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Hurray! 🎉 It’s Postcrossing’s birthday! 🎉

On this day 14 years ago, Paulo typed a command on his computer, and just like that, the Postcrossing adventure had started. Fast forward fourteen years and nearly 53 million of postcards later, we now have many happy mailboxes filled to the brim, and smiles all around. As Uncle Alex used to say, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is”.

On this day, we are feeling especially warm and fuzzy inside, so please forgive our sappiness. We’d like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone of you out there, who joined us on this journey.

Happy 14th Birthday, Postcrossing!

Thank you for your trust in this big idea, for every postcard that you send to a grandparent, or a child, or a stranger that you don’t know much about. We firmly believe that all these postcards, small as they might be, have an important role to play in helping us see our common ground, while simultaneously broadening our horizons.

Thank you to our forum moderators as well, and to everyone who puts in the time to help postcrossers on the forum. Thank you to our Ambassadors, for coming up with new ways to spread the word. And thank you to all our supporters as well! You keep our servers running, and the project moving forward.

Thank you also for the many messages of support that we receive every day, through your emails, comments, tweets and posts, testimonials or postcards. Your words of encouragement and joy are what fuels us to keep going. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤️

Our fresh year that starts today is going to be an exciting one, as we’ve been busy working on some big projects behind-the-scenes. So stay tuned for some good news soon!

217 comments so far

Tresart, United States of America
Postcrossing is a huge happiness in my life - I can't thank you enough for founding it. Happy Birthday, dear Postcrossing, Happy Birthday to YOU! From one of your many, many devoted fans, Tresart
nenya1985, Germany
Happy Birthday Postcrossing!
Thanks so much for many great cards.
JaneJarve, Ireland
Thank YOU!
PostCrossing is an absolute JOY for me, so I appreciate every effort that goes into keeping it alive and flourishing.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the PostCrossing Team. Continued success and positivity to you all.
Love from Jane, in Kilkenny, Ireland xx
aerobear, United States of America
Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! Thank you for the joy of postcards from around the world, the fun of meeting other Postcrossers, and all the wonder and magic that each postcard brings. (Today I received ... a Happy Birthday postcard from China!)
Alison_K, United States of America
Thank you, Paulo, for having the original idea (a brilliant one!) and the foresight & faith to make it a reality. All of us who participate and derive so much joy from this project are indebted to you. Happy anniversary!
Jarmo, Sweden
Mirfi, Australia
Happy Birthday Postcrossing!
I am very happy to have found Postcrossing, the little connections made all around the world.
I often marvel about all the behind the scenes stuff that must go on for me to enjoy these wonderful connections.
Thank you so much for all the hard work.
jm1122, United States of America
I think of Postcrossing as tiny bits of love flying all over the world! Thank you for making our world a place of wonder!
Irmao-das-Almas, Brazil
Congratulations POSTCROSSING!
It is an honor to participate in this exchange.
TLC57Ari, United States of America
