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It’s our birthday today! Hurraaaaaaaay!! 🎉🎉🎉

Eighteen years… can you believe it? If Postcrossing were a baby, today would be the day in which it became an adult in most countries. As parents say, “the days are long, but the years are short” — it really feels like it!

For nearly two decades, we’ve been on an incredible journey of connection through postcards. Each postcard carries a story, a glimpse into someone’s world, and a reminder of the diversity that unites us. Together, we’ve ignited wanderlust, sparked curiosity, and learned more about the world and the unique people in it. And in doing so, we’ve built an extraordinary community, spreading joy, forging friendships, and celebrating the beauty of handwritten messages.

The Little Mail Carriers hold a ribbon that reads Happy Birthday!

It makes me a little teary eyed to think of the over 72 million postcards we’ve exchanged in all these years, each a little piece of art with an heartfelt message. So many surprises and so much kindness! 💙

So thank you, to each and every one of you, for being part of this journey. Let’s grab a slice of cake and raise our pens to toast to 18 years of postcard magic!


Another year, another opportunity to compile some statistics and look at Postcrossing through numbers! This year we added some new data, so let’s dig in, starting by how many postcards arrived in 2022:

4,993,468 postcards received

That’s 5.6% less postcards than last year… which is completely understandable, given the state of the world.

27.53 average travel days and 17.75 median travel days

The average number of days a postcard travels until it reaches its destination is a little higher than before… but the median travel time is not, which is good news! The median is a better statistic than the average, as it is less affected by the extremes (which are usually outliers). This year’s median travel time of 17.75 days is lower’s than last year’s 18.12 days.

25,338,239,130 kms (15,744,451,857 miles) traveled

A number that is just 1.7% lower than last year, despite the 5.6% difference in postcards received… which indicates that, on average, our postcards travelled a little bit further in 2022. Still, a huge distance that our collective postcards have travelled… the equivalent of 632,270 laps around the world or 32,958 return trips to the moon!

20,001 kms (12,428 miles) was the longest distance traveled

For the third year in a row, it was a postcard traveling between Spain and New Zealand that accumulated the longest distance in Postcrossing. This year, we even broke the 20,000km record, with postcard ES-683224, which traveled between Pontevedra (in the region of Galicia, in the north of Spain), and Greymouth, on the west coast of New Zealand’s south island.

The average distance that a postcard traveled was about a fourth of that: 5,074 kms (3,153 miles).

1,197,918 postcards were sent from Germany

No surprise here, our very enthusiastic German members top the chart once more! So, looking at all the postcards that were received in 2022, where were they sent from? Here’s the top 20 countries on this ranking:

Ranking Country/Territory Postcards sent
1🇩🇪 Germany1,197,918
2🇺🇸 U.S.A.855,807
3🇷🇺 Russia482,915
4🇳🇱 Netherlands250,815
5🇫🇮 Finland228,393
6🇯🇵 Japan175,080
7🇹🇼 Taiwan147,775
8🇨🇳 China142,034
9🇬🇧 United Kingdom120,314
10🇨🇦 Canada112,060
11🇧🇾 Belarus106,546
12🇨🇿 Czechia100,200
13🇫🇷 France99,224
14🇵🇱 Poland68,179
15🇦🇹 Austria60,060
16🇨🇭 Switzerland55,194
17🇦🇺 Australia54,911
18🇱🇹 Lithuania53,699
19🇧🇪 Belgium48,363
20🇮🇳 India45,710

The number of “Postcards sent” is a counterintuitive metric, so let me make a little pause here for a quick explanation: this is the number of postcards sent from these countries which were registered in 2022. That means that there are some postcards in there that were sent in 2021 and registered in 2022, and there are also some postcards requested in 2022 that are not counted in this statistic (those are still traveling and will likely be registered over the next few weeks/months). Limiting this number to a certain timeframe and sticking to it makes it easier to compare with previous years though, so that’s what we usually do.

