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sparkly-, Germany


is a member in Germany . She has been a member for over 4 years (1,728 days).
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  • Distance sent: 1,215,441 miles
  • Last seen: 14 days ago
  • Languages: English, German, Japanese, basic Portuguese
  • Birthday: 8th July 1988 (29 years old)
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Lat: 53.58, Lon: 10.02 | Google Maps

About sparkly-...

Hello :) I'm happy to meet you.

I'm a student who wants to travel the world and meet all kinds of people.
In my free time, I walk shelter dogs, or have a nice coffee or tea with a book in my hand.
I love to learn about new things. Lately, I'm trying to learn sign language!
I'm super-interested in learning about cultures and languages.

Cards I'll LOVE:
♥ Animals: owls, Siberian Husky, wolves, stingray, bats, octopuses, big dogs (love Husky/Malamute, Pitbull &many more)
♥ Nature and Landscape: beaches, trees, water, beautiful lights (think Northern lights), sunsets
♥ food/drink
♥ funny things
♥ exotic, oriental
♥ books
♥ Harry Potter, Lovecraft/Cthulhu, Doctor Who
♥ Japanese Gotochi Cards
♥ old Guinness ads
♥ Postallove "Greetings from"

... or just send me the weirdest, freakiest, creepiest card you have and tell me why you didn't dare to send it to anyone else before.

:( I DO NOT LIKE multi views / touristy postcards; except if they are special to YOU AND you EXPLAIN to me why.
(But... if you can't find anything else, that's alright! Send me the cheesiest one!)

Envelope & Selfmade: No problem! Be creative! If you use an envelope, why not put some interesting scraps in it, too? Like the bill from last night's meal, fabric scraps, ...?

PLEASE write MORE than just "Happy Postcrossing"? Please?

I will always try to send you positive messages to make you smile or let you participate in my thoughts. Some ideas if you don't know what to write:
- tell me your inspirations, what motivates you or makes you happy
- teach me a word/phrase in your favourite language
- write your favourite poem
- what's the best surprise you ever received?
- what's your favourite recipe?
- what's your favourite English word? Why?
- ask me a question
- draw me a picture of you, your pets, your hobby, your house....
- tell me a joke
- or tell me a secret!

Your words are important to me! Write, write, write lots, please! :)

All these are just ideas. :)
Be original, be yourself, I will be super-happy about any of your postcards!


Как дела? Як твае справы? Як справи?
Dear Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and other Postcrossers. If you write in the Cyrillic alphabet, please include a TRANSCRIPTION in latin letters. I can't read your alphabet, sorry ;(

Suomi, dear Finnish Postcrosser!:
Olen Saksasta, enkä puhu suomea sanaakaan. I love to learn bits and pieces of your language! Please send me some words, phrases, things or poems in your language, with translation? That makes me really happy! :)
Kiitos kortistasi!

Liebe Deutsche!
Ich bin kein großer Fan von diesen Sprüchekarten, die irgendein "inspirierendes" Sprichwort schon auf dem Motiv haben. Schickt mir lieber euer eigenes Motto! :)

ほんとうに日本語でもいいですよぉ〜!そのうえ、方言に興味もっているので、自分の方言を教えてもらえばうれしいの \(^▽^)/