Even though I've only just started Postcrossing and eagerly awaiting my 1st postcard to get to me, (Yes, I'm that I wish Postcrossing the happiest of birthdays. I went to a meet and greet in Columbus on April 13th to support my gf with her hobby and I met a wonderful group of people. I also see just how happy my gf is when she gets a reply from someone that really loved the postcard they received. I want to make that kind of a difference in other people's lives like she does, even if it's just a simple thing like a postcard, some washi tape, cool stamps and a kind words. Thank you for such a simply genius idea.
mundoo, Australia
Happy birthday to Postcrossing. Thank you to Paulo for his idea and to the Team for their help.
MareGel, Philippines
happy birthday postcrossing!! :)
Dancing_Sun, Thailand
Thumbs up. :)
Restu_Amalia, Indonesia
Happy Postcrossingversary 🥰🥰
panpantastic, Malaysia
Happy 14th birthday 🎂 Here's to the many joy this site brought with postcards!
I congratulate everyone on this wonderful event!
DenverPromise, United States of America
Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this incredible journey. The cards, stamps and messages I've received have arrived, right when I needed them. The beautiful words of comfort, friendship and warmth over move me at times. Happy 14th Birthday and many more. Peace and love to us all!
booboo_babies, United States of America
Happy Birthday, Postcrossing and Many More! This project has truly brightened my life! I have had some health issues in recent years. No matter how I have felt, Postcrossing always cheers me up. Realizing that a postcard I sent has arrived at its destination or seeing a postcard for me in my mailbox always gives me a boost!
Selina0629, Taiwan
Thank you, Postcrossing! I always get surprised and inspired by a far-away postcard. Just a few days ago, I came up with an idea which is to write a new one each time I meet up with my BF. We're currently in a long distance relationship and I think doing something like this, which is to cooperate and wait patiently for that surprise, is sure to strengthen our connection in some way. We love you!
Sidolix, Germany
Happy Birthday Postcrossing !
I´m here since 7 years, pity not from beginning ...
This project enable us to get a lot of lovely moments which makes people and world a little bit better... !
Keep it up !
msquared47, United States of America
Happy Birthday Postcrossing! Some of my friends have joined the group after seeing the postcards I've received and posted on Facebook. Finding a postcard in my mailbox makes my day!
shc, Indonesia
sallyanne, United States of America
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Postcrossing has be,en an amazing addition to my life. I wish all postcrossers a happy anniversary.
Olga-Phobus, Russia
Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! You gave me a lot of positive emotions and the joy of communicating with wonderful people!
Ramya, United States of America
Postcrossing is a very important part of my life. I’ve woven other mail hobbies through its tendrils, made friends who are now penpals, discovered an amazing group of Postcrossers to hang out with twice a year at meetups. I love buying new postage stamps, washi tape, pens, stickers and, oh yes, postcards! Thank you and Happy Birthday to dear Postcrossing! ♥️🎉♥️
saikat_das, India
Happy Birthday Postcrossing! Its a fantastic community!
Shambala, Canada
Happy Birthday!!!
SunWenjun, China
GalinaZai, Russia
Happy Birthday Postcrossing! С днём рождения, Посткроссинг!
malarik, Slovakia
Šťastné 14. narodeniny Postcrossing....Happy 14th Birthday!...
juergenvomdeich, Germany
congratulations postcrossing.
keep up the good work.
o1a, Indonesia
Happy birthday! Thank you for being one of my sources of happiness❤
Silvanus_Tauris, Ukraine
Happy Birthday, dear Postcrossing! Thank you for being in my life!
kate101, Hungary
Happy Birthday - Boldog születésnapot! Happy Postcrossingversary! 🎂🥂🎈🇭🇺
Darcey1, South Africa
1.gelukkige verjaarsdag (Afrikaans)
2.Usuku olumnandi lokuzalwa (Zulu)
3.Usuku lokuzalwa olumnandi (Xhosa)
4.Bon anniversaire (French)

