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About Poppylicious...

I love the thud of post hitting the floor as the postman pushes it through my letterbox, so anything I receive fills me with excitement. Unless it's a bill.

I would appreciate any and all postcards, homemade or vintage, sent in an envelope or with tokens symbolising your life. Your secrets, your lifestyle, your dreams and ambitions, the weather, what delights you and what disgusts you! Tell me anything and everything.

Because 'any and all postcards' can be a bit daunting it might help you to know that I love {in no particular order} Kurt Vonnegut, genealogy, vampires, worshipping cats, drinking tea, collecting perfume bottles and samples, zombies, antiques {especially creepy, and not-so creepy, vintage dolls}, photography, reading, the seaside on blustery winter days and going to the cinema.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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