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About Jose...

Please check my blog (linked above) to avoid doubles - you may sort it by country

Please send cards ONLY from the country of origin (for example, New York card from USA only).

I'm into getting postcards from far away places! I like postcards showing:

- a beautiful natural landscape
- Gotochi (from Japan)
- castles in your region/country
- your city's skyline
- major university/college in your country (especially top ranked universities)
- race track/stadium
- hospital
- countryside views
- royal/s
- court house
- your town's center
- theatre/opera house
- military-related (of your country)
- lighthouses
- cliffs
- Yale University or New Haven, CT
- mountains/hills
- rivers or lakes
- majestic waterfalls
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites
- Important landmarks in your country
- people in traditional/native costumes
- your country's flag
- a map of your city/town/province/state/country
- transit maps (subways, trains, etc)
-religious buildings/sites (Mosques, Synagogues, etc)

Also, interesting nice stamps are always a plus. :) Especially stamps with ships or cars/vehicles :)

Tell me any travel tips for going to your country/region. Doodle. :D It would be cool if you could write something in your own language too.

Please no self-made, ad, or self-printed cards. I prefer postcards stamped, dated, & written. No envelopes.

My Postcrossing favorites (I'd be happy to receive something from here!)

My stamp wishlist (please use them if you can) -


Expired Cards:

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PH-66305 to Pikkilienq (South Africa)
PH-68136 to YLL (China)
PH-68336 to Juli77 (Russia)
PH-68541 to Seda_K (Belarus)
PH-68603 to changebo (USA)
PH-72571 to Vika-cat (Russia)
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PH-112893 to Valgalia (Belarus)

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