I wish you happy birthday in my langues❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤
reisegern, Germany
Happy Birthday Postcrossing!

I keep my fingers crossed for the Big Projekt being a great success.
sonataca, United States of America
Happy birthday Postcrossing!!
Topas, Germany
Happy Birthday Postcrossing - nice that you exist
Whitelake, Russia
Happy Birthday!
Thank you for this wonderful project! ❤
navi, Taiwan
Postcrossing has changed my life, at least a little bit. Happy Postcrossingversary! 🎂
SujipoCat, Russia
Happy Birthday,and many,many years!
mistydawn, United States of America
Happy Birthday and thanks so much for this project. It has been interesting, surprising, and a lot of fun.
H1ldeke, Belgium
Thank you and a very happy birthday ! I love Postcrossing ❤️
AgnesPauline, Netherlands
Happy birthday and I like this project very much, I meet so much people.
Liskeh, Netherlands
Happy Birthday! I love postcrossing. Keep up the good work and spread the postale love!
amy666, Switzerland
Happy birthday and thanks a lot. Since 5 years joining and still addicted to! Keep up the excellent work. Happy postcrossing
Chenoah, Germany
Happy Birthday, my lovelies! It was the best idea to start Postcrossing. Heartfelt thanks to you!
I hope you’re celebrating in style and treat yourself to something special to fit the occasion.
Greetings from Hamburg
giorgina80, Italy
Happy birthday❤
Thanks you so much for everything
I love postcrossing:)
Ejderha, Netherlands
Hartelijk gefeliciteerd allemaal!
Happy birthday to us all!
Postcrossing has become such a big part of my life since 2011 and next to all the lovely cards I was able to share with my fellow Postcrossers, I’ve gained some wonderful penfriends.
Thank you for all the fun, friendships and postcards! ✒️ 💌 🎉 🎈💜
lostresviajeros, Austria
Oh, this date is easy to remember! - Happy birthday! Postcrossing brings so much joy in our lives! With us it's kind of a family business - everybody is participating and Grandma receives the cards - just great!
duck2006, Germany
Happy Birthday! 🎊🎉🎁
Thank you for everything!!! ❤️❤️❤️
kojep, Indonesia
Happy 14th anniversary.
Indonesia celebrate in 10 cities meetup today.
Thanks for the amazing project....
nsylmz, Türkiye
Happy Birthday and thanks so much for this project. 🎊🎉
werewegian, United Kingdom
Postcrossing is a major part of my life. The simple act of writing and receiving cards every day keeps me connected to the world and is so therapeutic. I'm never bored or depressed if I have cards to write or register. Happy birthday!
anastasiadodo, Germany
Happy birthday & thank you!
ned44440, Ireland
Lá Breithe Shona to Postcrossing 🎂💞🎈. I love being a part of this wonderful project, this great international community, this family. I wish us all many more happy years. Thank you to all in Postcrossing who make this such a wonderful place to be 👏.
pucky, Netherlands
A very happy birthday! Such a wonderful idea giving so many people a lot of joy.
Curious about the future!
Thank you all, team & postcrossers
AntjeB, Germany
Happy Birthday! I love beeing part of this wonderful project! It brought so much joy in my life. Eight years ago I created an own postcrossing account for my father (76 y.o.) as a gift for Christmas. He cannot imagine his life without postcrossing anymore! He wrote and registered more than 1200 postcards so far.
Hawwa, Spain
Thanks to you for allowing us to take part in the project!
Purple-bear, Japan
☆HAPPY BIRTHDAY☆ & Thank you sooo much ♪♪♪
serebrianka, Belarus
It's a great day to postcrossers from over the world-) We have a meet-up in Vitebsk (Belarus) today-))))
paisdasmaravilhas, Portugal
I'll never thank you enough for this brilliant idea...Postcrossing makes part of my life---Happy birthday...
ALICE (paisdasmaravilhas), Portugal
Handrejka, Isle of Man
Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! Thank you for giving me something tolook forward to.
OlgaBy, Belarus
Happy 14th Birthday Postcrossing !! 🎉🎂
14 years you are with us! And we are with you! 😘❤
Happy Birthday favorite project !!! 😘😍
And today there will be an official meetup in Vitebsk / Belarus!
Beatitudinem, Russia
Happy Birthday! I wish you long years of prosperity! Thank you for filling our every day with smiles and happiness!:)
MailboxIngrid, Netherlands
1️⃣4️⃣ YEARS!!! Congratulations Postcrossing! 🥳 Happy B-day 🥳 🎂 Cheers🥂 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
hogpet, Finland
Happy birthday! 🍾🥂📮
prpltrtl946, United States of America
Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I have been a member for many years since 2011, I think. I have made some very dear friends over the years. I have told many people about and even share it with my Grandson when it’s time to choose a card or I get one in the mail! I hope he will be a Postcrosser when he is older! Such a wonderful way to travel and meet people around the world! Thank you! 8*)
Thamesider, United Kingdom
Happy birthday and many thanks!!
jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
Happy Birthday Postcrossing. Keep up the good work that bring millions of smiles.
Ruuti, Lithuania
Happy birthday :)
Visje31, Netherlands
Happy Birthday !!!
LuSays, United Kingdom
Happy Birthday!! and a BIG thank you for Paulo and all the team. Postcrossing sends so much happiness to people all over the world - amazing how many smiles a tiny bit of cardboard and a lot of care can cause!
Judy2207, Germany
I met my girlfriend at postcrossing in 2013 and it works until today , both !
Thanks a lot and congratulations to your anniversary !
Goldberry59, Netherlands
Happy Birthday!
And thank you very much for this wonderful idea!
"Keep calm and keep on Postcrossing!"
Nesterenochka, Russia
Happy birthday🎂
let the postcrossing project become immortal🤩
Anchesa, Germany
Happy Birthday to you! <3
Inger71, Norway
Happy birthday!!🎊🎉🍾
figtrees, United Kingdom
"We firmly believe that all these postcards, small as they might be, have an important role to play in helping us see our common ground"

That's a lovely sentiment and one that is made manifest time and again on Postcrossing. I've been a member for over five years and am still delighted with my decision to join. I think of Postcrossing as the social media that's actually sociable! 🥳

Thank you Paulo and Ana for your commitment to this amazing project, and congratulations on Postcrossing's 14th birthday! 🎂
alterego, Canada
Thank you for the best hobby ever! I joined 11 years ago and would never have guessed that I would still be active and loving it so much all these years later. Postcrossing not only connects people geographically; it connects generations and cultures in a way nothing else can. Governments and politicians could learn a lot here!

