is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 5,797,446 habitants. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.
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Sent: 69,215 postcards
Received: 68,839 postcards
Ranking: 50th (by sent postcards)

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1. Gogge1, Denmark Gogge1
16,538 postcards sent
2. KirstenNyk, Denmark Postcrossing Supporter KirstenNyk
4,139 postcards sent
3. Jellinge, Denmark Postcrossing Supporter Jellinge
2,949 postcards sent
4. Dorthe, Denmark Dorthe
2,582 postcards sent
5. mimi, Denmark mimi
1,718 postcards sent
6. opdewierd, Denmark Postcrossing Supporter opdewierd
1,557 postcards sent
7. richtofein, Denmark Postcrossing Supporter richtofein
1,376 postcards sent
8. gforp, Denmark gforp
1,202 postcards sent
9. 221233, Denmark 221233
1,154 postcards sent
10. Uldtot, Denmark Postcrossing Supporter Uldtot
1,101 postcards sent

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richtofein, Denmark Nagiedina, Denmark johanneca, Denmark Uldtot, Denmark martam, Denmark tang7323, Denmark Rebekka_Magnella, Denmark JulieJuliussen, Denmark jxliafrd, Denmark kaagje, Denmark KristinaAbramovich, Denmark thecatmom, Denmark Jesper_DK, Denmark allwin, Denmark Kurba, Denmark Jellinge, Denmark katiekaspersen, Denmark KirstenNyk, Denmark marathon, Denmark Amlie92, Denmark birthemarie, Denmark opdewierd, Denmark 0438, Denmark Silencio, Denmark Susie-Larsen, Denmark gforp, Denmark taj1964, Denmark alyonchis, Denmark Ulrik, Denmark LukeDenmark, Denmark naello, Denmark Piar, Denmark MissAnne, Denmark CrilleDK, Denmark QuietKita, Denmark linno, Denmark
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