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About Alison...

I live in the most beautiful city in the world: Cape Town, South Africa. My main interests are reading, blogging, cooking, gardening, cats, current events, word puzzles, playing Mah Jong, art and photographic art. I also have a deep long standing interest in the Tarot. I'm interested in just about anything you care to mention!

I love books and reading so much that I have a second blog devoted to these topics. Please visit at: . My original despatches blog is a lucky dip on a wide range of topics ranging from food to politics.
I was born in Africa, & have lived in Africa all my life.I have been lucky enough to have visited 7 African countries (some only briefly), as well as the UK, the USA, Australia, parts of Europe, and 3 Asian countries. I enjoy travel, travel books, and Travel Channel on TV.

If you live in Europe I'd prefer not to receive postcards of historic buildings - anything else would be fine. I'd love anything to do with Cats, Asian Art, the Slavic Art of Viktor Korolkov, modern Art, or Books. My suggestions for cards are only suggestions - maybe you're going to surprise me ?
Please put the date on your postcard - thanks!
I'm happy to receive home-made cards. I enjoy making paper collage, and sometimes make my own cards, or up-cycle existing cards.

Apologies in advance if the postcard you receive is not on your list of requests, I try to give everybody something they want but sometimes I just don't have what you want in my postcard stock box.

I try to write something meaningful on each card I send - some comment on the person's profile or interests. I get such a thrill turning over each newly received card and enjoying the colourful stamps, and a tiny glimpse of another friendly person halfway across the world! What you write is more important to me than the actual picture on the front.

I register cards as soon as I receive them. Please don't ask me to register cards that I have not received. I regret to say our Postal Service is very slow and inefficient and international cards take weeks, sometimes months, to reach me.

Lastly: I don't own a scanner so I am unable to upload images of your cards, which is a pity, because I have received wonderful cards over the years.

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