So congratulations and here's to the next 14 (plus!)
lilacs, Germany
Congratulations and all the best for the next 14 years!
isagv, Germany
Happy Birthday Postcrossing and thank you for all the joy and new friends you gave and give. <3
Mamasch, United States of America
Happy Birthday!!! And thank you for all your time, energy, & creativity that go into Postcrossing. As I work through difficult health issues and stressful times of life, you bring sparkles of happiness to encourage me. 💛
AllSerene, United Kingdom
Happy birthday Postcrossing and many thanks for both thinking of, and then setting up and running a fantastic scheme! Being generally housebound, it makes a huge difference to my quality of life, both to receive postcards of places I'll never be able to visit in person and to make contact with people I'd never otherwise come across.
Gemini17, Netherlands
Congratulations and thank you for everything 🔝
Alessia1983, Italy
Best wishes for a Happy Birthday from Alessia Evviva Postcrossing
DocRoc, Germany
What a fantastic community. I am happy being a part of it. I could not have imagined, that a website would boost the sending of postcards in such values. Just great! Happy Birthday and many happy returns :)
martha66, Netherlands
Happy Birthday to Paolo and Ana and all of us Postcrossers.
Still feels like having an extended big!!! family and we are all on good terms, keep it up. And many more years to come.
MerlinM, Germany
Doğum günün kutlu olsun!!!! What a great project. You bring joy and peace to the world!!!!
norfolkgal, United Kingdom
Happy Birthday Postcrossing. Thank you for bringing me so much happiness with every card I write and every card I receive. I genuinely feel connected to the world, rather than just part of a small island, which is really important to me.
cszsuzsa, Hungary
Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂 Boldog születésnapot Postcrossing 🎉🎉👏👏💖💖
lilsis, Germany
You have made my last year a happy one, thank you so much for it!
janetsue, United Kingdom
icensnow, Canada
Happy birthday Postcrossing! Many thanks to the Postcrossing team for all the work you do, and many thanks to everyone who participates.
sunnygirl1423, Germany
Happy Birthday Postcrossing! Paulo, that was the best idea in your life!!!
In 2012 I met my boyfriend here on Postcrossing, we are still together and to open our postbox and to write postcards is our common hobby.
We met people and made friends here, thank you!
at61, Italy
A sincere wish for a happy birthday, dear Postcrossing!
You have made possible a subtle link between countries of the world...
A hug from Rome, Italy
Anneke192, Netherlands
Congrats with 14 beautiful years Postcrossing!
I started PC in 2016 and since I received many wonderful cards!
There are great people all over the world and we share the same feeling when writing and receiving a postcard, it's great!
Thanks for the support to all PC team for answering always quick when an ID is missing or another problem...
I wish everyone many more PC years coming with the same joy and love !
ThePOSTCARDPerfect, United States of America
Happy Birthday,Postcrossing!!!!!
And Thank you to everyone who make thisa fun-filled site.
hazelmax, China
Happy Birthday Postcrossing!Thanks for having such a good platform, I have gained a lot of happiness!
dheeuntea, Indonesia
Happy Birthday 🎂💐
ramivezs, Malaysia
Happy Birthday Postcrossing!
JoDennis, United States of America
Wow! You should be so proud of all the people you have touched with this amazing enterprise!! Thank you for adding so much love to the world!
Lies76, Belgium
🎼 Congratulations .... Congratulations ... !! 🥳 🎂 🍨 🍧 👑

Thanks to the founder(s) of Postcrossing for this wonderful project !!

Happy Postcrossing to everyone ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Gia4, Germany
Bublina007, Czech Republic
Gratuluji!!!!! Mám Vás ráda!!!
Congratulations! I love you! 💌
CindyMc, United States of America
As soon as I joined this wonderful project, Postcrossing instantly became my favorite hobby. Thank you for your hard work and your enthusiasm, and thank you for spreading joy and kindness. ❤️
blokzijn1, Netherlands
Thanks for this sypathic possibility! I am curious to your coming project :) Happy birthday and many more.
dandilion, Netherlands
Dunno what my life would have been without postcrossing! It gives me everyday joy and the friends i made through the years wouldn't wanna miss them for the world. I love postcrossing!!
boricky770, China
Happy birthday

