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January 1, 2019


It is the first day of the year and I have decided to revise my card preference by having a monthly theme. I do not mean to be picky, but I realized that there are really those who took time to read what I wrote here, and send me a card of my specifics or at least similar to it. So, to make it a bit easier for you or less complicated, let me do it on a monthly theme as follows:

January - Celebrations - New Year. Firework displays. Winter Scenes

February - Heart. Pink. Red, Love related. Bench for two.

March - People: adult, child, babies, Cultural, Traditional portraits.

April - Flowers, Easter Eggs, Rabbits, Spring

May - Body of water: sea, river, ocean, pool, lake, etc., LIGHTHOUSE, Bridge

June - UNESCO sites, Churches, Castles, Cathedrals, Sky scrapers

July - My birthday month! So anything birthday related. ha ha ha Birthday cake. Boquet of flowers. Thank you ❤️

August - Greetings from, Foreign postcard (a card you bought in another country or of another country) Tourist Card.

September - School stuff: Books, Notebooks, Pens, Globe, Teacher, ruler, professor, School Bus, Skirt, Long Socks

October - Autumn view/ Lamps - street lamps.

November - ANIMALS. (fave: cat, dog, horse) ARTS: whimsical

December - Christmas related greetings, winter scene, Horse, Santa Clause, Sleigh, Reindeer

I plan to send out 10 cards only every month this year to give budget to a penpal (writing letter) from around the world. I need two to three. I still do not have one on list except that I am already committed to a January letter box, so please direct message me to agree being penpals. Or message me through email at with Message title: PENPAL 2019

It may cost me an arm and leg to mail 3 letters internationally, but I just feel I have so much happening to me daily that I wish to share it with someone who is willing to listen and also have the interest to write back and share the same.

If you can send me FIRST DAY COVERS instead of a postcard, please send them in an envelope. You will surely get a special thank you card from me. DON'T FORGET TO WRITE A RETURN ADDRESS.

Any card will surprise me as long as it is not a DIY one and an ad card.

You may write some lines in your own language with a translation in English.

Interesting stamps used will be greatly appreciated in place of metered stamps.

I have a swap album posted in Facebook. If you are interested for a direct swap, please contact me

Thank you very much and HAPPY POSTCROSSING!

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