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I am a Dutch woman living in the centre of Holland, in a town called Nieuwegein south of the city of Utrecht, together with a wonderful partner.
Originally a teacher I left that profession years ago to raise my two sons.
I now also have two granddaughters and two grandsons.
For many years I did voluntary work.
When my (ex-)husband left our family I started working for the postal services for 14 years and after a couple of years at a call centre, I have been employed as a healthcare advisor.
I got sacked on October 1st 2014 and without having found a job again I'll be retired in February 2020.
Fortunately, I have so many interests that I'm never bored, I often haven't enough time even!

In my spare time, I like to make Artist Trading Cards, especially using rubber stamps, paints and inks.
Because I also love to receive mail, I like to swap these ATC's by mail, mostly through Yahoo groups or Facebook on the internet.
You can see them at my Flickr.
In summer we love to go camping in Europe and we love to take walks on the beach or in the woods.
I also like reading children's books, solving cryptic crosswords, listening to (especially Celtic) music, watching (romantic and old) movies, collecting seashells and happy families, taking photographs, observing the wildflowers, birds and butterflies in my garden and using my computer to email and surf the www.
I just love spending time in nature and my favourite season is autumn, closely followed by spring when life makes a fresh start.
I like folk-dancing and folk music and am interested in specific customs and traditional costumes of other countries.
Special foods or other traditions I'm also interested in.
I would like the postcards to reflect the person that sent it to me or the country he or she is living in.
Beautiful landscapes are another favourite, but a self-made postcard will be likewise appreciated.
And of course, all cards related to mail in any way, because of my days at the postal services.
Please take a look at my FAVOURITES for your country!
It will be very much appreciated if you choose a card from there.
You make me very happy when you write (please MORE than) the date and your full name plus the town you live in on the card because I love to hear about your life, your country and culture or the card you've sent.
And I especially enjoy a card with beautiful real (picture) stamps on it.
That's why I prefer cards without an envelope because for me the postcard and the stamp(s) belong together!

Please don't be disappointed when you send me a postcard from my favourites or another one I love and you can't find it there.
I remove received favourites in order to prevent doubles, you see.

There's a lot of choice in my Favourites of postcards I would like to receive, so I would appreciate it if you'll take a look for your country there first.
Of course, you may always surprise me with a postcard you think I will like but haven't seen before!

Happy Postcrossing!

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