Hope we can have more and more 14 years!!!
Postman9393, Germany
Happy Birthday 🎇🎁
I am very curious what those new projects are 📬📯📮
anemone1, Finland
Hi and thank you! You have created something that unites all the world. I used to be a pretty private person, but now I have friends allover the word, for instance Masako in Japan, Suzy in Canada and Sien in Belgium. I would never had met any of those without you. Wherever I go, I tell people about Postcrossing, nowadays in papers, too. So, I wish you all the best.
Gen24, United States of America
Postcrossing friends, happy birthday!!! It is so special because this program was created in the year I was born. :) I am blessed to have found along with a big happy postcrossing family!!! :) Thank you for creating it, meiadeleite!! I have gained nice penpals from this program--icing on the cake. :) Thanks again to all of you!!!
Cassisia, Germany
Happy Birthday to you, dear Postcrossing, and also to all who made and make you happen. 🎂🎉 💝 You're an important part of my life, and I'm so grateful to be part of this community. 😗 All my best wishes for the next year!
Mamanclaire, Belgium
Happy birthday for this great idea ! I have met so much interesting people sharing the same passion. Thsi year, we'll travel to France for holidays and we'll have 2 meet-up with friends on the road !
Take care and give us joy Everyday !
Claire from Brussels
Gaspara, Italy
happy birthday and a thousand of thanks!!
Glorip, United Kingdom
Happy Birthday!! Thank you so much Paolo and Ana for all your hard work to keep this project running and to bring happiness to so many people all over the world. So many days brightened and friendships made because of you. Love and peace to you 😊
moosepasta, United Kingdom
A big thank you. The best thing I did last year was to join. Sharing knowledge about our cultures can surely only be good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me and my friends who I convinced to join up
bertcarson, United States of America
Postcrossing is my "I'm home place" - As a Veteran I often hear "Thank you for your service" and "Welcome home." Rather than saying Happy Birthday to Postcrossing I'll simply say, "Thanks for your service" and thanks for giving me the amazing home to go to.
mounten, Italy
kburrell, United States of America
Happy Birthday Postcrossing! What a wonderful project for this newcomer. I just attended a meetup in Pt. Townsend, Washington, USA, and met great people. This has become such an exciting part of my daily routine, looking forward to my mailbox containing a friendly greeting. So happy I was introduced to Postcrossing.
_beatrix_, South Africa
Happy birthday! !! Postcrossing has brought me only joy. All the very best for all Postcrossers out there. Xx
runokuono, Finland
Happy Birthday ! This is outstanding ! Great adventure with worldwide
traveling (in your home). Thank you !
emineguner, Türkiye
Happy birthday my dear Postcrossing ^^ I 💙 you.
Norway_girl, Norway
Happy birthday to Postcrossing!
ZenCat, United States of America
Happy Birthday Postcrossing!
zomertje, Netherlands
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy postcrossing to you all.!!!! LOVE IT !!
Elena_Strekoza, Russia
Happy Birthday, Postcrossing!
I wish you prosperity project!
May there be many good meetings and beautiful cards in the mailbox)))
Flippie, Canada
Thank you all for doing this for us, with us, Anneke
Monika2019, Germany
Happy birthday, Postcrossing. Many thanks to Paulo and his team.
It has become my favourite and most beautiful hobby, although I haven't registered long yet. It is so wonderful to get to know people and the world in this way.
I wish everyone a lot of postcards in the mailbox and so always a smile on their face.
Unfortunately it is addictive :)
Griffica, Bermuda
Happy Birthday Postcrossing. Congratulations!!
PostcardsFromCLE, United States of America
An app? PLEASE tell me an app is in the works? :)
egni, Switzerland
Happy Birthday from Switzerland too. It's so great being part of this project.
Go on happily !
JennyBlueSky, United States of America
Happy 14th Birthday! I have met so many wonderful people all over the world :) We are all a bit different, and yet all so much the same. Such a great hobby, and quite addicting too. My Postmaster always lets me know when the new, cool stamps are in :) Many thanks!
Petre, Netherlands
Happy Birthday, thank you for doing this!
betslets, United States of America
A very Happy 14th Birthday to Postcrossing. This year will mark my 10th as a Postcrosser. . .I only wish I had found it sooner. When I started my own collection, postcards were few and far between in my mailbox. Now, they come (and go) from all over the world at a much better pace. A toast to Paulo (for PT-1) and Ana, and all who participate!
mikel101, United States of America
Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you for starting this and more years to postcrossing!!!
AMDGIHS2019, United States of America
Keep up the good work!
Cassildra, United States of America
Happy birthday, and many happy returns!
JonathanChua, Singapore
Keep it going...Happy Birthday.......many many many more birthdays to come.....Thank you Paulo n Ana for this wonderful journey......Cheers!! I am truly enjoying this experience very much.......................
myriamala, Argentina
Happy birthday! Happy Podtcrossing.
PeggyLoh, Singapore
Happy Happy Happy 14th Birthday....a big thank you to Paulo n Ana for this great project n experience n many many more birthdays to come.....I truly enjoy this project very much n happier to be part of it.....cheers! Hip Hip Hurray..........
Nytetears, United States of America
Happy Birthday!!
Rodensis, Netherlands
Happy Birthday, postcrossing-team! A big thank to Paolo and Ana for this great peaceful project . I hope on many many birthdays to come....!
I love beeing part of this wonderful project! It brought so much joy in my life. It’s now 3 years and it makes me so happy.

