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About Lu...

Hi! I'm Lu,
I work as a playworker and dinnerlady in rural Lincolnshire.(Yes! - I actually get paid to play!)

In my freetime I am also a medieval re-enactor (one of those weirdo people who dress in olden-days clothing and help visitors explore history! - or play dress up in castles - depending upon your point of view...) So it isn't surprising that I just love history especially castles! My family and I geocache and love to go on woodland walks to find them. (YZB4D7 - tack-able code for fellow cachers! - good idea padster75!)

I also love reading (GNU Terry Pratchett) and most TV comedy's, and writing letters to my penpals. My musical tastes are eclectic but I'm a big fan of Steampunk (esp. Steam Powered Giraffe!) and musicals (I am one of those annoying people who can't sing a note, but will sing if something you said sounds vaguely like a lyric I know.)

I love xmas, my whole extended family has at least one other xtramas in the summer (so we can celebrate on the beach like the Australians!) We take a xmas tree and wear our xmas hats, tshirts and jumpers... I annoy a lot of people as I start to get "festive" from the 6th of November!

I don't mind what postcard you want to send me;- Make me laugh, show me where you live, where you have visited on holiday, make me go Awwwwwwwwww!, show me something you enjoy, anything! I just love those "weird-one-that-you-don't-know-why-you-bought-it" postcards!

But please NO 8-legged beasts or owls because I am phobic!

and please remember I have children that get to the post first, so best keep the more erotic cards for someone else (even if they are your "weird" one!! - in fact, thinking about it, especially if they are your "weird" one!)

If you can't think what to write, please tell me about either yourself, or something interesting about where you live, or the postcard, or why you sent it to me, or tell me a joke (clean please, but really silly jokes are our favourite!)or draw something or show me how to write "Have a great week" (or similar) in your language so I can write it on postcards I am sending to your country!


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