Willi sent the most postcards

A lot of postcards were put on their way by our German postcrossers, with Willi at the top of the rankings with a total of 2,319 postcards sent (that were received in 2022), followed very closely by OlafArens, with 2,311 postcards — that was a tight race! The rest of the top 5 members with most postcards sent is composed of Sidolix (2,265 postcards), elbe (2,236 postcards), and ho-modellfan (2,235 postcards).

Åland Islands sent the most postcards per capita

No surprise here, Åland continues to be the top country in postcards per capita. Here’s the rest of the top 20 list:

Ranking Country/Territory Postcards per capita *
1🇦🇽 Åland Islands123.5820
2🇫🇮 Finland41.3902
3🇱🇹 Lithuania19.2502
4🇱🇺 Luxembourg18.9674
5🇳🇱 Netherlands14.5560
6🇩🇪 Germany14.4453
7🇬🇬 Guernsey12.4640
8🇱🇮 Liechtenstein12.0812
9🇧🇾 Belarus11.2326
10🇨🇿 Czechia9.4300
11🇲🇴 Macao9.2078
12🇪🇪 Estonia8.4731
13🇱🇻 Latvia7.8327
14🇦🇹 Austria6.7887
15🇬🇮 Gibraltar6.7620
16🇨🇭 Switzerland6.4808
17🇸🇮 Slovenia6.4623
18🇹🇼 Taiwan6.3012
19🇸🇰 Slovakia5.7850
20🇭🇰 Hong Kong5.6127

(*) This ranking is calculated per 1,000 inhabitants, for countries with at least 10 members.

October 1, 2022 was the day in which more postcards were sent

World Postcard Day continues to be the day in which more postcards are sent, which makes us extra happy! Other days with lots of postcards sent are December 1st (the start of the Postcards for a Good Cause campaign), and also random days in January and February.

January 12, 2022 was the day in which more postcards were received

Looks like maybe a mini avalanche of postcards arrived to their destinations after the holiday period in December! Other good days are a little scattered throughout January and February, and around the middle of October too.

Postcards were sent from 201 countries and received on 153 countries

Can you guess why the big difference in numbers? That’s right — quite a few postcards from exotic locations are sent in Travel Mode every year. Often, there are no active members in those countries or territories, so there is no one there to receive postcards… but they can still be sent from there by traveling postcrossers, to delight some unsuspecting postcrossers!

12,669 new forum topics and 804,060 forum posts in 2022

This is a new statistic, and one we’re quite happy about! The forum is buzzing with activity these days, with games, chats and swaps happening all around the clock. Hurray!

13,127 emails replies

This is the number of replies sent to emails that came to us via the site’s contact form, with requests for help. That’s a lot of emails, and a big chunk of how the team’s time is spent… so this year, we’ll be looking for some help with support tasks. If this is something up your alley, keep an eye on the forum! We’ll post something there soon.

And I think that’s about it for this year’s statistics! What do you think? Does any number stand out to you, or are there perhaps other things you think we should be tracking and comparing, year to year? Let us know in the comments!

PS: We know it’s always frustrating when your country is not featured in a top ranking… so we published the full country list on this forum post, as well as a few more rankings.

PS – Happy Lunar New Year! 🎊


Oh, happy day! 🎉 Unbelievable as it sounds, Postcrossing turns 17 today!

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us, lovingly “spamming” the world with brilliant postcards and friendly words, making sure everyone has something to look forward to when they open their mailboxes. That feeling of finding something there never gets old, does it?

We’re especially thankful for the kindness being shared beyond borders, for all the funny images and fun facts that make us laugh, for all the thought and care that is put onto these little pieces of mail… We believe this community truly makes the world a better place, postcard by postcard.

2 toy mail carriers (from a Playmobil set) have their arm raised in greetings. Around them 2 balloons (one red and one blue) and sprinkled stars give a festive air. The writing on a corner reads Happy Postcrossing!