This way of contacting with people with one another is prepared for the entire (political) world. Here we are all peaceful, friends and happy with each other! Let the United Nations accept POSTCROSSING as an official human contact foundation.

Happy Postcrossing and maybe untitled next time,
Ronald of Holland
Jeff_Opada, Philippines
Happy Birthday postcrossing! You are one of the good things that happened to me. Im so glad i belong to this community. Cheers for many years of fruitful endeavors.

Jeffrey from Cebu, Philippines
notenoughpostcards, United States of America
Happy 14th Birthday! I think the number of postcards that have been sent and received through this site is absolutely amazing.
My only regret is that I didn't learn about Postcrossing from the very beginning! Keep up the great work!
Frohnatur_73, Germany
Happy Birthday! It's so wonderful to be a part of this project! Thanks a lot for this!
HildaGroen, Netherlands
Thank YOU for giving me this opportunity! I love to do it each day.
seagullx, Russia
Thank you, Postcrossing and Happy Birthday!!!!
Geminiscp, Portugal
Thank YOU for these 14 amazing years!!!! :)
cinema-forever, Tunisia
Many thanks to team behind postcrossing project
Weisserose, Germany
Parabéns! Congratulations, and a big thank you!
Postcrossing is the most enjoyable of hobbies and certainly a great joy in my life. So again thank you for having started this project.

14 years?!... Yes, well, as they say, time flies when one is having fun, right?... :-)

