is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 3,731,000 habitants. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi.
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1. AnnaHimenko, Georgia AnnaHimenko
1,857 postcards sent
2. Skia, Georgia Skia
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3. Vakhnyuk, Georgia Vakhnyuk
1,011 postcards sent
4. mugene, Georgia mugene
765 postcards sent
5. topol, Georgia topol
755 postcards sent
6. silverpine, Georgia silverpine
743 postcards sent
7. daisyra, Georgia daisyra
590 postcards sent
8. Johatsu, Georgia Johatsu
415 postcards sent
9. Alex_Slove, Georgia Alex_Slove
374 postcards sent
10. amandine_aurore, Georgia Postcrossing Supporter amandine_aurore
322 postcards sent

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Amarvinthine, Georgia gusia88, Georgia PodshivalovaEvelina, Georgia Johatsu, Georgia Ketevan, Georgia kaigo, Georgia AnnaGertsovskaya, Georgia Tonya_Mark, Georgia Nateia, Georgia MissJane, Georgia topol, Georgia mugene, Georgia Martik04, Georgia MirandaMeskhi, Georgia Vickel, Georgia Skia, Georgia silverpine, Georgia AnnaHimenko, Georgia Diana2103, Georgia amandine_aurore, Georgia KarineUkrPolArm, Georgia
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