By the way, did you know that haikus have 17 syllables (arranged on a 5–7–5 pattern)? Seems like a good occasion to try one out, so here it goes:

Postcards in the mail
Seventeen years of magic
Friends around the world

Ahah… at least we tried! 😅

Please do join us in celebrating this special day, and grab a piece of cake while you write some postcards (or haikus)! We’ll be doing the same from our little office here in Portugal, thinking of you all over the world. 🥰

PS – We’re using this opportunity to tweak the blog, increase the font size and make things more readable overall. Let us know what you think!


According to the census so far, 42% of postcrossers love to see posts about statistics on the blog… so here we are, reporting for statistician duty to give you an overview of last year in numbers! 👷 If you’re like us, you might want to open 2020's stats post on a new tab, to compare the values for the 2 years.

Ok, so first things first, the number of postcards received in 2021:

5,289,716 postcards received

Pretty impressive! This is a good bit (17%) above the total for the previous year, and even better than the number for 2 years ago, pre-pandemic. Woohoo!

26.94 days (average) and 18.12 (median) travel time

Average travel times are slightly faster than the previous year, but the median (a better calculation that doesn’t put as much emphasis on the outliers) is worse… and that is a little surprising to us as we expected both metrics to be lower by now. We hoped that postal services would have had enough time and pandemic experience at this point to sort things out between them, find alternative ways to ship mail, or just close routes temporarily until stuff has been fixed. 😩 Sigh.

25,774,489,281 kms (or 16,015,520,179 miles) of total distance traveled

This number is almost 4 billion more than last year, which is to be expected since we had quite a bit more postcards received as well.

19,929 kms (or 12383 miles) was the longest distance traveled by a postcard

The postcard doing this very very long trip was NZ-224513, which started its journey in Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand and traveled all the way around the world to Cuevas de San Marcos, in Andalusia, Spain, arriving 32 days later! Pretty cool to think that a postcard connected these 2 places which are so far apart that they’re almost perfect antipodes. For comparison, the average distance a Postcrossing postcard traveled in 2021 was 4873 kms (or 3028 miles).

1,269,834 postcards were sent from Germany 🇩🇪

Once again, our enthusiastic German members have surpassed all the expectations and broke their previous record of 1,004,831 postcards sent in a year! This was also the year in which they crossed into Postcard IDs with 8 digits — the first country to do so in Postcrossing. 😊 Here are the top 20 countries and territories, by number of postcards sent:

Ranking Country/Territory Postcards sent
1🇩🇪 Germany1,269,834
2🇺🇸 U.S.A.824,901
3🇷🇺 Russia632,935
4🇳🇱 Netherlands287,368
5🇫🇮 Finland223,456
6🇨🇳 China181,296
7🇯🇵 Japan156,987
8🇬🇧 United Kingdom141,261
9🇹🇼 Taiwan140,879
10🇧🇾 Belarus123,260
11🇨🇿 Czechia109,282
12🇫🇷 France107,469
13🇨🇦 Canada104,474
14🇵🇱 Poland73,601
15🇦🇹 Austria62,951
16🇨🇭 Switzerland59,180
17🇱🇹 Lithuania58,990
18🇺🇦 Ukraine58,780
19🇧🇪 Belgium57,735
20🇦🇺 Australia46,574

The number of “Postcards sent” is a little counterintuitive, so I’ll explain a bit: this is the number of postcards sent from these countries which were registered in 2021. That means that there are some postcards in there that were sent in 2020 and registered in 2021, and there are also many postcards requested in 2021 that are not counted in this statistic (those are still traveling and will likely be registered over the next few weeks/months). Limiting this number to a certain timeframe and sticking to it makes it easier to compare with previous years though, so we’re going with it.

Although some countries have moved up and down the ranking, the countries in the top 20 are more or less the same as last year, with the only difference being Ukraine entering the list and Hong Kong leaving it.

What about top senders?

Sidolix sent the most postcards (registered in 2021)

Hannes (aka Sidolix) sent 2555 postcards and recovered his top pole position from 2019. 😊 Willi (2480), uttia4a (2476), hepman (2451) and Antje321 (2392) complete the top 5, all from Germany.

