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About Alan...

I received a card showing the artwork for a Russian German space flight with a Peterborough England post and go stamp. There's no ID. Did you send it? Let me know.

Hello. I'm Alan. I'm in my fifties, an amateur photographer, history buff and reader who works in IT.

My hobbies include reading literary novels, writing fiction and listening to music. You can see what I'm listening to right now at

You can also listen to my post-crossing playlist of postcard related songs

ANY postcard you want to send is welcome. If you need some suggestions try any of the following

***ancient monuments (standing stones, cairns, ruined temples, artefacts in museums)
**Eurovision Song Contest - anything related to the annual TV festival
**art/illustration of your nation, especially where the painting is telling a story
**the space age (spaceships, astronomy, planets, comets etc.)
**singers, pop and rock bands from your country

*modern architecture
*abstract photography/art

*public transport (buses, trains, ferries, trams etc.)
*maps of your region

*surprise me

Please write to me a little in your own language. I would love to learn some new words and phrases

I enjoy sending postcards made from my own photographs using Moo.com, but I've also lots of Scottish and commercial postcards too. I always check your profile and try to choose appropriately before I write the card.

See the Flickr set below for my moo cards, past and present.


PS If you want to see my nephew's band IBG and their latest song, Homesick, check this out. He's the one with the long beard.