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nehalennia, Netherlands


(or Johanna) is a member in Netherlands . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,384 days).
1,881 sent 1,842 received

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Lat: 51.50, Lon: 3.61 | Google Maps

About Johanna...

Hello everyone, 
I am Johanna, and I am living with my husband and two children in Zeeland, The Netherlands. I have moved here from Germany, 20 years ago.

The short version first:  
Any postcard you choose will be received as a present!
(Yes, I really mean it!)

I prefer single views
Please write more than "Hello" or "Happy Postcrossing"
Nice, funny, special theme or matching stamps are welcome!

The cards on my favorites wall are just an orientation, not requests for a special card (there are many "received" ones, too)


And here's the long version if you want to learn more about me ☺

I have got a project:


Do you have a favorite museum? Is there a lovely small (specialized, quirky) or world famous great museum in your neighborhood? I'd be happy to receive a postcard of it's architecture (exterior or interior) or one of their items.
If you like you can tell me:
* In which painting would you want to live, or whose portrait / sculpture would you like to talk with? 
* Or if you don't like museums at all: why?

My hobbies are:
* textile crafts (knitting, dyeing yarn, spinning)
* history, philosophy
* music and arts
* photography
* reading

My favorite places are at the foot of a little lighthouse, surrounded by the colours, sounds and flavours of the sea and the sky. Or in the passenger seat of a Tiger Moth open biplane (which was a great experience!).

You need more ideas about postcards?
* places / symbols of worship and rituals, or your personal “sacred place”
* symbols / icons / places of freedom, peace, rememberance
* something special of your country or place
* history of aviation (incl. before 1914: Wright/ Montgolfier/ da Vinci or earlier)
* female aviators - astro- /kosmonauts 
* ethnic (magic) patterns, symbols, rituals, storytelling,
* music, literature, quotes, wisdom, what is great in this world, or what needs to be changed? 
* creativity: altered postcards, mail art
* witty and interesting free / ad-cards are welcome!
* shaped, funny, odd, different, weird, controversial -- I am not easily offended

Most of all:
surprise me, please don't say "sorry, I haven't..."! ☺ 

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile! ☺ 
Groetjes from Johanna ♥

Feel free to ask if you have a specific request from my sent cards. If I have another one, I will send it with pleasure.

PC experience:
☼ the mail travels faster if you provide your address in the script legible to your post-people ☺
☼ Cards don't expire. They choose a different destination.
☼ Received after 60 days of travelling: 40 cards (61 - 346 days)
☼ cards that found their destination after 60 days: 29 cards (61 - 318 days)

The photo of my avatar is self taken and it shows the Oosterschelde-Kering in Zeeland.