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About Anne...

Hi everybody,

I am Anne, aged 49, mum of three boys. These are my treasures!!

I live in Luxembourg, a little country in the middle of Europe, surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium.

I am so happy having found postcrossing as it opens a door to the big world. I made already many friends through it, have been meeting quite a few of them and enjoy chatting with them in real and virtual life.

I work as a midwife, a job, that I love, but sometimes is very exhausting and postcrossing is a break from it.

I especially like

the moon, ligthenings, fireworks

the mother carrying or breastfeeding her baby

Edition Tausendschön, Mila Marquis , Nina Chen cards

Nightviews of cities,Skylines by night,Silhouettes of cities

Flags,Map cards


royal families ( of royal family members of the present)

I love to receive meeting cards ;)
( pour mes amis fancais, j'aime bien les cartes lumières de... ;))

If you need an idea, have a look at my favorites ;)) I am happy to read you and see what happens on your side of the world.

You can find all my received cards in my albums, maybe you can have a look to avoid to send me duplicates :)

and please write something on the card, not only greetings from..., something about you, why you chose that card, about your likes, dislikes, the most important don't send me an empty card.

Please, NO ad-cards, selfmade cards, comic cards or paintings, flowers or animals.

Happy Postcrossing,

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