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About Claus...

ATTENTION: If you are Irina and sent me a card of Termessos/Turkey, please send me the ID of the card!

Hi there!:-)

My name is Claus, and I live in Hamburg, a big city in the northern part of Germany.

I'm very much interested in languages, reading, creative writing, art, movies, music, and collecting postcards and stamps.
During these last years I've become an avid bird-watcher! :)

As to postcards, I'd prefer written ones without envelope, of regular size, and if possible with a nice stamp. If you don't know what to write, just copy a short poem or a proverb in your language!:)

In case you wonder which kinds of cards I'm most interested in, here are some hints:
- 💕 wild birds (photocards) 💕
- Vanitas-themes (like skulls, bones, skeletons, still lives, Día de los Muertos, ...)
- cemeteries, grave-yards, tombs, ossuaries, mortuaries, hearses, and the like
- Wallace & Gromit / Shaun, the Sheep / Tintin
- maxicards (these are not very large or panoramic cards, but cards with a matching stamp on the front picture, officially issued by postal agencies, not selfmade...)
- sacred places, religious buildings (like temples, shrines, mosques, synagogues, churches, monasteries ...), religious festivals or people (like monks, nuns, priests, shamans, ...) - no matter what faith or religion
- photos of writers or the places, where they lived and worked, or are buried
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites (http://whc.unesco.org/en/list)
- UNESCO Tentative List (http://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/)
- UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (https://ich.unesco.org/en/lists)
- rain, fog, mist
- snowy city-views
- fine art photography
- animals of the sea
- lambs / sheep
- Tanuki たぬき/ Japanese raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus)
- shadows
- night views
- new Kaj Stenvall (I have these already: https://forum.postcrossing.com/member.php?action=viewpro&member=elbe )
- castles and ruins
- abandoned places
- Quint Buchholz
- Anton Pieck
- Eurovision Song Contest
- Japanese anime
- cards from postcrossing meet-ups
- Hugh Laurie, Eddie Redmayne, Maggie Smith, Éric Bruneau
- maps
- Arctic/Antarctic
- cards on my wall of favourites are cards I didn't get yet, but would love to receive...

If you don't have any card of the list above, don't worry, just surprise me with any card you like. Please tell me why you've chosen that particular card! :)

Oh, and I'd love to receive EUROPA Cept stamps (especially of the 2019 'birds' theme), in case any are issued in your country! :)

Unless you are a child, please try to refrain from putting any stickers on the card. They are lost on me (I'm an oooold guy...), and especially the elevated and puffy ones destroy the cards. I peel them off anyway. Why not make someone else really happy with them? Thank you for your understanding.

Please no ad/free/greeting/folded or selfmade cards...and no Touchnote...just plain postcards! :)

Thank you very much for reading all this! I'm looking forward to your card!!!

Happy Postcrossing!

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