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About Ann...

I live in a small seaside town that's much closer to France than it is to London. My sons are grown and have their own families now.

I love learning about other countries, traditions, history, everyday life. I love learning about people. I can't imagine being without a book to read, any book, though my favourites are always set in France such as these (additional titles always welcome)

I enjoy reading, walking, gardening, good food, photography. Now that I have more time, I'm trying to go back to more creative things, currently crochet. Sometimes I finish a project!

Please don't share my address with anyone (eg Touchnote, urlaubsgruss) but apart from that, as long as it's a real postcard (not folded) I will be delighted with ANY card you care to send me. Most of all I would really love to learn more about your country. If you want different ideas, here are some suggestions:

*Something unique about your country.
*Markets, market stalls, or people selling anything.
*Herbs and spices
*Alphabets, abc cards, single initial letters, names.
*People in processions, parades, marches, and traditional festivals.
*Libraries / books / people reading, or writing.
*People in science/technology
*Clocks and watches
*Bars, pubs, or other drinking places (café, tavern, saloon, etc.).
*City scenes.
*Postcrossing meet-up cards signed by anyone/everyone there.
*Rural scenes - woodland/pastures/farms and farming.
*Domestic scenes - bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens.
*Traditional occupations or crafts.
*Art/illustration in general (but nothing too abstract)
*Citroen 2CV (deux chevaux)(I drove one of these for years!).
*Sleeping people

I'm sure there are many other possibilities I don't yet know about, so any postcard you send will make my day. If you still need ideas, have a look through my favourites.

I prefer cards to be stamped and written with a few words about the card, or yourself, or where you live, or even some local news. I'm always interested if you can recommend a novel set in your own country.

I don't collect stamps but I do enjoy seeing interesting ones if you happen to have them.

~~Please think about ticking the repeated countries box, and helping to keep Postcrossing countries in balance. Yes, you will find most of your postcards will go to just a few countries but people are interesting, no matter where they live.

~~If you've read this far, please also consider this: the World Community Grid enables anyone with a computer, smartphone or tablet to donate their unused computing power to advance cutting-edge scientific research on topics related to health, poverty and sustainability. You can join up here:-

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