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About Emilia...

I am a person of many hobbies!

- Professional Middle Eastern dancer
- Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist
(teaching Zumba, AquaFit and Yoga Fusion)
- Recreational pianist.
- Stamp and postcard collector.
- Owned a 'ToyVoyager' and it is a lot of fun!

PLEASE, NO AD CARDS but Movie Ads and Musical Broadway Ads are okay.


Theme of POSTCARDS I love to receive (please avoid duplicates, (I beg of you). These are only ideas but handwritten comments behind the postcard are the most important to me.

- My Birthday is December 4. I would love to receive a BIRTHDAY POSTCARD (BUT not folded card please)

- Postallove "Greetings from..." mailed from the country indicated on the postcard -click

- Recipe on Postcard - click

- Pin Up Girls

- Moomin click -

- Royal Families such as The Windsor, The Romanov and The Tudor. From UK, stamp of Prince George please. He is so cute!

- Food Packaged postcards like this

- Nouvelles (Multiples) Images

- Audrey Hepburn

- Marlene Dietrich

- Marilyn Monroe

- Elizabeth Taylor

- Pippi Long Stockings

- Gotochi postcards

- If you are from the Middle East, I would love to receive a postcard of a Middle Eastern dancer or anything depicting Middle Eastern culture

- If you are from England, I would love to receive PHQ cards.

- I love Maxicards

I prefer a postcard with a normal size of 6" x 4" for ease of storage with preference on single, one-theme picture on postcard (no multi-view please, if possible)

If not too much to ask, please affix a handmade postmark cancellation on the stamp. A stamp that matches the postcard is huge BONUS to me! Please let the postcard travel in normal postal system (please do not put inside the envelope).

Please - no hand-made, ad-cards, self-made photographs, greetings cards (e.g. Christmas)