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About melilot...

Sometimes I receive very damaged postcards, this happens more at times. If you can (of course!), could you please send me yours in an envelope ? Thank you very much !
I send mine in an envelope too, if asked.

Hellooo! ♫
Here in Paris I am glad to receive and to send all sorts of postcards.

Here is a list of themes I like in general, and then on postcards if you need inspiration...
Some of this are old passions, some are more new, I feel like an onion, with several layers.

►►► You can just have a look at my f a v o r i t e s, which are postcards I don't have :)
If you don't have time to watch them all, maybe you can watch those from your country for example,

► f o o d, r e c i p e s, markets, foodshops,...
I have developped a real passion for food those last years.
I like finding good products, trying new recipes, new combinations.
I love the colours and the smells of markets and nice food shops. And I love discovering new tastes, this is endless.

► i l l u s t r a t i o n
You can discover many artists here and I'm very fond of many aspects of this creativity, so don't hesitate to send me something in this category if you want,

► n a t u r e
Ponds and rivers and all that's related to water especially freshwater, trees, forests, mountains, rural views, drawings of flowers and plants,...

► f r o m y o u r c o u n t r y
Show it to me through maps (old and new, I love maps!), flora and wildlife, food, patterns, fabrics, craft, design, decorative arts.
GF welcome too!

► some a n i m a l s like wolves, otters, crows and ravens, bees,
and in general species in danger of extinction (animals, plants)

► m u s i c and musical instruments (old and new),
c i n e m a,
c o m i c s,
and many other forms of art,
especially characters or pictures from the counterculture,

► b o o k s and writing: books, bookshops, writers, papers,...

► p a i n t i n g s:
A lot of modern art,
Also more classic art, but not all of it, so it's difficult to name everything: I do love Caravaggio, Georges de la Tour, Dürer, William Turner, Brueghel, ...

ↈ Nice stamps are welcome, also Postcrossing stamps & Europa stamps too! ↈ

▼▼▼ About the "don't" :)))
I'm not so fond of free, ad cards (except old ones) and multiviews; and I love real postcards :)
Also I'm not too crazy about monuments and city views on postcards... (I need & I think green nowadays ♥)

Searching for ideas about what to write?

Please, have a look here :
It's a list of questions, you can choose to write about some of them in your postcard (please write the number of the question you're answering), and you can ask me questions too just by adding the number on your postcard (I'll answer in the thank you message).
Of course, this is totally optional. Just a funny idea I picked somewhere.

Thank you!

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