is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 599,449 habitants. The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg.
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Received: 51,999 postcards
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1. jean-marc, Luxembourg jean-marc
6,907 postcards sent
2. Luxi, Luxembourg Luxi
4,919 postcards sent
3. cerisette79, Luxembourg cerisette79
4,650 postcards sent
4. sandralux, Luxembourg sandralux
3,680 postcards sent
5. tuhatjalgne, Luxembourg tuhatjalgne
3,204 postcards sent
6. Chantal04, Luxembourg Chantal04
1,679 postcards sent
7. Sylvie-Bouneweg, Luxembourg Sylvie-Bouneweg
1,524 postcards sent
8. Nana77, Luxembourg Nana77
1,405 postcards sent
9. CliffClaven, Luxembourg CliffClaven
1,343 postcards sent
10. itzibitzispider, Luxembourg itzibitzispider
1,249 postcards sent

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