Have a nice day out there everyone!
Best regards from Germany,
Libara, Czech Republic
Thank you, too , to everyone in Postcrossing !
I think Postrossing is the greatest project online in connecting people around the world !
I am sorry that I just found you recently and could join. I enjoy it very much and I wish to everybody the same. Liba
JetteLise, Netherlands
Gefeliciteerd !
Happy birthday to Postcrossing, the team and everyone who is joining
Postcrossing !
Talal90Ahmed, Iraq
vlada_123, Russia
Dear Postcrossing, Happy Birthday! Happiness, good luck and advancement! You are my great happiness that makes me happy every time! Read your blog, find pen-friends, receive and send postcards .... what could be better !? I always feel anxiety, when I get a new pofil, or vice versa, I get someone's postcard! Fine ~
NIDUSKA, Finland
Happy Birthday
BookLover65, Netherlands
Happy Happy Birthday! I'm just not happy that I missed the first 13 birthdays.
And thank you to all who keep this site going. Here's to another fabulous year.
fitrap, Indonesia
Selamat ulang tahun postcrossing sukses terus sehat selaluuuuu.... Panjang umurnyaaaah
nanatsu2911, Japan
Happy Birthday Postcrossing!!! This wonderful project gave me happiness💖💖💖
alessia83, Germany
Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! Thank you for all the amazing postcards that have filled my postbox since I've joined, for the possibility to make other people around the world happy with my postcards and spread smiles and love and peace around the world by postcards. <3 Thanks to the team for all the work you put in!
stamps_philatelist, India
Happy birthday Postcrossing! Waiting for the good news !!
tendoriana, United States of America
Happy Birthday Postcrossing and huge thank you!
tautiptoe, Germany
Postcrossing was an inspired idea and I can't thank you enough for building this site and all the work you put into it.
I think it can truly be said that Postcrossing (and ergo you guys!) makes the world a better place!
miwi2, Germany
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reiselustig, Germany
Happy birthday and a big thank you! What else can be said, which is not been said from all the other comments. Paulo and Ana you must be very proud to have created such a wonderful idea, that your idea and your effort to work for it all the time makes so many people happyy all around the world enriches their lives, give them many more smiles than they would have without postcrossing. You really did something fantastic! Hopefully there are still many more birthdays to come!
BeckyS, United States of America
Happy Birthday! Postcrossing makes the world a happier place, and I thank you for that. 👨📬💖🐌💖🐌💖📬👩
rockycip, United States of America
Happy 14th Birthday to Postcrossing! Thank You to y'all y'all at Postcrossing for making it possible for me to send and receive postcards
to and from around the world It is so very fun! And Thank You for your wonderfully designed website - it is a pleasure to navigate, and provides
all the information I need as a Postcrossing member. I just love being a Postcrossing member!
hulottati, Germany
A huge THANK YOU to Paolo and the pc-team for your perseverance, creativity and kindness! Postcrossing is looking younger than ever (contrary to myself ... sigh...) !!
honeybee, Austria
Happy Birthday, Postcrossing! How could we ever live without it? ;) I am happy to be a part of this wonderful project since 2006.
sallyanne, United States of America
Postcrossing is pure genius! Thank you so much for dreaming it up Paulo! It makes this former mail carrier very happy...
Crystalinne, United States of America
Hippo birdie 2 ewes. 😁 (Happy birthday to you).
Thanks for connecting so many friendly people all across the globe 🌎 I am sure most postcrosser , like myself, look forward to receiving and reading about others and where they live, seeing the different stamps as well as the choice of cards sent. 📫💌✍🏼
Many more years of continued success wished upon you!
CharlieFung, Hong Kong
Happy birthday! Postcrossing changes my life. Thank you!
I_Jx3, Netherlands
Happy Birthday Postcrossing.
You make me happy with all the cards going and coming, it is wonderful.
Cardexplorer, United States of America
Wow, 14 years. I am very appreciative that you followed through on your idea. You are making an incredible difference in the lives of so many. Thank you!
flipsahoy, Australia
Happy 14th Birthday! Hopefully you'll be around for many more. :)
I wish I discovered this site much sooner than I did as it's been a lot of fun so far.
brownsandee, United States of America
Happy 14th Birthday and to many many more!
Cheers :)
Jediross, Philippines
happy birthday and thank you so much for adding joy in our lives!
wildernesscat, Israel
Postcrossing is an island of sanity in this crazy world. Please keep up the good work! 😇
chinhxitrum, Vietnam
Chúc mừng sinh nhật lần thứ 14!
Congratulations for your 14th birthday!
Thank you for 14 years bringing lots of joys to many people around the world, including me! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
teamug, Germany
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!!!
A thousand thanks for the daily happiness this best site of all brings to so many of us.
If postcrossing hadn't been invented, it certainly would have to be done so sooner or later. The world is richer because of it!!!
bibiunna, Germany
Happy Birthday postcrossing and Good Luck for the next 14 years!!!
Anactf, Portugal
Muitos parabéns! Happy birthday! Postcrossing makes me really happy. I can't thank you enough for founding it in 2015 and I wish I could have found it earlier. Good luck to all of you!
LarraChersan, Germany
A very happy birthday Postcrossing!!!
I'm so grateful to my friends, who introduced me to this fun project. Last weekend we were on a small holiday trip together and found some lovely new postcards. The nice lady, who sold them to us, was happily listening to us explaining the project and even found some lovely older cards she gifted to us. I hope to make many postcrossers happy with them!
barrowmaus, Germany
