Darcey1, South Africa

  • Interested in direct swaps
  • English and french
  • Female
  • 12th May

About Darcey...

Hi, I am Darcey.
I am 9 years old and live on the East Coast of South Africa in a little village by the sea.
Our Post is TERRIBLE. This is africa I am afraid.Please dont ask me to register your card cause i dont like doing that.Just wait.
My favorite thing to do is dancing, dancing and more dancing!i do tap, hip hop,on Saturday i do ice skating lessons plus modern and my favorite dance i do is Latin. I love animals and have 3 pet dogs and some fish
We often go to the Kruger National Park for holidays where there are very exciting wild animals.
My dog is on postcrossing too.Sandypandy
On my profile picture,is Jessie.She is a little brown headed parrot.We saw when we were on holiday.She is a sweat little bird.
I have a favorite toy, a Dolphin called Dolpha.Who is almost 40 years old.I love love love teddy bears I have a whole room full of them.
Hope to hear from friends all over the world :)
Happy potcrossing.
I am collecting postcard for my dad's birthday. If you would like to send one drop an email.You will get a postcard in return.
NOTE about dad:I have a lot of people helping me these are the countries I have:

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