We’re not sure how these top members do it, but these numbers are super impressive… If you send a lot of postcards every year, maybe come share your secrets with us in the comments below!

Åland Islands sent the most postcards per capita

Looking at number of postcards per capita, the Åland Islands still reign supreme! Here’s a look at other countries and territories in the top 20:

Ranking Country/Territory Postcards per capita
1🇦🇽 Åland Islands98.9854
2🇫🇮 Finland38.0285
3🇱🇹 Lithuania19.7158
4🇬🇬 Guernsey19.1022
5🇳🇱 Netherlands15.7575
6🇩🇪 Germany14.3917
7🇱🇺 Luxembourg13.8598
8🇧🇾 Belarus11.8149
9🇨🇿 Czechia9.4894
10🇱🇮 Liechtenstein9.1005
11🇱🇻 Latvia6.9093
12🇸🇮 Slovenia6.7990
13🇦🇹 Austria6.6908
14🇨🇭 Switzerland6.5819
15🇪🇪 Estonia6.3738
16🇹🇼 Taiwan5.6596
17🇸🇰 Slovakia5.3622
18🇭🇰 Hong Kong5.1353
19🇲🇴 Macao5.0219
20🇲🇹 Malta4.8001

Note that the number represents postcards sent per 1,000 inhabitants, and only countries with more than 10 members are featured. Not many changes in the list, but Macao and Liechtenstein are newcomers to the top 20!

October 1, 2021 was the day in which more postcards were sent

No surprises there, right? Postcrossers sent more than 60,000 postcards on World Postcard Day this year, waaaaay above what we would consider a “normal” day in Postcrossing. The next best day of the year is the kick off of the December campaign on December 1st, with about 20,000 postcards sent. Apart from these 2 days, a lot of the days with most postcards getting sent seem to happen around March.

While we were looking at these numbers, we thought it would also be cool to look at the day with most postcards received…

December 30, 2021 was the day in which more postcards were received

A total of 21,225 postcards were registered in this day, though we confess we have no idea why this day in particular. 🤷‍♀️ Maybe there was some backlog of mail that got stuck somewhere because of the holiday season, and got delivered just as the year ended?

And that’s it for this year’s roundup of statistics! What do you think? Were you surprised by some of these numbers, or are there perhaps other stats that you’d be interested to hear about? Please do share them on the comments!

PS: We know it’s always frustrating when your country is not featured in a top ranking… so we published the full country rankings on this forum post.

PS2: Speaking of statistics, the second annual census is about to close, so make sure you submit your replies if you haven’t done so yet. You’ll find the link to it on the email we’ve sent some weeks ago.


We have a soft spot for statistics and we know many of you do as well, so here comes the yearly post with some juicy stats about Postcrossing. These were compiled by Paulo, with data from the whole 2020. Shall we have a look?

4,513,545 postcards received

That’s about half a million postcards fewer than the previous year, which is understandable considering the year we’ve just had. In fact, looking at the graph of postcards sent per month last year, you can clearly see the “pandemic dip” in April.

Postcards per month

Things have slowly gotten better since then though, and we saw a lot of new members on the site in the following months, as people settled into their new routines and started to explore new hobbies they could do from home.

28.27 days (average) and 17.67 days (median) travel time

No surprise that things were a bit slower last year! With thousands of flights cancelled and postal services scrambling to find alternative routes to send mail abroad, postcards spent more days on the road. Some even crossed continents in ships or trains!

These numbers are calculated for the whole year though… How do the numbers look like on a weekly basis?

Average Travel Days per Week

Things got a little delayed mid-2020, with postcards taking a few days longer to arrive on average, but the situation seems to have somewhat recovered in the meantime.

