is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,769,603 habitants. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.
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1. Gogge1, Denmark Gogge1
16,538 postcards sent
2. KirstenNyk, Denmark Postcrossing Supporter KirstenNyk
3,743 postcards sent
3. Dorthe, Denmark Postcrossing Supporter Dorthe
2,582 postcards sent
4. mimi, Denmark mimi
1,718 postcards sent
5. Jellinge, Denmark Postcrossing Supporter Jellinge
1,163 postcards sent
6. gforp, Denmark gforp
1,101 postcards sent
7. cupcakez, Denmark cupcakez
854 postcards sent
8. LukeDenmark, Denmark LukeDenmark
693 postcards sent
9. Pippii, Denmark Pippii
602 postcards sent
10. frazil-ice, Denmark frazil-ice
598 postcards sent

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Niels88, Denmark joanamaria, Denmark Uldtot, Denmark mumspost, Denmark Kush, Denmark KirstenNyk, Denmark gforp, Denmark Johannesandersen, Denmark 0438, Denmark linno, Denmark Summerstars, Denmark marathon, Denmark LouisJ, Denmark tang7323, Denmark Mieka, Denmark magnussh, Denmark Aurora-Borealis, Denmark Palh, Denmark Star-dust, Denmark lecalligraphe, Denmark Shopgirl36, Denmark Additional_Wind, Denmark Jellinge, Denmark Susie-Larsen, Denmark birthemarie, Denmark frazil-ice, Denmark smaidris, Denmark Graevling, Denmark dkpippip, Denmark marco1, Denmark IngeNielsen, Denmark vilhelmr, Denmark Kurba, Denmark Tinaa, Denmark KatiLundgreen, Denmark Skrzyp, Denmark
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