germany, in October. Probably going to be crazy and a lot of fun ;-)

I live in Drammen with my husband and our pet hamster. All good. And on Feb 23rd my EXTREMELY long commute to work finally ended, after 8 years: the company moved offices! My new commute is only 40 minutes each way! Saving me 2 hours a day of travel! I couldn't be happier :-D I'm still interested in commute-related postcards though ;-)

My current avatar picture shows our new hamster Nusse II. He moved in with us on July 30. He's a ReArgente Campbell's dwarf hamster and his name from the breeder was "Hamsterhiets Terie Falksønn". But now it's Nusse II :-D

Anyway, I'm a big fan of so-called "photo cards" (photo you took yourself, professionally printed, you know, moo.com, zazzle, etc). Of your view, your pet, your favourite place, etc... If you have one, please send it my way. :-)

Other than that, I like city views, art - especially perhaps the less famous more local stuff, national costumes, folk tales, animals, books, linguistics and landscapes. But if you have some other card you want to send, please do!! :-D

Any & all postcards are welcome!

Thank you and Happy Postcrossing!

If you have a spare card and some stamps, please have a look at this site www.sendkidstheworld.com :-)

Please note: I register all cards on the day that I receive them. Not registered = not received.

Ps. Kjære landsmenn - vi er på FB! Søk opp Postcrossing Norway. :-)

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