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pucky, Netherlands


(or Ina) is a member in Netherlands . She has been a member for over 7 years (2,725 days).
3,002 sent 3,002 received

  • Distance sent: 6,435,134 miles
  • Last seen: about 19 hours ago
  • Website:
  • Languages: Nederlands, English, Italiano, Deutsch, un peu Francais
  • Birthday: 7th February
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  • 88th on most postcards sent from Netherlands
  • 89th on longest distance sent from Netherlands
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Lat: 52.06, Lon: 4.49 | Google Maps

About Ina...

More then in countries (as I can find everything on the internet) I am interested in you, unique human in the world! So please, write something that is not already written on your profile about YOU personally.
Use all space to write; what is on your mind right now, what are your hopes, what is most precious to you, was there something that changed your life completely?
But please not "happy postcrossing" or "hope you like this card"....

I like to get an idea of the kind of postcards the postcrosser would prefer to receive & therefore I write down what makes me extra happy!

- I would LOVE to receive the specific cards that are on my favourites-wall
- black & white photographs
- ordinary people (not made ridiculous)
- close-ups (of whatever things)
- social/political items (& works of Banksy)
- doors and/or windows or shop-fronts
- (full) moon
- impressive skies
- reflecting waters
- jumping dogs (or even cats.)
- if you do make photographs yourself; YES PLEASE!
- YES also to free/ad-cards, they often have great quality and I love them!

Requests and not demands;
I slightly prefer normal size cards to store them easier.
If you can avoid cards with state/city-names big on the front I'd be happy.
Less interesting for me are touristcards and multiviews.
I do prefer not to receive any more art-cards as I already have a big collection from all over the world. (Except the ones on my favorites-wall of course! ) Christmas, Easter or whatever seasonal card are also not my favorite cards. As I am an aged woman, I do not like childish cards (disney, moomin, miffy etc.). Also pin-ups,obscene cards, or cards where there's harm done to animals like fishing or bullfighting, are not my kind.
An envelope is ok, as dutch mail destroy many postcards, nice stamps are highly appreciated.
About me;
I am 72 years old and I have worked as an art-therapist and painter (visit my blog, see the link).
I don't like TV and do not have one for decades which is great. I watch movies/documentaries in the art-cinema (Sokurov, Tarkovsky, Kaplanoglu) and every year I see many movies at the Movies-that-matter-festival in The Hague!
Classic music I like to hear in live concerts (Biber, Schönberg,Gubaidulina, Pärt, ten Holt).
My tiny garden is my joy in the summer, I love all the flowers and insects in it.
Cooking, but even more eating, is a favorite thing!
Traveling is not in my interest and giving to much CO2. Enough to discover nearby. I like to talk with people and they are all around. But I also like silence a lot.
To paint is still a favorite thing to do. I like Beuys and Kentridge.
Books are great! I read quite a lot. ( Zusak, Kent, Haushofer, Forna, Axelsson, Laurence and many many others.)
Busy with; antroposophy, basic-income and Focusing.
I am working as a volunteer in some foundations and

Let me know if your postcard was on it's way for 60 days.