is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 3,731,000 habitants. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi.
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1. AnnaHimenko, Georgia AnnaHimenko
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2. haydamak, Georgia haydamak
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3. Skia, Georgia Skia
1,189 postcards sent
4. Vakhnyuk, Georgia Vakhnyuk
1,011 postcards sent
5. silverpine, Georgia silverpine
833 postcards sent
6. mugene, Georgia mugene
786 postcards sent
7. topol, Georgia topol
765 postcards sent
8. daisyra, Georgia daisyra
590 postcards sent
9. Johatsu, Georgia Johatsu
433 postcards sent
10. Alex_Slove, Georgia Alex_Slove
427 postcards sent

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mugene, Georgia topol, Georgia gut_smol, Georgia NastyaFox, Georgia Oksana_And, Georgia haydamak, Georgia MarinaBurlaku, Georgia Vickel, Georgia MissJane, Georgia Erbin, Georgia AnnaGertsovskaya, Georgia Skia, Georgia iriska52, Georgia Alex_Slove, Georgia MirandaMeskhi, Georgia Tonya_Mark, Georgia Amarvinthine, Georgia Marusyakin, Georgia AnnaHimenko, Georgia kaigo, Georgia Wasenmiller_Polina, Georgia astis, Georgia
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