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Hi dear postcrossers,

My name is Janine (54) and I live with my husband (57) and son (18) in the middle of the Netherlands in a beautiful area with forest and heath. I'm a social worker, especially for people with financial problems and debts. I love walking with our Border Terrier Maja, handcrafts (especially ceramics, see my avatar), reading, art and beautiful texts and quotes.

I'll put the cards you send me in a nice folder so I can watch them often and read the backsides. Therefore I'd like you to send me a standard format card without envelope. Please not a bigger card, because then I have to cut it smaller to fit in the folder :-( I also like to see the traveling marks!

When I started with postcrossing I asked in this profile for cards of the country and the place you live in. And I've got lots of them, thank you! But after a while I realized that I'm more interested in you. Who are you? And how are you doing? So, I'm asking you now to share something personal with me. For example:
- how do you really feel yourself these days and why?
- your deepest wish
- your deepest secret (it will be safe with me!)
- your biggest fears or worries
- what are you ashamed of?
Take your time to think about this. And then, please, pick a card that symbolizes the feelings or thoughts you'll write on the backside.

Thank you for sharing something personal with me, I'm very grateful to you!

Are you wondering why I didn't add your card to my favourites even though I love it? I just don't want them twice on my postcards wall and I think it's too confusing: is it a card I received and like or a card I like and want to receive? That's all, don't worry ;-)

Greetz, Janine

If you want to learn more about my country, check this movie about the Netherlands and the Dutch culture: http://www.youtube.com/embed/X__jtvp2kzE
It takes 10 minutes of your time, but gives a good first impression, although the movie is a quite dated. You can see that for example by the clothes that the people in the movie wear. And: since 2013 we have a king instead of a queen and we celebrate Kingsday instead of Queensdag. Enjoy!

For those who want to learn something about the Dutch history, watch "History of the Netherlands in 5 minutes": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQgulL_30n8
Can't tell you this on the backside of a postcard!

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