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About Marica...

My avatar: I visited Washington, DC in November 2018! Here I am in front of the White House! :)

I'm Marica (I pronounce it like "Marissa" here; it's Croatian) and I live in the small city of Munroe Falls in Ohio. I work for a bank. I like to cook, bake, craft, read (classics, mainly), and go to church (Lutheran). For nonfiction I like to read about European and American histories. I like to visit historical reenacting events. Sometimes I think I was born many decades too late.

I am looking to visit London by myself in Spring 2019 (April or May); if you have any suggestions (places of interest, lodging, restaurants, museums, events, etc) for me, please message me! :)

I'm happy with almost anything in terms of the picture. But please, NO cats, nothing vulgar or erotic, and no folded/greeting cards.

Some of my likes, if you need ideas...
- food and drink
- royalty
- flags, crests
- traditional costumes (I especially love central & eastern Europe)
- Anything 1950s and earlier (Victorian, Art Deco, Renaissance, Middle Ages, ancient empires, etc!)
- quotes
- trivia, "did you know"
- any architecture, especially cathedrals!
- stained glass
- jewelry
- old advertisements and movie posters
- photography, especially antique and B&W
- wartime enlisting posters, propaganda (I like to learn about their surrounding history)
- typical city views, landmarks
- winter, snow - I love the cold!
- blue, my favorite color
- fountains
- sunrise, sunset
- astronomy

If you like to decorate envelopes, I'd love to see your creativity!

Please include an English translation if you are writing in your native tongue. I only know English fluently, but I studied some German and Latin many years ago (both largely forgotten, sadly).

You can write about anything, but if you need some ideas:
- Hobbies and interests
- What your first/given name means
- Goal/dream in life
- Do you collect anything?
- What was your favorite subject in school?
- A good phrase to know in your language, like if I were to visit your country

Don't leave it sad and blank with only "Happy Postcrossing"! I enjoy learning about people, even if it's one or two little things.

I am open to private swaps! Send me a message, and I will reply within 24 hours if I am interested.
I can only do one-time, one-for-one swaps.
The Website is my blog. Click on "I collect postcards!" on the menu to see all the countries and states that I have. If I don't have your country/state yet, then I am very interested in swapping with you!
And when sending me a private-swap item, please write your username on the postcard so I know that it's yours and I can let you know that I got it.

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