is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 607,728 habitants. The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg.
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1. jean-marc, Luxembourg jean-marc
8,737 postcards sent
2. sandralux, Luxembourg sandralux
5,579 postcards sent
3. Luxi, Luxembourg Luxi
5,001 postcards sent
4. tuhatjalgne, Luxembourg tuhatjalgne
3,204 postcards sent
5. Nana77, Luxembourg Postcrossing Supporter Nana77
2,617 postcards sent
6. Chantal04, Luxembourg Postcrossing Supporter Chantal04
2,050 postcards sent
7. keyasa, Luxembourg keyasa
1,874 postcards sent
8. itzibitzispider, Luxembourg itzibitzispider
1,838 postcards sent
9. Sylvie-Bouneweg, Luxembourg Postcrossing Supporter Sylvie-Bouneweg
1,598 postcards sent
10. CliffClaven, Luxembourg CliffClaven
1,376 postcards sent

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