21,954,937,005 kms or (13,642,165,382 miles) of total traveled distance

Quite a bit less than last year, but to be expected with less postcards traveling, closed borders and cancelled flights. Many postal services have restricted their deliveries to nearby countries, where connections were easier to ensure and so, on average, postcards traveled to closer destinations last year. 26% of all postal routes remain closed at the moment, but things have slowly been improving with more and more connections being re-opened every week.

Here’s how far postcards traveled, per week:

Average Travel Distance per Week antipodes

The average travel distance was 4,864.23 kms (or 3,022.49 miles) per postcard — around 7.5% less distance than in 2019.

19,974 kms or (12,411 miles) was the longest distance traveled by a postcard

Postcard ES-622789 traveled between the town of Espasante in northern Spain and Christchurch in New Zealand — just a few kilometers short of its true antipodal point!

1,004,831 postcards sent from Germany

Postcrossers in Germany broke their 2019 record and sent even more postcards in 2020, reaching the 1 million postcards/year threshold! This enthusiasm also led them to add one more digit to their postcard IDs — postcard DE-10000000 was registered just yesterday. 🎉

Here are the countries in the top 20:

1🇩🇪 Germany1,004,831
2🇺🇸 U.S.A. 688,519
3🇷🇺 Russia391,653
4🇳🇱 Netherlands258,342
5🇫🇮 Finland 199,294
6🇹🇼 Taiwan137,332
7🇬🇧 United Kingdom118,436
8🇨🇳 China113,816
9🇯🇵 Japan107,508
10🇧🇾 Belarus100,352
11🇨🇿 Czechia95,558
12🇫🇷 France 87,882
13🇨🇦 Canada82,095
14🇵🇱 Poland64,027
15🇧🇪 Belgium54,927
16🇦🇹 Austria46,998
17🇨🇭 Switzerland 46,209
18🇱🇹 Lithuania42,652
19🇦🇺 Australia38,834
20🇭🇰 Hong Kong34,279

Same countries as last year in that list, with some shuffling around. Germany, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK managed to increase their total of sent postcards, but the remaining countries all sent less cards throughout last year.

DJHK sent the most postcards (registered in 2020)

Jürgen (aka DJHK) sent 2485, 103 more than the second most active postcrosser reinholdo (2382). Willi (2360), Antje321 (2322) and Sidolix (2310) complete the top 5.

Åland Islands sent the most postcards per capita

We thought it would be cool to do a different kind of ranking with 2020's data, to give less populous countries and territories a chance to be featured. Here are postcards sent per 1000 inhabitants, for countries with more than 10 members:

Ranking Country/Territory Postcards per capita
1 🇦🇽 Åland Islands 80.38
2 🇫🇮 Finland 37.09
3 🇱🇹 Lithuania 15.85
4 🇳🇱 Netherlands 15.47
5 🇬🇬Guernsey 13.58
6 🇩🇪 Germany 12.57
7 🇧🇾 Belarus 11.09
8 🇱🇺 Luxembourg 10.92
9 🇨🇿 Czechia 9.29
10 🇱🇻 Latvia 7.41
11 🇪🇪 Estonia 6.97
12 🇮🇲 Isle of Man 6.74
13 🇹🇼 Taiwan 6.22
14 🇸🇮 Slovenia 5.98
15 🇨🇭 Switzerland 5.61
16 🇦🇹 Austria 5.51
17 🇲🇹 Malta 5.28
18 🇧🇪 Belgium 4.99
19 🇭🇰 Hong Kong 4.79
20 🇸🇰 Slovakia 4.05

It’s interesting to see smaller countries and islands thrown into the mix! Here’s a previous similar ranking we did some years ago.

October 1, 2020 was the day in which more postcards were sent

No surprises there — World Postcard Day was a huge hit, with a little more than 40,000 postcards received which were sent on that day. The following 3 best days of the year all happened in February, with around 16,000 postcards being sent.

And that’s it for last year’s statistics! I know you’re all eager to read about the census results as well, but it’ll still take us some time to parse those 30,000 or so replies… 😅 We’ll post about it here on the blog once we have some insights to share!