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About Alan...

Hello. I'm Alan, in my early 60's, living in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm a writer and photographer who formerly worked in IT. You can read my article on the extra benefits of postcrossing at


where you'll also find some of my stories and a new article on the types of photos that make good subjects for postcrossing


Please don't worry about duplicates. I've received so many cards it is impossible to check them all! ANY postcard you want to send is welcome. If you need some suggestions try any of the following

Your favourite place, history, fairytales, the Zodiac, bridges, space, islands, modes of transport, music, TV, fantastic animals, books, abstracts

Or you could send me a card with your own photograph - tell me what is in the picture and why you took it.

If you are wondering what to write, answer one of these

1) What's your job and what's the best and worst thing about doing it?
2) What's your favourite shop or restaurant, and why?
3) Is there something that you hope to achieve one day?
4) When was the last time you were angry and why?
5) What's your quirk? What makes you you?

My hobbies include reading literary novels and listening to music. You can listen to my post-crossing playlist of postcard related songs

I support Ukraine, better rights for all people, climate action, and saving our planet from greedy politicians who are cancelling the future to pay for their present

Recent resends - GB-1539983


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