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nehalennia, Netherlands


(or Johanna) is a member in Netherlands . She has been a member for over 5 years (2,157 days).
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Lat: 51.50, Lon: 3.61 | Google Maps

About Johanna...

Hello everyone, 
I am Johanna, and I am living with my husband and two children in Zeeland, The Netherlands. I am of German origin, and I work at the Museum of Zeeland (Zeeuws Museum) as a guide.

To start with: 
Any postcard you choose will be received as a present!
(Yes, I really mean it!)

But if you want some ideas, please read the following:

My postcrossing project is: 


The project is about YOU and your museum(experience). 
Can you tell me: 
* Do you have a favorite item?
* Where would you like to spend your “A Night at the Museum”? 
* In which painting would you want to live, or whose portrait would you like to talk with? 
* If you can choose something you want to see in a museum over 1000 years: what would it be? 
* Or if you don't like museums at all: why?

It would be great if you can send a postcard from your favorite museum!

My hobbies are:
* textile crafts (knitting, dyeing yarn, spinning)
* reading
* music and arts
* history, philosophy
* photography

My favorite places are at the foot of a little lighthouse, surrounded by the colours, sounds and flavours of the sea and the sky. Or in the passenger seat of a Tiger Moth open biplane (if I get the chance ☺ ).

And if you need more ideas about postcards:
* I prefer single views 
* places of worship or your personal “sacred place”
* symbols / icons of freedom or peace
* something special of your country / place
* history of aviation (incl. before 1914: Wright/ Montgolfier/ da Vinci or earlier) - female aviators - astro- /kosmonauts 
* ethnic patterns, graphics, symbols, scripts
* recipes, knitting patterns
* music, literature, quotes, wisdom, what is great in this world, or what needs to be changed? 
* creativity: altered postcards, mail art
* witty and interesting free / ad-cards 
* shaped, funny, odd, different, weird, controversial -- I am not easily offended

Most of all:
surprise me, please don't say "sorry, I haven't..."! :-) 

Please write more than "Hello" or "Happy Postcrossing"

Nice, funny, special theme or matching stamps are welcome!

Please double-check the “favourites” and already received cards on my wall :-) 
(I do so, too, and I will choose the card for you with great care) 

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile! ☺ 
Groetjes from Johanna ♥

Feel free to ask if you have a specific request from my sent cards. If I have another one, I will send it with pleasure.

PC experience:
☼ the mail travels faster if you provide your address in the script legible to your post-people ☺
☼ Cards don't expire. They choose a different destination.
☼ Received after 60 days of travelling: 40 cards (61 - 346 days)
☼ cards that found their destination after 60 days: 29 cards (61 - 318 days)

The photo of my avatar is self taken and it shows the Oosterschelde-Kering in Zeeland.