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About Cathy...

(I am setting my account to Inactive for a few weeks because I am moving to a new address next month (within the same neighborhood). If you've already received my address, please go ahead and send the card; I'll still have access to the mail here for some time.)

I live near Washington, D.C., with my husband and son, and I love to travel. Usually that means road trips around the U.S.; I've visited all 50 U.S. states. I love overseas travel too.

Professionally, I write fiction and nonfiction books, mostly for teens and children. I'm a former Sweet Valley High author, and now I'm working on a science fiction novel for adults, a children's picture book, and a teen time-travel fantasy. My fiction is written under pen names; my nonfiction books are under my own name.

I read constantly: science fiction, fantasy, history, biography, teen fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, and more. I'm a fan of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, Doctor Who, and various Star Treks and Stargates. But I also love Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Margaret Atwood, Ursula LeGuin, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and many other authors. I'm a Bookcrosser, and I also have a Little Free Library in my yard. If you don't know what that is, check out

I want to see intriguing places where you live or visit, such as castles, ruins, historical sites, and geology. Also art cards, extreme weather, pop culture, old movie stills, vintage, and anything bookish. Weird is good, too! Food cards are great, but no meat, please; I'm a vegetarian. And please don't send Touchnotes or similar cards. I don't like having my address shared with a third party.

On your card, put the date and tell me about yourself, your country, or your town. I love beautiful or interesting stamps!

When you address a card to the U.S., avoid writing the ID# or anything else under the address; the postal scanning machines may mistake it for a postal code, delaying your card. Also, the post office may put a sticker across the bottom. It peels off easily.

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