I am very glad that I read about postcrossing in the newspaper about half a year ago. Meanwhile even my children ask every day: Mum, did you get a postcard today? Where does it come from ?
But I think it's just as nice to pick a specific card FOR someone, to write a personal message, and to know that I'm making someone happy with it.
What a great success story! Each postcard brings up a smile on a face - almost 53 million times and many more times in the future.
GayeDoreen, United States of America
Happy Birthday! This project is just wonderful and the highlight of my every day!
CatharinaG3, Netherlands
Congratulations! And hoping for many happy returns! <3
merryCM, Germany
Well done, Paulo !!! Because :
In this world of frontiers - intellectual or made of stones or barbed wire fences - people need more links between eauch other.
🌼 H🅰📫📫Y 🌼 B🖋RTHD🅰Y 🌼
gagema, Germany
Happy birthday and thank you for this absolutely wonderful project! I love to buy postcards and new stamps, get addresses all around the world, send out and receive postcards. Every postcard in my mailbox puts a smile on my face. Thank you Paolo and Ana!
evamaxoki, United Kingdom
Happy birthday, postcrossing.
Postcrossing gave me hope again in humanity and that it’s possible to be kind to strangers with just finding few minutes writing few words and that it doesn’t matter if we don’t speak same language, we are not same colour, same age or if we are poor or rich. But we all know our few minutes spent writing the postcard will 💯 % make that person day just little bit better when it will be received. And that is well spend few minutes. So thank you to all of you for making my day better every time I receive postcard.
Aviacionado, United States of America
Feliz aniversario Postcrossing! Obrigada por colocar um sorriso em meu rosto toda vez que eu recebo um postal.
alison41, South Africa
Happy Birthday! and wishing you many many more. What a wonderful thing you started! it's one thing to start something, but quite another to continue faithfully for 14 years, for which you deserve bouquets and champagne. You have brought friendship and happiness to thousands worldwide.
Demmi, Romania
Happy belated birthday, dear Postcrossing HUB! :)
ValkyrieGizmo, United Kingdom
Happy birthday Postcrossing!
loving6thgrade, United States of America
Thank you! thank you! thank you! for this wonderful ambassadorship. I have developed some wonderful friendships through Postcrossing. The hilight has been meeting some of my Postcrossing friends in person in the Netherlands and Czech Republic. It is amazing to read about people that have the same likes and loves, interests, and troubles, as we ourselves do - and they may live a world away in a different culture. Thank you also for the opportunity to connect different generations.
veronikamagic, Russia
Happy birthday postcrossing🎉🎈🎊🎁🎈🎈thanks for many unforgettable impressions,for the opportunity to have many happy encounters even if it’s virtual and for making our lives more colorful!!!
With all the best❤️
anahi, Netherlands
Happy birthday and THANK YOU PAULO. With love.
mapa, Belgium
happy birthday! Hope you go on for a long long long time! Such a fun initiative!
mihneaR, Romania
Happy birthday! La multi ani from Romania! :)
Karulek, Poland
Amazing job! <3
Destiny62, Belgium
So happy I read about Postcrossing in our postal magazine somewhere in August 2014. Now, almost 5 years later, I am an absolute addict 😊.
Thanks to all members for bringing joy to one another. A special thanks 🙏 to the founders of the Postcrossing project!
Danubia, Austria
Happy Birthday ! A very great project !!! Thank you !!
ljbeelady, United Kingdom
Happy Birthday Postcrossing. I now feel I have friends around the world.
leschkerj, Australia
Happy Birthday Postcrossing. Joining this project has been one of the greatest joys. It's my BIGGEST lesson of all and the best thing is that Postcrossing unites people of all beliefs, creeds and cultures and this can only be a huge plus for our fragile planet.
Looking forward to the next 15 years and hoping the numbers in Australia can rise well above the approximately 7 500 members at the present time.
Misia76, Japan
Happy birthday Postcrossing!!🎂
Lots of love from Japan❤️❤️❤️
Fit_Si, Indonesia
Thank you Postcrossing! I hope this special community will continue for many years to come!
Sunbird-MH, South Africa
Thank you so much Postcrossing for this wonderful hobby. I salute all of you that are involved to keep this amazing wheel turning as you bring a lot of joy to many people all around the world. You have good reason to be proud of yourselves!
Eels, China
Happy birthday postcrossing! ❤️❤️❤️
It brings me many many happy monments in my daily life,:) also I got to know so many wonderful postcrossing friends around the world!
Mimihopps211, Germany
Congratulations! Thank you to create this marvelous website! I´m very, very happy to be a part of this!
akalle, Sweden
Wow Congrat to 14 years, myself will have my 9th year of postcrossing Aug 3 :-)
Yak1, Sweden
Happy Birthday! I really love Postcrossing. I haven´t been a member for a long time but Postcrossing has already brought so much joy to my life.
Lisa, Germany
Happy Birthday! My use of Postcrossing is a little bit like a wave with ups and downs but it is always a joy to write a card and receive a card. It helped me in difficult times and is pure pleasure in all personal situations.
I thank you very much that you create Postcrossing and I am sure the world is a better place with it.
Rojanee, Thailand
Happy Birthday ! and Thanks Postcrossing !
eeyoreinoz, Australia
Happy Birthday 🥳
triplightly, United States of America
A very Happy Birthday and a very Big thank you for creating such a wonderful community for us postcard family.
Robin67, Austria
<3 I can't begin to tell you just how much you have enriched my life! <3

Thank you so much and congratulations. :-)
aashi23, India
Happy birthday 🤩!!
Well I’m new here but I’m already in love with this beautiful platform where people exchange ideas.....
Luhaiman, China
This project is definitely more wonderful than I have imagined! Happy birthday!

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