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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,728,010 habitants. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.
Members: 559 (Browse all)
Sent: 54,815 postcards
Received: 55,536 postcards
Ranking: 48th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Denmark

Most active members

1. Gogge1, Denmark Gogge1
16,463 postcards sent
2. KirstenNyk, Denmark KirstenNyk
3,594 postcards sent
3. Dorthe, Denmark Dorthe
2,560 postcards sent
4. mimi, Denmark mimi
1,718 postcards sent
5. gforp, Denmark gforp
1,098 postcards sent
6. Jellinge, Denmark Jellinge
878 postcards sent
7. cupcakez, Denmark cupcakez
777 postcards sent
8. LukeDenmark, Denmark LukeDenmark
693 postcards sent
9. Pippii, Denmark Pippii
602 postcards sent
10. lenebif, Denmark lenebif
578 postcards sent

Random members

linno, Denmark taj1964, Denmark Lisbethvejen, Denmark ilsimisi, Denmark preben, Denmark Uldtot, Denmark IngeNielsen, Denmark KirstenNyk, Denmark cupcakez, Denmark Ulrik, Denmark rozinka98, Denmark LouisJ, Denmark tang7323, Denmark Graevling, Denmark birthemarie, Denmark KatiLundgreen, Denmark TextileQueen, Denmark Summerstars, Denmark LachRustui, Denmark Gogge1, Denmark missechan87, Denmark Effie11, Denmark gforp, Denmark Jellinge, Denmark frazil-ice, Denmark ravnlinas, Denmark Jesper_DK, Denmark CrilleDK, Denmark valesch, Denmark lecalligraphe, Denmark Aurora-Borealis, Denmark 0438, Denmark alpaaralpi, Denmark Kurba, Denmark Susie-Larsen, Denmark mumspost, Denmark
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